20 Apr 2004 10:37:39
It's all the umpire's fault says SL

Suggestion to SL:

1. Play within the rules.
2. Stop blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings.


Slippery Sri Lankans
They should immediately cease their intimidation of referees / umpires /
by Terry Walsh18 April 2004

According to web reports, the verdict on Muralitharan's bio mechanical
testing at the University of Western Australia by Bruce Elliott is now
public property but ... the BCCSL have questioned the parameters allowed for
spin bowlers now it has been established that Murali's doosra exceeds (by
approx 100%) the current allowance of 5%. The current parameters set by the
ICC are fast bowlers are permitted to straighten by 10 degrees, medium
pacers 7.5 degrees and spinners 5 degrees.

The delay from the BCCSL in releasing Elliott's report is now not surprising
considering they have reportedly requested an urgent revision of the
parameters to allow Murali to continue bowling his doosra. In fact, the
BCCSL have recently selected Muralitharan to tour Zimbabwe in the coming
weeks, hoping that he will be allowed to continue using his controversial

In UWA report, Bruce Elliott's team argues that this delivery does not give
him an unfair advantage over batsman or other bowlers. This is a rather
interesting conclusion and one would like to know more on how this could be
ascertained by 'laboratory tests' on only one bowler.

In my preliminary conclusion of what is currently available on this subject,
I would sum it up as ... Murali's doosra is currently illegal, the BCCSL are
now attempting to get the rules (parameters) changed to accommodate Murali's
10% flex and to top off this they (BCCSL) are now muck-racking and are
accusing Match Referee (who reported Murali) Chris Broad of, wait for it,
Gross Misconduct because he was allegedly seen having a drink of alcohol
(boozing) with the Australians that according the BCCSL is in breach of the
ICC rules. I have had a quick perusal of the ICC rules but cannot find any
reference to match referees drinking with cricketers that could be deemed as
gross misconduct.

The BCCSL should accept the umpire's decision and correct if they can the
flexation in Murali's doosra delivery. Further, they should immediately
cease their intimidation of referees / umpires / officials that they do not
agree with.


20 Apr 2004 16:04:20
Re: It's all the umpire's fault says SL

Muralitharan?......sorry never heard of him