12 Apr 2004 05:36:50
Revealing the Eastern Perspective

Revealing the Eastern Perspective

Dear Readers

Are you all aware that All Europeans except for Finns and Hungarians, are
the same race as Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis and North Indians?

Did you know that the original Aryans came from the East, and not the West?

The 'Caucasian' race is not native to Europe. It originated around Mount
'Caucasus' (Hence the name Caucasian) in Northern Iran. The Caucasians
spread north-westwards into Europe and south-eastwards into Iran and India.
Hinduism is itself a remnant of India's Aryan heritage. It is not a
'religion' in the same sense that Christianity or Islam are, Hinduism is a
way of life and a social and political order which had to have been created
by the Aryan invaders of India in order to subjugate the dark skinned
locals, the Dravidians.

Did you know that the Swastika also comes from Ancient Aryans in India and
symbolises Peace? rather than Hitler's Nazi doctrine preached by the
"tryhard" Aryans in the 20th century. The terms 'Aryan' and 'Swastika' are
both from Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language of the Aryans.

It is possible today to find many people with white skins, blonde hair and
blue eyes in "the East".

To find out more on the subject please visit http://www.aryanrace.net

Though this website is not yet fully up and running, you may still feel free
to read the front page.

I must emphasise, that the purpose of making such a website is to expose the
Eastern perspective of the Aryan race to the world. We do not support any
White Supremacist groups. There are no other fully dedicated websites on the
internet which addresses the issue of the origins and history of the Aryan
race in the light of facts. It is sad that most people tend to associate
being an Aryan with being blonde headed, blue eyed and white skinned - which
of course, isn't always the case!

Any of you who wishes to discuss the matter further, feel free to write to
me [email protected]

I hope to see you all on our website.

Mr Aryan.