Longboard champs NZ
http://video.stuff.co.nz/assets/stuff_541907_NZ_300k.wmv Some video footage off tv. NZed

Hi! Sorry for spamming, but there´s a great surfrock band in Finland. You might want to listen... http://www.myspace.com/rocketmotors Cheers!

Worldsurfradio surfers podcast 25 online
Hi All - the latest Worldsurfradio surfers podcast 25 online. This show features a three part interview with Ainea Kimaro - one of the leaders in Bio-Gas technology. His work -in additi...

Made a Left Turn
...onto alt.surfing of 12+ years ago when I stumbled onto Joe Trotter's venerable site. It was quite something to see many familiar names of the past plus terms like WAIS, Gopher, Telnet, an...

Rivermouth Bar surf
I've had some great waves lately at a certain rivermouth tidal delta, uncrowded hollow left with only around 6 to 8 guys at a time. Only about an hours drive away from the masses. One day th...

Ocean Beach California
Was sightseeing today and looking at the waves. Is there an outside break at Ocean Beach? There were the typical waves near shore, and there appeared to be waves about a qu...

Yooper's Addiction - may be cured...
Just hello. Read some postings. You guys are kinda making me sleepy. I do want to know where to find Neal's letter to the editor, tho. Anywho, as for my addiction that brought ...

ot - for all you geology nerds
topography/bathometry, tomatoes/tomatoes.. if you've got an inkling for the earth, here's a site that might be of interest from sully's neck o' the woods: http://gecensus.stanford...

Hey, Neal Miyake!
Nice letter to the editor. I concur with your opinion. ;-) Atticus

A new local in nocal
I like the part where he nabs the pit bull off the beach, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2007/04/24/MNGJGPE9Q51.DTL

saturday fun
Stuck around part of weekend for son's jazz concert in the area. Sat morning headed for dp with a girl I know down there. We bsurfed a east side break in a window betwe...

Australia surfable all year round.. where?
Still dreaming of Oz... Please tell me, is there any place in Australia where you can surf (also inconsistent waves, don't care) all year long? Hope it's not only the sunshi...

Video - Surf in Florianopolis Island Brazil
Hello ! I have some images of Florianopolis island im my archive , and other places in Brazilian coast. If u like i post my other v=EDdeos and put here for u... ty ...

with not much to do.....
In between checking out the surf and looking after our sick kids .... Check out this vid " I will survive " by Jesus... Dont miss the ending ...lol http://www.you...

Surf report...NZed
The last 7 days has been what everyone has been waiting for. During the week we had overhead sets with offshores....so big they were closing out. Things were looking dangerous at times...

East-Coast vs West Coast Waves?
Seems to me like they're consistently different. On the Pacific, there seem tb more lines. i.e. a given swell, as it comes toward the shore tends to stretch left and right for a rela...

NSSIA Instructor and Coaching Certification Course
There will be a National Surf Schools and Instructors Association instructor and coach certification class at Edison HS in Huntington Beach on Friday, May 11th. There is no charge for the c...

mavs topography mapping
http://www.mbnms-simon.org/other/moreLinks/whats_new_mavericks.php "The abrupt topography of the bedrock reef at Mavericks causes wave energy to converge over the reef, causing the wav...

(OT) Video storage
What's everyone doing to store video for the medium term? I have ageing 8mm tapes, harddrives full of video that has been taken from the tapes and its just an unorganised mess. I was looki...

The Mind's GP2K7 Forecast?
It's really getting kind of late in the year to not have a really good forecast for the year's GuidoPalooza. Has The Mind taken a vacation? The size has been there the past couple of years b...

big wave riding in Australia?
Hi :) Where can surfers usually find big waves in Australia? South? East coast? Please let me know or give me some links to read about big wave riding in oz :)

worldsurfradio.com surf podcast 24 online
worldsurfradio.com surf podcast 24 online FREE TO STREAM - FREE TO DOWNLOAD - GIVE IT A GO Please note that some of the grain surfboards interview are a bit tinny - but over...

board Id
http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g199/dagriztx/6-0.jpg logo http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g199/dagriztx/7-0closeup.jpg Anyone???

traveling longboard session.
I put preciousss to work today in some semi-decent surf in St Petersburg. There's a freak cold-front that passed over the gulf last weekend, and it cleaned up this morning into waist-chest...

2nd board
About this time last year, I posted here asking about surfboards. I had not surfed in about ten years and was just trying to get back into it..you guys gave a lot of good advice. Well, I j...

NS today -- 4/15/07 (tiny stoke)
Tiny surf, but I had a decent time at Ehukai on my fish. Afterwards, took some pics of the HASA event. Talk about stoke! http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/sesh/new7/images/070415_06.jpg

Space Coast businesses help arrange for surfers to ride exotic waves
http://www.floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070415/BUSINESS/704150327/1003 Local businesses help arrange for surfers to ride exotic waves BY GAYLA SCHAEFER FOR ...

Silver Surfer or Surf's Up?
Which movie are you watching first? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWdy_-mYGV0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elCY8X4w4NQ neo

New Zealand Photos - CumoloNimbus
Photo Gallery! rusty wheel, remnant of 70 years of New Zealand harbor dredging http://y23stockpic.free.fr/200704_Dredge_CumuloNimbus/ and sun and cloud pictures ...

Virginia Beach surf shop
G'morning- New to the VB area and I'm looking to take up surfing. I'm confident this'll be a long term deal for me and I'd like to find a good shop with a "ma 'n pa" feel that's willin...

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