India V QLD Academy
Well I strolled along to the Ind V QLD young guns today for a while, ostensibility to meet with the QCCC who, it seems, failed to show. I took some pix however, mainly for the benefit of tho...

NSV Bias Advance Warning
Look out for Aaron Bird, 19-year-old fast bowling prospect from Bankstown. Took 7 for 35 yesterday against Manly and I saw him today in the under-21s match at Campbelltown where he sorted o...

Chuck Having A Nice Time in Adelaide
Assumimg there's no more drama in the SA v Qld PC game, and hasn't there been some, then the MoM looks one of the easiest of all time. Chuck(1) has scored 67* & a critical 115 in the Qld s...

Slowhand Sean
He's still only young, but blimey he's got slow hands. If they were of even average speed then there wouldn't have been any doubt about Clarke's r.o. or Thornley's stumping. Slo...

Query to Aussies
Would any of the radio stations listed in this link will be carrying Live radio commentary of the tour games of India or even the Test matches? ...

Chappelli on Steve Waugh
++++++++++++ As a captain I rank Waugh on a par with Border, one rung below his predecessor Mark Taylor who had more flair than either of the men who book-ended his leadership per...

South Australia V Qld...
91.2 Kasprowicz to Manou, OUT: edged cut, brilliant catch by Love diving to his left, first inns points to Queensland First time I've been excited following a cricinfo commentary. Nota...

Ponting v Waugh
Todays ING game on channel 9 TAS V NSW, nice contest between captains!!! Rob

World cup to be in the USA?!?
One of the tv news stations just said the world cup after the next might be played in the USA! noooooooo

Waugh's retirement
Do you think he made the decision of his own accord or was he helped into it. I honestly believe that he was coerced into his decision by the selectors. The guy is a fighter and d...

Ponting Question
They have announced Ponting as the new captain, is this immediately or at the end of the series? Colin

Other than extreme luck....
is there any reason to think India will even come close to winning a test ? I will be happy if they do, but I just don't see it happening

SCG a sellout
Assuming SRW makes it to Sydney I would assume that the SCG will now have sell-out crowds.

Ind vs Vic Day 3
What money on an Indian collapse in the last session and a half. Colin

Coverage in NZ?
Hello, I will be in New Zealand in January, so I will miss some of the test matches. Is there likely to be any TV or radio coverage of the cricket in NZ? I probably won't have much in...

Australian & Indian Team Training before Test
Hi Hoping someone can help I was interested in watching the Australian & Indian Team Training before Test match in Brisbane and was wondering where I could find this informa...

One for the trivia file
If these hypotheticals occur: Love gets & holds Boof's spot for the summer. Katich & BB lose form badly/get injured/whatever Hodge maintains his early season form and gets The Nod for I...

2nd to Bradman
I may as well start the ball rolling... Is Steve Waugh Australia's 2nd greatest ever Cricketer? My answer: Yes.

Congrats to Hodge.
Hopefully the first of many centuries scored against the tourists this season. Colin Kynoch

Foot in mouth
Yes, our dear uncle Al, actually his mouth is so big you most probably could fit half a dozen in there

SRW retires: Huzzah!!
May as well put it in the one spot. alvey in Brisbane, keen to know what the selectors think about SRW giving himself another 4 Tests regardless of form.

Goodbye to a Legend
Congratulations to Steve Waugh on a fantastic career. Sad to see a champion leave, but what an amazing summer we will have now, with no talk of retirement, just the opportunity for the whole...

Dean Jones walk
Anyone know a website URL for Dean Jones' charity walk from Sydney to Melbourne, which started on Monday? I expect to pass the guy on the road this weekend, as I make my round trip from Can...

Gilchrist Cries
Adam Gilchrist just talked about how he cried when he read the rumour about Slater his wife and their baby. Colin

Waugh to hang up baggy green,4057,7983190%255E421,00.html Waugh to hang up baggy green November 26, 2003 STEVE Waugh will retire from Test cricket after this s...

Chappelli agrees with Higgsy!
++++++++++++++++== If, among all the verbal clashes and finger wagging witnessed in Antigua, there wasn't at least one incident that deserved a suspension, then the International ...

Ist day' report , Ind vs Vic
+++++++ Contrasting half-centuries by Sachin Tendulkar and Sadagoppan Ramesh and some spunky resistance by Parthiv Patel saved the Indians the blushes as they put in a below...

Engligh cricketer ?
Who was the english test cricketer that collapsed with a knee reconstruction in Australia last summer ?

Youngsters can wait.....
<<<Waugh continues to score runs but the pressure to retire will grow as players a decade or more younger than him continue to perform around the country.>>>

Go Inness....
If Bracken is somehow picked in the future for the test squad, they can't use the left hander excuse. Regards, Ben.

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