Balls to the wall surf report
How have you guys been going with the latest swell? Got a call at last light from cheno and nig- they were going tow in at Ay Carumba but the vizz called at 4AM- "Dont ...

Belly board Australia
Australia, belly board

Still time for a last minute ASKOTY2007 charge!
Hola surfistos y surfistas, Like, 2007 has very nearly passed us by and I can't think of any particularly world class kookery that has transpired this year. Which means the field ...

Saturday Morning Traffic Report
Saturday Morning Traffic Report - Joe Frank NN

ICONS: Surfing: Vintage surfing graphics
Christmas present from my wife, vintage woodcuts of 1784, 1872-3, through the surf movies of the 60s. For the handy "A Hawaiian water sled is easy to build" 1933, "Better ways to build ...

Remember Allen Weisberger?
Hey, I remember when that author contacted some of us after his book "in search of capt. Zero" came out. I hada similiar experience in recent months with an adventurer/author John Haslett. H...

still skatin
I'm 38 and still getting occasional press covrge. feels good. Anybody wanna free longboard? pickup...

dbahbooshka dlivered
small but clean A-frames at d'bah today ... offshores ... had a few fun ones now its time to hit Hungry Jacks for ozzie burger with chips ... regards to all mareekones!

Surfings Greatest Misadventures: Vol. 2
Apparently they're soliciting entries for a sequel. As I remember this guy hit up AS for ideas when he was writing the original. ...

Is Coffee The Most Popular Drink In History?
As far back as 850 A.D it is said that a lonely sheep herder and hischarge stumbled across a strange and mysterious berrygrowing on a secluded and forgotten hillside. Before hecould stop the...

California isn't dreamin' like it was.
More flee state than move in Population is up thanks to births and foreign immigrants, but rest of U.S. isn't California dreamin' like it was. December 20, 2007 C...

California dreamin' like it was.
More flee state than move in Population is up thanks to births and foreign immigrants, but rest of U.S. isn't California dreamin' like it was. December 20, 2007 C...

James Moya, of Elyria, Ohio, gets a 'lip smack' off the top of a wave
James Moya, of Elyria, Ohio, gets a 'lip smack' off the top of a wave on turbulent Lake Erie, at Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, Monday, Dec. 24, 2007. Moya and other Cleveland are...

Online Shopping Assistance
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Merry Titmas
I like this version of the nativity. Just as believable, but more amusing, at least. --x-- Tony

Merry Xmas
Happy holidays! Unemployed Floyd

Nolte Stolen Boards Alert
Tim Nolte had his personal surfboards stolen out of his van that was parked in front of his house. Besides the fact that stealing other peoples stuff sucks, Tim is a stand up guy who has bee...

Christmas in NJ
Ah yes, once again I'll set foot on the Jersey Shore. But the bustling boardwalks will be mostly void of human activity. The ferris wheels and flying chairs will be frozen motionless from th...

Surfers honor Casimir Harazda
Pic at cite Surfers honor Melbourne friend Man recently died of heart attack BY SUSANNE CERVENKA FLORIDA TODAY For Casimir Harazda, his son Chris...

Interesting Chocolate Statistics
Just about everyone loves the sweet temptation of chocolates and candy. Here are some intriguing statistics and facts about candy and chocolate: 1. The average American eats 10-12...

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Surfing NZ lakes......?
I dont think so but I will be going to Rotorua with a the family but with a hidden agenda..... Mrs NZed asked me why I am taking my surfboard when theres no surf on lakes ! She do...

Something a little different
These guys have been watching us for decades. It looks like one of them is starting to get it. -- Turby the Tur...

tomorrow i am getting a car which will enable me to dawn patrol before work ... deebahbooshka here i come ... will provide pics soon cavrones ... i am so stoked ... its a been a while sinc...

Hot Job Search
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surf info - cold water wetsuit recommendation here
Yes, batten down the hatches, secure the sea vessels (well, too late for that now), and fare thee well! Boston buoy is at almost 16 feet and wicked stormy: http://www.ndbc.n...

Death in a seaside paradise,0,6085600.story?coll=la-home-center

trying out a new board
there's a certain excitement about trying a new board. even if the board isn't exactly new. if it's new to you. it's fun to check out how different equipment performs, how it paddles an...

Pipeline Masters today -- 12/14/07
Junky waves. Still good exercise. Occy and TJ and Martinez.

Pipeline Masters today -- 12/13/07
Had a small window to shoot the contest. After finishing up the media registration, said hi to Uncle Rabbit and jumped in the water. Was nice with just one other photographer out, but the cu...

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