This place still exists?
I see most of the regulars are still here...Where's Surfgeo?Fooooooon hows the hip?Neal still posting insane pics..

Adrian Ruiz, killed by shark bite off Troncones Beach, Ixtapa San Francisco Surfer Dies In Mexico Shark Attack ACAPULCO, Mexico (CBS 5 / AP) -- A San Francisco surfer was killed in a sh...

Vintage Surfing Decals check out this website password is "surfing" I've got my entire collection of over 300 vintage surfing decals on this site, and I make high quality r...

Bournemouth Reef
Hi Does anyone know when the Bournemouth Reef in the UK is going to be ready. I have been looking at on a regular basis but from the press releases ...

NS yesterday --4/26/08
First in the water. Wheee! Bodyboarded a few fun ones, including a rare (for that place for me) tube. Stupidly decided that Pipe might be better, so I pulled out and checked out the "upside....

Has anybody been down to Mexico lately? Was just wondering...Am going to take a trip down towards Nexpa and wanted to hear some news. Thaks all!

Surfing Santa Christmas Ornaments
Surfing Santa Christmas Ornaments Christmashawaii creates and sells handmade wooden Christmas ornaments, collectibles, decorations, Santas, angels, reindeer, nativities, religious, East...

Hi from Sydney, Australia
I know I haven't been around for a while. But greetings all from Sydney. I was in Perth for a FINA World's Master Swim meet for the past 10 days and am now decompressing in Sydney. Spent ...

NS today -- 4/25/08 (vog)
Despite the vog, conditions were excellent. Inconsistent surf though, which made for difficulty positioning for the takeoffs. Pictures actually look better than it really was. I got a handfu...

UltraWave 1988, anyone remember that?
I have recently purchased an UltraWave surfboard custom made in 1988 (as was i) for =A336 on ebay. with the intention of some cheap thrills in the North Sea. However callas to my plan it is ...

shark attack solano beach A 66-year-old man swimming in the ocean off Solana Beach was killed this morning by a shark. The attack took...

yellow bamboo in SI
Well, not really yellow bamboo, and SI is Skeptical Inquirer not Sports Illustrated. The May 2008 issue has article about testing a claim of a karate master who supposedly knocks ...

the traveling longboard?????
where is the famous, AS, paul richardson, traveling longboard nowadays?????...todd

i love surf

Are used surfboards worth it?
My friend told me that pretty much the only reason to sell a surfboard is because it's damaged or something. But I was thinking about buying a new one. Is it true? Should I just...

as reunion -- 4/20/08
Surfed with Buddy (Bud) today on the North Shore. First thing I get out, I see this guy who tentatively calls my name. Turned out to be as'er Jeff (kdalle) from SF! Hadn't seen him in ages (...

SS today -- 4/19/08 (random shots) ht...

T-shirts for surfer
Looking for t-shirts,let's check here: That's my own design

Looking for Larry Yates......
Does anyone have contact info? I'd like to find out if he will release FORGOTTEN ISLAND OF SANTOSHA on dvd. He did release it on VHS in 2001 but it's OOP now. Thanks fo...

Blade Runner 2?
I think this is one of the movies that for some reason is "on topic" in our group. I know "Doc" of old was into it. I heard a rumor that there was going to be a Blade Runner 2? Anyone. ...

Costa Rica Surfboard fees by airline Surfboard fees by airline (prices subject to change)Airline Board fee* Aero California $30

Fri. surf...
Was on the beach by 8:30ish...and paddling out . First thing I noticed was the nice water color/clarity. Bunches of bait fish, pelicans, and some kinda jack or mackerel hitting on the bait...

wetsuit question
Please forgive me for posting this in two different groups, but I feel I will get the best aswer this way (sufring & triathalon). I recently bought a house with a large pool and I want...

HI Surf Advisory updated -- Apr 08
After eight months of stagnation, my website has finally been updated! It's not that I stopped riding or taking pictures--it's just that my life got excruciatingly busy. But a short vacation...

Skipper skips out
Z:/> ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request tim...

Ballerina Surfer killed by Shark

NS today -- 4/6/08 (Technical)
Because of illness and travel (x2), haven't touched water in like three weeks. Finally got a chance to bodyboard today. Conditions weren't looking all that hot in the morning, so I dec...

I've finally become a podperson. It just got to be too much trouble carting a bunch of CDs to work every day. So now I've put about 8 gigs of music on the thing and a few podcasts. Looking a...

Hmmm Fridays Kind of warbly n' funky, with the waves a bit under-cooked and still a smidge raw to the taste. But there were s...

'The Physics of Noseriding'
'The Physics of Noseriding' * Date: Sat Apr 5, 2008 * Location: Cocoa Beach Public Library, 550 N. Brevard Ave., Cocoa Beach, ...

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