I think that someone from my work is hacking my personal computer that I use for work...
Hi I think that the net admin at my work has accessed my computer somehow without me knowing. I use my personal home laptop for my work often and I have to log into a VPN... any...

Secret Spot & Sheet_Hausen
I just got back from Mainland Mex and surfed the most excellent olas at Secret Spot. They had the most excellent Sheet_Hausen. Every morning at Secret Spot you tried to avoi...

WSD: Awoke to the ringing
What the...? Hmmm sounds like a phone, what time? The barrister was leaving me a message as the morning dusk filtered through the live oaks on my soon-to-be percolating good morning

Stupid surf punks
http://tinyurl.com/2d7ybx -- Turby the Turbosurfer

wnt to be an instructor
I need more experience ;and learn to actually stand up each time, but one day, i want to teach. Problem is, i can't get a work visa in the US for teaching surfing! i used to live in le...

access ocean buoy readings from cell phone ...
I bought a samsung cell phone that can access wml type mobile websites. I was thinking of setting up a free web site that you can go to with a regular computer and set up a profile wi...

Hey Jane / Peter
Jane - I think Peter was one of the gremlins that Nick Mirandon and I corrupted when we visited Jacksonville Beach back in 1964 or 64. Anyway, I saw Nick today for the first...

International Surfing Day 6/21/07
Surfrider Foundation and Surfer Mag announced June 21st as ISD. Where do they get off!?? Steve, when was that vote? What are the rules? Now I've got to change my day planner, Thursdays I get...

PaddleFest - May25th, 2007
Tried to catch a few waves in the Satellite Beach area last Friday. Mostly was a day of exercise, paddling over one mushing mash of whitewater or another. Never made it to the "outside," if ...

Squid on the beach
This AM, went to the beach and found 20-30 squid along the high tide mark. These were no small squid. Prolly about 24"-36" long including tentacles. Anyone else seen these on your beach? <...

Surfing was actually invented by penguins (IBN via Yahoo! India News)

The Thermos...
Is ready for a new home. Keep those WSD stories "pouring in" boys and girls, and I'll compile the best of the last 2 (or was it three) WSD reports and decide on the new recipien...

Post work driving through the marsh...
with the windows down, strong east wind drivingthe earthy bay smells through my car. Dirt and oysters with salt that always slaps me into a good mood; board on my roof things couldn't be bet...

Disabled athletes get a rare chance to go back surfin'
Waves of optimism Disabled athletes get a rare chance to go back surfin' BY HILLARD GROSSMAN FLORIDA TODAY Buy this photo Water w...

happy birthday xpeh!
Hi Alex, Happy 41st birthday. How are you spending it since there is NO surf? Maybe DA BA? Has the trouble and strife departed yet? Ballina

Paddling -- 5/25/07
Date: May 25, 2007 Time: 0730--1045 Spot(s): The Beach Park Conditions: Semi-glass, semi-warble Swell: Small ssw swells Surf: 1-3' Haw'n Words: Day off; car being f...

World Surf Day Tomorrow!!!
Surff just reminded me that the official World Surf Day (Spring Session), as was democratically and by majority vote chosen, is tomorrow, Saturday, May 26th!! Get out there! La...

Auckland Picture Gallery
relax with a peek at a picture gallery (of Auckland New Zealand, Piha Beach etc) http://y23stockpic.free.fr/20070429-City_Sunsets/ enjoy ;-)

A Texas-side area of the Pacific is full of discarded plastic.
Read all about it, here: http://Muvy.org

Help with a Hansen
Think I'm going to kick my friend's ass. First he scores a Da Cat model for like $50 in great shape now he almost found a Bing bonzer (it was sold when he got there) but he did find this 6'8...

York surfing can expand (Portsmouth Herald)
YORK, Maine — By a resounding margin, voters have given town officials the authority to expand York's surfing zone to twice its size on days when there are big waves as well as "an increased n...

NNSW report
Was having a bit of a lie in on saturday. Got woken up by a text from a m8 havent seen in a couple weeks. he said he was camping in his van at MAKE ALL HASTE Point. Was glassy, pe...

Dolphins Shred Too

sanding question
i am attempting my first ding repair and after reading a million instructions, i still have a question - how far do i sand before i start? i bought a board with 2 dings (about 1 i...

Turnaround -- 5/20/07
Date: May 20, 2007 Time: 0600--0915 Spot(s): D-Head Conditions: Glassy but a bit warbly Swell: Small combo sse/ssw swells Surf: 2-3' Haw'n Words: I've been out of t...

Skypecast - update
Hi Everyone .... We are having to change the time and day for the surfing skypecast due to ongoing technical problems with Skype. Myself and Bob had continues problems trying to go liv...

John Wayne, bodysurfer
Forget the placement of Balboa Pier inside the bay. An injury curtailed his athletic career; Wayne would later note he was too terrified of Jones' reaction to reveal the actual cause o...

neo at NIST; where was Foon? (very OT)
Hey Foon, went to Boulder a couple weeks ago to visit NOAA. Was stoked to walk through the NIST facility. Didn't realize that *the* atomic clock is housed there. I'll never take the time of ...

New pages on www.surfwriter.net
Heads-up: New pages published on http://www.surfwriter.net 1. John Severson's take on Surfguide Magazine's downfall: http://www.surfwriter.net/points_of_view.htm ...

Wired Jun 2007
Two "surfer" items from "The Geek's Home Companion" Curling Wave, Wave House Mallsport, Santiago, Chile Debut: July 2007 Tech: High-powered nozzles shoot 2,000 gallons of water pe...

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