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go to enjoy. marco.

The Finger
What's wrong with Martyn giving the finger to the cameramen? Umpires have been doing it to him all season.

reminder that 3rd final VB Series is at the Gabba
Which makes the final series that more interesting if you live up here.

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go to for the third one dayer between south africa and the west indies live. cheers. marco.

Aus Touring Squads to Sri Lanka
Test squad to Sri Lanka Langer, Hayden, Ponting, Martyn, Lehmann, Katich, Gilchrist, Warne, Gillespie, Williams, McGrath (subject to fitness) Reserves: Lee/Bichel (both if McGrath...

Who is likely to be vice-captain for the ODI in Perth? Martyn is the most experienced player behind Gilchrist while Hayden must also have a claim to the position. Does anyone know who will b...

Bevan Out
Bevan has been ruled out of the rest of the VB series and could be out for up to six weeks which would probably rule him out of the ODI matches in Sri Lanka. I would presume that Simon Katic...

Welcome Back Ant
Where have you been?

Once again, when the top order don't do enough, Bevan's the man to help post a decent total. With Australia's bowling not doing the best job this series it was definitely needed. ...

Mahwire action?
Anyone else notice a bit of arm flexing in the replay of his delivery that bowled Clarke? Cheers, Ken

looking awesome today, reminicent of an innings at the MCG in 1994/95 where he smashed Australia all over the place in a hurry. excellent timing, he aint out of form at all. That clip of leg...

live cricket online
go to for aus v zim live from the mcg with updates on the australian open. live sport online all the time... sports radio ...

Melbourne Ceremony
Sorry if it has already been discussed, but does anyone know why the Melbourne Ceremony for Hookes was cancelled. I heard it was, but not why. Colin

live cricket

Just for Matt O... :-) Maybe we should bring him back into the ODI side. :-) Kasper too. :-)

Hookes vs. Hinch David Hookes's wife, Robyn, took no part in the official ceremony. In fact she sat in the grandstand. This is delicate but, I...

John Wright/Steve Waugh/George Michael - Gold medal liar.
Ken Higgs <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... <snip> Notice that you've responded rather a lot to these "gold medal...

Re: Steve Waugh = Australian of the year
> On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:42:05 GMT, "Glenn Manning" <[email protected]> > wrote: Wake up you tool...the committee would take into account who is more

The Centenary Test
I caught up with the final part of the telecast on Foxtel. I found it quite refreshing that the players meant more than the commentators- the commentators names weren't constantly thrust in ...

Melbourne tommorow.
Hmm. Weather looking bleak. Should we pack up and go anyway?

live sport online
go to for delayed coverage of last night's arsonal match, live tennis form the aus open and live cricket from the 2nd one dayer in south af...

Test series ?
What was the final test series score between South Africa and West Indies in South AFrica? -- Cheers. Slattery (H0llyw00d H0gan). Running on The Internet Group at 56k. ...

Haddin - Healy
Watching the Adelaide A v Z match yesterday, I found it hard to distinguish Brad Haddin from the images I have of Ian Healy behind the stumps. I've seen Haddin keep from NSW and Australia A...

Olympics have new rules
I know I have been saying lately that Cricket's drug rules are over the top simply because Olympic drug rule need to be over the top. Well how about this one. Straight from Fox ...

A very boring summer
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the ACB for the most boring summer's cricket since we beat the Poms 5 -1 in 1975 (You eventually got bored seeing Lillee hitting Cowdry in the bal...

When was Martyn's last Test Century?
. . . and how many 100's has Steve Waugh made in the same time? I only ask because one might say ' Isn't Martyn old compared to Simons, Clarke, Love . . .?' So if Stev...

live sport online now
check out for live tennis online right now. once at my page, click listen. bookmark and keep checking back often for numer...

warriors win for big jo
finally we fuckin win a game. about 6 weeks to late, but better late than never !!

Time to replace Martyn
From Foxsports....,8659,8503869-23212,00.html Time to replace Martyn Comment by Jon Pierik January 27, 2004...

Watson back bowling
An impressive 2/23 off 6 overs. Good to see Watson on the comeback trail. Hopefully he can continue on this effort and he'll return to the Australian side. Watson is a fine young Cricke...

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