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Two years and $9,000
Finally, today I completed the long and painful, uncomfortable, and irritating process of getting two front tooth implants. Two years ago almost to the day, I knocked them out duckdiving. To...

road trip suggestions???
Hello, I've been planning a trip. It's been very flat around here. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, and happy trails! -Dean

nyc surf pix are up
I have a bit more contnet here. I've been collecting a few pix from my NYC associates. I know the first guy, he's founder of He's an Aussie by birth. ...

Cleaning Up Rincon Point?
The homeowners of Rincon Point will soon vote on a proposal to convert the Point from septic to sewer, at a cost of over $88,000 per homeowner. At the risk of starting a flame war, I've po...

carson's new england pix
Excuse the multiple postings today, but I'm working on my Web site this week. I just put a page up of Carson's old pix from Hurricane Felix in RI:

where's gleshna?
Where's Gleshna? I was looking forward to some lake reports when I got back on the group a month or so ago. Is he still hangin with Herr Kemnitz? He was an entertaining fellow. ...

need a boost a weight pressed upon me. along with the pressure from above, the once stable ground beneath me slips. a feeling of trepridation. <...

surf report: Pancho's at last!
Well! This summer has been so sucky for good surf that I only just made it down to my favorite south swell spot in late September. I dawn patrolled Pancho's Monday early, to catch the ...

anyone seen my board?
Hey, Anyone seen my board? It was bitten by a shark! --drift-woody

NS yesterday -- 9/22/07
Overhyped swell. Barely breaking head-high on the sets. Still, we made the most of it. Getting used ot the camera and housing.

Stink eye
As mean as it gets. Mother ocean is beginning to wake up around the hood. Fun sized swell hit yesterday 5' @ 16 secs. It got glass...

hey riq
me n da boyz at sunshine for sunday and monday give us a text lets hookup. 0415810958 Tina

Precious got salty
Precious got a little more salt in her dings today... The storm in the Gulf of Mexico brought some waist to chest onshore windslop, the kind of surf that a 10 foot log is good for. I ...

puerto vallarta
Any tips or advice for a december trip to Puerto Vallarta? Spots? Nightlife? Do I need to rent a car to get to the better surf spots? Any info would be appreciated...

where is MM?
WHEN: next week all WHERE: broadbeach, DLQ MM: 0419 991510 <== Moo Moo Cafe, Tweed Valley Highway Thursday arvo 2-4pm Thence north across the border for a week. ...

GREAT surf guitar songs?
Hey all, OK, so my electric guitar muse returned after a 20 year purely acoustic guitar jag. I want to put together a set of a dozen or so GREAT surf guitar songs for my Strat to ...

Board packing
Hey all, This is going to sound like a silly question but I was curious to see how others pack their boards when they go on trips. I've always stacked my boards on top of each ...

Record - boards on car
Aloha, Does anyone know about a record in loading as much as possible boards on car roof ? I once saw it on TV, those guys had maybe near 100 boards up there, the car could...
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hey westoz!
Westy, Looks to be a massive swell comin your way in 2 days time- its flat here, we flying tonight and will be there tomorrow. Contact me by pmail and lets hookup...

paging NeoN
Dude, I can't find any contact info for you. Did you leave the planet without telling anyone? contact me td

Turks and Caicos
Does anyone have info about the Christmas surfing in Turks and Caicos? What locations are the best, local issues, etc?

Duke surfing - found on Malcolm's site
News to me, anyway. Footage of Duke surfing. Malcolm gives Neon credit for the find: Keep scrolling, see the guy surf the glacier wave...

Surf Brasil
Iae.... brasileira...curte praia sol e muitas Ondas

New Extreme video site with surfing category
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Headed West
I will be in CA during the last week of Sept. Since I'm scheduled for minor surgery next week, and the doc says I'll need 4 to 6 weeks recovery time, it won't be a surf trip. I'm going ...

Extreme video site
Hi, Please let me recommend a new Extreme video site, It's a click and play streaming video with more than 30.000 extreme clips on 35 categories. http://www...

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