South Swell #2
Attention OC surfers. The internet south swell has just arrived. Again, stay away from my home break. Locals only. This applies to Creek as well. The locals are hostile and you will n...

would you like to win a FREE Gold Coast surfing holiday?
Hi boys and girls, Me and my mates are donating a free round trip airfare for two and place to stay and a fully guided and hosted surf tour of the whole surf area chasing th...

Best surfer hotel in Tamarindo Costa Rica
I was there and is a great place, wonderful people, friendly staff, beatiful full equipped apartments

Surf dog takes life theatening wipe out !
Between watching the forcasts and training a dog...... WYN the surfing dog took a massive wipeout last night and survived ! We normally take him to the shop with us and yesterday was n...

High surf advisory- my @$$!
Radio says LA weather service is calling for a high surf advisory for west-facing beaches today. My ass! Maybe somebody at NWS is high, but the surf is not. Model calls for an inc... - New site - New site

Long "Gidget" story from Florida Today
I look at the popularity that the book, the movie and the TV show engendered as bait, pulling the mobs away from the good surfing spots to Malibu. In the article Zuckerman (!) says ess...

coming to San Diego
Hello Alt.surfing! I haven't read the newsgroup in about 3 years. I had a look today and saw that some of the names are still around... Anyway, I'm coming for a visit to San Diego on t...

vertigo and surfing
several months back i was suffering the effects of vertigo after surfing several days continuously. i did have an ear infection and it seemed the alchohol treatments to the ear helped c...

Cali-Mexico crossing
got a panic call from my girl. They're headed to Mex tomorrow night for surf trip and she realized she didn't have birth cert, it's prolly at home. Didn't have to use it last yea...

NS today -- 3/19/07
Smaller than yesterday, but still gnarly. I bent my back big time on one bad takeoff. Took some pics before running into work.

Catching Up with Santa
Dined at another fine restaurant with Santa Keener in San Diego last Friday night. The best I could resuscitate from a quicky trip into the thick of SoCal South. Didn't even bring the board ...

Hola from Los Flores, El Salvador
Having a great time. Water is a toasty 84%. Waves today were small 2-3 feet but they are speedy little things. Yesterday, they were 3-5 feet steep takeoffs, right hand point break. A swe...

tactical error
Stuck around and went for morning bsurf at a Monterey Bay spot. My session sucked, not because of conditions, but just did a shitty job bsurfing. There were some sweet rides for someone ...

SurfTrux on Oahu
Video, shot by Bud808, of one of his friends riding a board he shaped that has my fin system, SurfTrux, on board. ...

NS today -- 3/18/07
Pipe was tossing today with a mix of swell and some pretty hefty size. I did terribly, only managing a few rides. Got one good closeout barrel on my sponge though on a small wave. ...

missed a swell
Go figure, While I'm camping out in the driest deserts in North America, I'm missing a decent local swell at my home break. Is this the curse of that longboard? Here's the local...

Where to advertise?
Please forgive the intrusion and I will forever retreat if you find this off topic. I am a business development consultant working with a surfboard manufacturer here in So. Cal. <...

Epic Weather, Weather Channel 9 pm EDT Sunday Showing North Shore of Maui in preview

Weekend in Jerzy
Pretty miserable storm pushing through right now. Wind was hawking all day. Prediction is for some left over rain early Sat morning and clearing with strong offshores developing as the day...

WOTT- is using unprotected wireless stealing?
Sorry for an off topic post- some ppl here seem internet knowledgeable. Some background- here in aus with bigpond broadband we get like a monthyl broadband plan. IE you get broadb...

Turtle Bay rally on March 17, 2007
There will be a rally on Saturday, March 17, 2007, starting 11:30 at the Turtle Bay Hilton to protest the lack of concern by developers for Hawaiian burial sites (iwi kupuna). This is direct...

weird morning- boneyards breaking better than main peak!
I dawn patrolled one of my favorite summertime spots (Pancho's) this AM to check the tail end of the first S swell of the season. High tide, but this spot likes a high tide. The main peak wa...

cool video: new indoor wave machine for extreme surfing

firewire surfboards
There is a company here on the goldie called firewire surfboards. I do not own an interest in them (i wish i did though) that just opened an office in Encinitas. I been thinking a...

Podcast 22 now online. Its an Ireland special with some interesting music

Baja over Spring Break?
Anybody been down to central Baja over Spring Break? How crazy does it get? Is it worth doing if that's the only time you can go? -- Turby the Turbosurfer

surf conditions shaping up ... 7m swells expected the lateste report....down our way. We are expecting gale force winds and 7m swells. Should be a decent surf.

Dolphin encounter followup
You may recall the story to of the NZ woman who was dolphin watching from a boat when it jumped and landed on her. Heres her follow up story reported on tv with an illustration of what

Someone tell surferbob
Someone tell surferbob he needs to head into Santa Barbara to make his bi-annual spring back, fall forward post. -PA

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