26 Feb 2005 07:38:01
UATC.... It's bacckkkkkk. Sort of.

RSC's original and best Tipping Comp is not back. Awwww.
But UATC 2.0 is!!! Yayyyy!

Mug Punter: So what's UATCV2.0 Uncle Alvey?
Uncle Alvey: It's a tipping competition idiot.

MP: So how does it work?
AS: Extremely simply.

MP: What do I win?
UA: *You* don't win anything. *I'll* be doing a Bonaparte and crowning
myself "Tip-Top Test Tipping Type Person: 2005" in about 11 months time.
You're just battling it out for second.

MP: Could you be a little more expansive on details please?


UATCV2.0 is a dead simple, none of yer trading players, points for every
fart by the umpire, indexes weighted by the percentage of white cars in
the carpark rubbish. It's just plain & simple. Pure.

For every Test series begun in this year of Our Lord Gilly 2005, you
pick one of the three possible results. That's A wins series, B wins
series or series is tied. Getting it right gives you 3 points.

For every individual Test *in a series begun in this year of Our Lord
Gilly 2005*, you pick one of the three major results. ie. Ties not
required gentlemen. (Ladies; clothing not required)

I'll be starting a thread any moment for the eagerly awaited clash
between RSA and the Zimbos (Mar04) where you can post your entries for
this politically charged contest.