waves I say, waves
Local forecasters were saying to "hit it" so I did. Had a Dr.'s appointment and didn't get on the road till about 9:45am and didn't make the coast till a lil after noon. The first view I g...

Gaza surfers find freedom in the sea
Gaza surfers find freedom in the sea In the isolated, battle-scarred strip, waves provide an escape. By Louise Roug, Times Staff Writer July 29, 2007 GAZA CITY - The su...

Best Breaks for San Diego Afternoon of 7/29/2007?
I might find myself with a few free hours to catch some surf tomorrow afternoon in the San Diego County area. The swell looks to have lot's of SSW in it (208), light westerly winds and a 2' ...

Gaza surfers find freedom in the sea
Gaza? As in the Eastern Mediterranean? Gaza surfers find freedom in the sea In the isolated, battle-scarred strip, waves provide an escape. By Louise Roug Times Staff W...

Les Williams, Waterman, R.I.P.
(Les was one of surfing's great watermen and someone I looked up to when I was a young surfer. Like so many of the people I knew in those days, we lost contact over the years. But I will alw...

Southern New Jersey: Swells/Waves Per NOAA Bouy?
At the Absecon inlet jetty (south end of Brigantine), it was really nice on Wednesday morning until about 10:30. 2-3 foot swells breaking in deep water. I got up bright and early...

Vintage Hawaiian Islands surf auction posts record sales
http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/Jul/25/br/br2758136409.html Vintage Hawaiian Isles surf auction posts record sales Advertiser Staff The 4th biennial Qui...

Puerto Escondido images udate
I added up to day 5. The rest are coming soon. http://www.kneed4speed.com/PE_1/index.htm Floyd

Oakley Board Shorts for sale (NEW, Mens sz 38)
Hi, I'm selling these board shorts. They are brand new with tags (never worn). Navy Blue: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=011&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3...

John From Cincinnati=Johnny Rotten
After watching the first 5 episodes of JFC all that comes to mind is the Sex Pistols' final US concert and Johnny Rotten's famous last words: "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?".

worldsurfradio.com podcast 28 online
worldsurfradio.com podcast 28 online Out now- A shortened Podcast with interviews with Neil from ARSA, river surfing in Canada, developments, past - present and future. An c...

Puerto Escondido images
I put up some temp pages until I finish processing the rest of the images. http://www.kneed4speed.com/Puerto_temp1/index.htm Floyd

sharks bites lawyer
http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/07/21/shark.attack.ap/index.html?eref=rss_topstories i'd make a joke about it, but the guy lost his leg. lp

Check out surf spots w/ Google Maps
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a website that I recently made. Basically, it lets you view and and add surf spots all over the world. So far, it's mostly just spots around C...

Check out surf spots w/ Google Maps
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a website that I recently made. Basically, it lets you view and and add surf spots all over the world. So far, it's mostly just spots around C...

Hawaiin Pro surfer dies at Puerto Escondido
I just got back from Puerto Escondido (this AM). I was there from July 10 thru 19. Surf was rock'n for the first 4 days. Tragically a pro surfer from Kauii was killed last Thursday...

9.5' (2.9 meters) surfboard signed by Greg Noll
eBay: http://301url.com/surfboard_Noll

Tried posting twice yesterday and haven't seen it...to make this surf related we have a little action showing on cams on our middle coast and I'm trying to talk myself into making the drive ...

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.comhttp://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

Costa Rica without 4 wheel drive ?
Anyone been over to Jaco beach without a four wheel drive ? Someone told me the road might get shut down by landslides and you should rent a 4 wheel drive, but what's the chance of th...

True Life Surf Series "The 808" Debuts on Fuel TV
Is anyone watching this series and are the characters real? Rothman was mentioned a couple times as a 'mentor' - Didn't know he was still around and part of the scene.

OIC I've been booted...
Thought I posted this earlier but I don't see it, sorry if it repeats. I was booted off of the erBB today for what I'm not exactly sure but regardless this is what I sent to Mr. S. Bass, mo...

I got the jack-boots from erBB
A letter to Mr Scott Bass All right it's "your" call and no worries down here. I've never posted inappropriate pic.s so it must be my bagging on Sean Collins, Surfline, and Ms Be...

False Advertising
I was scoping out Ebay this morning. I often check the surfboard listings, to see what the market's like for vintage boards. The Ebay seller who uses the name "Hawaiiansurfauction" is none o...

NE Brazil
wow - talk about bad karma, i log on to post this and breaking news on fox reports a plane crash in sao paulo with 200 dead......... i fly in to sao paulo next week, then on to fortale...

my lifeguard
She got to run everywhere she goes: http://www.clearlakescullers.org/sclifeguard/Bwork4.jpg http://www.clearlakescullers.org/sclifeguard/Bwork1.jpg But she gets to han...

epic gold coast?
I been getting awesome waves on the central nsw. I heard that past few days had the best surf a tha year on the goldie. Cof spit, Xpeh, Riq- any pics or reports? Tina Baller...

Minor ding advice
I was cleaning the wax off my longboard today and, once I'd gotten it clean noticed a yellowed spot along the rail about 5" diameter around a faint pressure crack along the very edge of the ...

a few more old pix (better ones)
A few more old pix I had on my hard disk. Not mine, the camera is way better than my Canon A60: http://the_urchin.home.comcast.net/photos/sne5.html I'm thinking of asking f...

Best day of my life
Rip My Shred Stick Tour at Sebastian Inlet. July 13, 2007 'Best day of my life' Pros inspire youngsters at local event BY HILLARD GROSSMAN ...

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