www.podsurf.tv The Radical Rodents: The world's first surfing mice!
Not sure if anyone has mentioned them yet, discovered them in itunes, some great stuff. http://www.podsurf.tv/ Here's may latest favorite! The Radical Rodents: Th...

Is there a nuerologist in the house?
I'm on my third lumbar injection. Please work. Surff

coldwater vid
Here's a quick vid of some coldwater shots. unfortunately bad lighting much of the contest: file:///george/surfvid_site/surfvid.com/flv_video/cwater07.html lp

The Gift
The cite has a pic of Stephanie "snapping off the lip". Size does seem to matter, the Big Wahine stumps the Gidgets. October 28, 2007 The Gift The Big Wahine By EL...

Riq - know anyone who rents a beach-house?
Riq, I was thinking of heading up your way to try some boards on the 3rd, bring my wife and stay overnight. Apparently it is the Noosa triathalon and everywhere is booked out. Do ...

Severson Art
I'd like to pickup some of Severson's art and wondered what you guys thought might hold the best value. http://www.surferart.com/ Certainly I want a few posters of the first...

Ping Greywolf, Rico, Mark, Agent Utah, Ferg
OK guys. I need your snailmail addresses. I still have those photos I took in 2001. I told you I'd send them, and after a little hiatus, I'm ready to pop them in the mail. There are some fun...

British Airways Petition - surfboards banned
British Airways British Airways has just announced that as of 6th November this year it will no longer be carrying surfboards on any flights. For the sake of all travelling ...

MM woz ere & sharpen the HI pencil!
I was a bit lazy on the Mountain Man encounter reporting.... where is he now anyway? Riq?... surf was flat when he cruised by, but MM brought rain, we needed both but just got the rain. (...

i think the last ride on this short video may be the best shaq up
i have ever seen http://www.surfline.com/video/video_player/video_player.cfm?id=11427

of fires, property loss, and offshore winds
My professional opinion about bout fire and property loss (in no particular order)... 1) There is nothing unexpected or unusual about these fires. The Malibu fire started right at...

Advice for a beginner's surfboard
Sorry to ask, but I've just started to learn how to surf and I need some advice on choosing a suitable board. As usual, my local surfing instructor suggested I should start with a longboar...

Take care San Diego trees
Howzit all, Talking to my work friends and sponger friends in San Diego, I'm getting really worried about the fire situation in San Diego and the rest of California. Take care boys.

Some things never change
Checking in after several years.... surprise! The same people STILL need to get a life.

Worldsurfradio.com show 30 out now
Worldsurfradio.com show 30 out now FREE TO STREAM - FREE TO DOWNLOAD 100 years since Marconi - In the shadow of Lomax and the TSP GreenWave Awards. A great 4 part...

Surfed out
I am officially surfed out, had a marathon session at Moss Beach, head to slightly over head. I am about to take a nap now I hope you all are getting some peace ...

Eastside contest bombs
Saturday Eastside SC. what was looking like a party-only B-surf contest was an unbelievable exhibition of wave riding on big set waves on a popular eastside spot. Sets at 4-5 managed to...

surfin' while 'Bu burns
Hey all, Woke up to find the Santa Anas had kicked in right on schedule and Malibu was burning, right where it usually does. No real surprises there. Spent a few hours mapping the...

NS yesterday -- 10/20/07
Overslept by three hours. Didn't feel too bad when I saw the surf (and the crowds). Very spotty skies and not the most powerful surf led me to just go sponging with new point-and-shoot in ha...

Here, you can find your needs.
Hello shoessuperstar.co.,LTD greets and desires of success and wishes you happy times. This is professional export company from china who carry PAYPAL payment and DROPSHI...

Here, you can find your needs.
Hello shoessuperstar.co.,LTD greets and desires of success and wishes you happy times. This is professional export company from china who carry PAYPAL payment and DROPSHI...

quick rhode island usa report
Hi, just a quick report since I'm heading out soon: Went to a well-know local point, and of course lighthouse is a zoo. So we went to P.A., *near* the lighthouse, and it was awesome! ...

Surf champ Kelly Slater tests Tel Aviv waters
Surf champ Kelly Slater tests Tel Aviv waters ASSOCIATED PRESS Enlarge this image Surfing ambassador. Kelly Slater of Cocoa Beach was in Israel for

Ping: Tom Tweed
Got a minor suggestion for you offline re/PN. FirstName dot LastName at FatBelly fullstop Com. -- PeteCresswell

The AS CF Longboard -- Get It Moving!
OK, this is important. What is the problem with the AS Clusterfuck Longboard? Why has it been sitting in Florida for six months? The idea, if you'll remember, is to pass it alon...

Watch NFL Games Online
Watch NFL Games Online! For every one who wants to watch the games online because they dont live in the teams town or are at work i found a site that has basically every game covered. Its perfect...

opening day
Today was the first significant swell of the 07/08 season. Here's a few highlights: http://www.surfvid.com/flv_video/mav101807.html lp

Surfing on sharks???
Is that possible or a crocodiles the better surfboards???

Cane activity
Has anyone noticed the absence of cane activity on the east coast over the last couple of years? Remember the dire warnings of global warming after Katrina hit? We were supposed to...

SPI locals going off
http://www.seagypsysphotographs.com/swell/swell_33/Frameset.htm Sea-ya

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