what do you do with your car keys
Was wondering, specially for the guys here who take photos when they surf. What do you usually do with your car keys? I do the old behind the tire trick but dont take anythi...

surfing with the whales :-)
Was flat in My Hammy so took a cab to ritas. Was bi to crowded so I kept going 8km more to Make all Haste. The inside point was too small so drove to the top a the headland. ...

Correction, if you subscribe to Surfline... Check this site...

If you subscribe or support Surfline....
.... check this thread out.... pass on the word... http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb22/todlerboyd/DSC00920.jpg[/image

Opala Pickup at Ala Moana, this Saturday (6/30/07)
Warning, sponsor alert. Companies are supporting beach cleanup. If you are offended, stop reading now. Press release courtesy Barefoot Wine and the Surfrider Foundation. Will coin...

surf in namibia
Hi! Next September I will go in Namibia also for surfing, and I'm gathering all information about: - renting a board - surf spots - local guide - place for sleeping...

Appreciating 'John From Cincinnati'
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- As a die-hard 'Deadwood' fan, it took me several episodes to get it. But now I'm beginning to get it--this new "surf-noir" collaboration of the ...

pure stoke!
Been down the last few days to Port M*******, near there is a secret spot, a sand bar 2 k offshore. Paddled out with me mates took like 30 minutes to get out there. Think Gland bu...

Geezer wants to start surfing
Surfing has always been a life goal, but I've lived inland for 50+ years. Now, I have the money and I have the vacation time. More importantly, I'm in training for a 2.25 open wa...

surf report(s): Surfer Bob in San Diego redux (Rod! AS points!)
Had a great week in San Diego. Long days of technical sessions and conferencing, eves of parties, mornings of dawn patrols and scoring AS points. Surf was kind of small, but that's June in s...

Hey somebody from Denmark??
Hey Somebody from denmarek?

Surf music lives
Surf music is having a comeback in Brevard. Wfit playlist http://www.wfit.org/TheBigSurfShow.html http://www.dannymorrisband.com/

The Hidden Galleon
The legend of the wild horses on Assateague Island. http://www.thehiddengalleon.com

Brace yerself NZ
Plenty of Pacific coasts should get some benefit from this next one, the vicious lil cyclones down south have taken a breather and haven't been able to push it far across the border, but pro...

Board Rentals in PR
Heading to PR on Sat (6/23) for my nieces sweet 16 birthday party. ( I got a shovel, sledge hammer and job for my 16 th birthday ). Seeing I'm just tagging along, the biggest decision I ha...

big mutha in the break
weekend before last a good sized storm hit newcastle in oz, most of the ships off shore waiting to load coal headed out to sea, except for the one that thought surfing Nobby's beach sounde...

hey mountain man, how are your tanks?
Hey Pete, just caught the weather for your part of the coast. Looks wild!! are your tanks full yet or what! Hope you get some swell as well, if you do send some of the spare ones ...

father's day
Got a call sunday from B. while varnishing an old wood four man shell. She successfully completed the camp, in fact wildly successful. In the history of the program she's the 6th wom...

MacDonald's Surfs Up dolls
What a great combination, MacDonald's the cheapskates friend since the 50s and those cute little surfing penguins.

New free video share for surfers - www.riderstv.com
come check out the new free video share site - www.riderstv.com. it is made for surfers and we have a discussion forum, groups, and voting in news. peace

The Flying Dutchman is hunting for surfers!!!
If you don't watch out, they will get you!!! If you're lucky, the kraken will eat you. If not, you'll be a slave for all eternity.

The East Coast's #1 Family Resort
Ocean City Maryland is one of the favorite vacation seashore destinations in the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Ocean City has 10 miles of clean sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean which includes a boardwa...

Surfer Bob in San Diego, amigos y amigas! Com se dice "AwoooOOO!!!!" en espanol?
It's time for the annual ESRI-palooza in San Diego. I'm there all week. Ready to split peaks and pitchers of margaritas with BA, Tweed, Yooper, Turby, Unemployed Floyd, JVM et al....

Surfing Europe in July
My wife wants to go to Paris in July-ish- 2008. I am in the early stages of looking for some surf options that offer the best chance of finding reasonably uncrowded waves. I gather thi...

New page at surfwriter.net
A new fiction story at surfwriter.net: http://www.surfwriter.net/mushmountain.htm THE KING OF MUSH MOUNTAIN Jay didn't like air-conditioners. They stuffed up his sinus...

topo vs bathy in my neck of d woods

New International Student Guide!
Hello to everyone, I was an international student in Australia and had the best experience ever! There are many thing to know you go to Australia and during your study experience....

attack of the Sponge
Caught Neal "dominating" at BA's home break! Start here: http://www.kneed4speed.com/06_12_07/06122007073%20(1).htm This guy was showing Neal how to ride a sponge. http://www....

cell phone internet browser surf reports for east/west coast
go here from a cell phone, you can use a regular browser to see what it looks like: http://www.surf.freespiritboston.net

Munitions Dumping at Sea
This is downright scary stuff http://scienceblogs.com/deepseanews/2007/06/munitions_dumping_at_sea.php

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