S Waugh on 'Enough Rope'.....
....with Andrew Denton, Monday night 9.30pm, ABC Cheers Cas

QCC meet - Qld XI vs India game
An idea has hit me. Fortunately I was wearing my box. There's a wee cricket match being played at the Allan Border facility (thank you Calvin) Saturday 29 November to Monday 1 Decembe...

Someone was after cricket stats software
Cant remember if it was here or rsc cricket but someone was after some cricket stats software. Anyway in Australian PC User this month ( October issue ) they have a free cricket stats software p...

This season's county ave's for aussies
Dug up this interesting stat on Mr SG Law. m i no r AVE hs 50/100/c County cricket 123 208 20 11574 61.56 263 39 48 165...

Whau Aus cricketer you'd like seeing a film made on ?
What Australian iconic (still alive, or presently deceased) cricket sportsman would you most like to see a humorous film parody spoof (be it a documentary, or an actor playing the person) be...

foxtel cricket
good news for aussies, foxtel is showing South africa's tour to Pakistan, New Zealand in India - all in October, plus we get Aus v Zim tests next month too, cricket galore!

VCA whacking the self-destruct button again? (+ bonus BB sighting)
In the latest episode of the poorly rated soap opera, The VCA and the Restless, 20 year old Cameron White has been appointed as this season's Victorian PC captain. If White can survive in ...

players by decade
Ok time for someone else to brush the cobwebs away from the asc room From Bannerman to Love Australia has had 385 test players. D = Debutants TP = Total players ...

Comparison.. Captain and non-Captain
Comparison of batting performances playing as Captain and non-Captain (Min- 10 matches as each) +> Not Captain | As Captain ...

Most MOM awards ODI
Most Man of the Match awards in ODI's MOM m i runs ave wks ave Tendulkar, S R* Ind 47 314 305 12219 44.43 112 46.71 Jayasuriya, S ...

Most MOM awards Tests
Most Man of the Match awards in Tests MOM m i runs ave wks ave Wasim Akram Pak 17 104 147 2898 22.64 414 23.62 Waugh, S R* ...

"The Vincibles" cricket club website
The club that inspired the Gideon Haigh book "The Vincibles" (or "Many a Slip" as it was called in the UK) the South Yarra Cricket Club has launched a new website at http://www.yarras.com. <...

Professional Wanted
A well established and successful cricket club in the Bolton and District Cricket Association, Lancashire, UK requires the services of a professional for the 2004 season. Will a...

Top Posters
Not sure how accurate these figures are.....i don't see Larry in here very often, yet it shows he's posted 277 times. 01/01/2003 - 07/31/2003 (A)..The 40 most consistent authors, ...

What Do You Make of the RSA and England Series?
RSA started out as world beaters- Smith looked as nothing would remove him- but I think it is accurate to say that they faded in the latter half of the series. From what I saw- an...

Highest Score for Each Age ODI
Age Runs 14 12 Hasan Raza Pak 1996-1997 Pak v. Zim 15 47 Manzoor AkhtarPak 1983-1984 Aus v. Pak 16 102 Shahid Afridi Pak 1996-1997 Pak v. SL 17 98* Za...

Bodyline TV mini series
Hello, Does anyone know if this great mini film will be ever released to buy/rent etc? Or is it scheduled for transmission in the UK or otherwise? Thanks

Most popular threads
Most popular threads in aus.sport.cricket 1/1/2003 - 7/31/2003 Subject Line Posts 1 We want Kenya! 336

Most runs in World Cups
Most runs scored in all World Cups inn Runs ave hs 50/100 1 SR Tendulkar IND 32 1,732 59.72 152 12 4 2 Javed Miandad PAK 3...

Highest averages in World Cups
Top batsmen by batting average in all World Cups (scroll down for list of 'Min-5 completed innings') i AVE r hs/50/100 1 A Symonds...

Discussion at InsideCricket.com
Hi All, We've just started a cricket discussion forum at http://www.insidecricket.com Now we just need some people to start using it! It's all free, there are various ...

Top averages for each position
Min -5 innings # (Number of Innings batted in this position) Tests Position Average # Player 1 71.38 14 SG Barnes 2 ...

Best averages away from home
Top Aus Batsmen by average at all grounds away from Australia Min 500 runs M R AVE HS 50/100 1 DG Bradman 19 2674 102.85 334 3 11 <...

Australian Team 1960- 1980
As it is very quiet on the boards at the moment, I thought I would try and guess a team from the above criterion. Only restriction is the majority of the players Test Cricket must have been ...

ODI stats chasing
Top ODI Batsmen by average, chasing a total, Min - 10 innings i AVE r hs 50/100 1 ML Hayden AUS 31 61.91 1,362 99 13 0...

ODI stats Defending
Top ODI Batsmen by average, defending a total Min - 10 innings i AVE r hs 50/100 1 MG Bevan AUS 104 53.23 3,673 108...

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