Law going elsewhere
Stuart Law wants to play for England, he is applying for British citizenship. He will have to wait 3 years. Colin

VB Series Squad
13 man squad: Ponting (c) Gilcrhist (vc) Bevan Bichel Bracken Clarke Gillespie Harvey Hayden Hogg Lee Martyn Symonds P...

cricket terms
Can anyone shed some light on where 'over' and 'maiden' derived from? Can't find it anywhere on the net Thanks

Rather be a Pom than a Toad..... LOL
Well, well, well.... Stuart Law - Queensland's favourite son and icon to so many rabids in here has basically said he would rather be a Pom than a Toad. That's the ultimate insult.

Who were those Girls with the Keepers Gloves
Who were those girls with the Blue Keepers Gloves? Nein should fly them to Sydney for free and make sure they are at the next Test. They were great. The most fun of the who...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

MacGill's Final Test
Sydney will also be the end for Stuart MacGill. One Test to go before WARNEY is back.

Who plays in Sydney
Now Gillespie is fit. On Melbourne form, Lee should be dropped as he was the worst of the 4 bowlers. He does have a good record in Sydney. However, Bracken generally did not look ...

4th Test side
Lee has to be dropped. Would drop Williams as well . MacGill stays in the side because there is no-one to take his place and its at Sydney. Katich has had his chance and has failed to delive...

batting stats 2003
Most Runs Aus inn RUNS ave hs 50/100 1 RT Ponting (AUS) 18 1503 100.02 257 4 6 3 ML Hayden (AUS) 21 1312 77.17 380 2 5 3 ...

He's done it!
RT Ponting in 2003: M I NO Runs Ave 100 50 11 18 3 1503 100.20 6 4 IMO the best batsman in the world atm. Regards, Jason ...

bowling stats 2003
Aus inn WKS ave s/r 5/10 1 SCG MacGill (AUS)22 55 28.87 57.24 4 1 2 JN Gillespie (AUS) 20 41 22.51 57.29 1 0 3 B Lee (AUS)...

The Final Day- How Will It Proceed?
That pitch didn't seem to be too bad- a few keeping low. However 5 players from the Indian team did okay- if it was only one you might wonder. I guess 4 of those 5 are pretty handy players t...

Ponting currently has 1472 runs this year at the staggering average of 98.13. He'll need 28 not out in the second innings to finish with an average of 100 for the year. My preliminary resear...

McGill opinions ?
Is Stuart McGill the worst player to ever put on a baggy green for his country ? Are 3/4 of his wickets are taken from batsmen 6 thru 11 and is the guy is the worst batsman the country ...

Batting averages over 50
Are the wickets these days just too good - there appear to be too many people with averages over 50 in world cricket - looking at some replays from 1981 with Lillee and Holding bowling on a ...

the bowling
With an injury free Gillespie and McGrath back, going on today's performances you'd have to think Williams and Bracken will make the starting 12 in the March test series against Sri Lanka an...

DJ Colley
Does anybody know anything about the career of DJ Colley? My cousin has just found out that he is 2nd cousin to him but we are unable to find anything about the guy on the internet. We can o...

Troll: Bung and *ucken must go
These NSV conspiracy induced selections are completely damaging Australia's chances of winning this test. Particularly in India's 2nd innings.

LBWs - keep up the standard
I hope the fat POHM umpire is as aggressive with LBW decisions when India bats. Hayden's dismissal only just clipped the off stump - impossible to give with the naked eye without ...

Early AB Medallist prediction...
Ricky Ponting

O'Keefe is in Good Form
He and the Indian commentator were talking about batting 'juggernauts' which allegedly derived from an Indian word. O'Keefe disputed this and said it actually came from a bar in Sydney where...

Tony Greig finally makes sense
Finally Tony Greig makes some sense when he says that Agit Agarkar should forget about his batting..... He's in the standard of Bruce Reid and Glenn McGrath as the worst batsman I have seen ...

Hohns vs SWaugh
Obviously Australian Cricket isn't big enough for both men but why has Waugh been made the sacrificial lamb? Why should Hohns hold such a position of power in Australian Cricket w...

Ch 9 and the news
I was glad Channel 9 went to the news at 6.00pm. It was such an important weekend bulletin to see....... WANKERS -- Cheers, Slattery (H0llyw00d H0gan). Running on The ...

Off to a flying start RR 5+

Australia has just won the series
The inept batting by the batsman 6-11 has given the series to Australia

What Might Have Been
If the Australian Team was a racehorse they would be sent to be swabbed after the efforts of the last two days.

Has Greig Totally Lost It?
This morning he was describing the catch taken by Langer (the second one). He first said it was taken by Gilchrist, then he corrected himself and said it had gone through to the Keeper. It w...

Why have Aust A matches if they don't use players that troubl ethe Indian batsman?
Nicholson should have been selected. With his help Aus A was able to bowl out INdia for just over 200. Test number 3 comes along, don't bother picking up?? M Clark doesn't look li...

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