Pics from the contest at Rincon last Saturday
onditions were smallish, but clean, warm, and sunny.

Need help finding a surfboard car rack for a small car
Hey there everyone I would like to buy a surfboard car rack that can fit on the roof of my Toyota Corolla, and I only need to carry one board. I found out about the Yakima, Thul...

family surfing day
Had a marvelous weekend, taking the family to a safe sufing beach up north on the west coast. It was the ideal day to let the girls go boogie boarding ...since our last attempt ...

3 cyclones pushing our way for the pro contest gold coast!
Not one, not two but three cyclones delivering the goods for the kotest. Me an da m8s surfed a secret beachie and now we headed for the cotest to watch the worlds best carve snapp...

sponge in SD
BA, Tweed, Turby (who is currently in HI), etc, I'll be heading up your way for a short one. Might get a chance to surf Thu, maybe Fri. Hope to see you guys. Looks like there might be a ...

Aussies ban advert with NZ surfing kid !
Check out this ad.... Voted best advert in NZ. Now.... the aussies have banned it in Aus..? <...

surfing statistics
hey does anybody have statistics and data's and its sources about surfing. how many people are surfing worldwide and at the local us market?? i would appreciate your help as fast as pos...

Quick Strike into PR catch the east coast's "Valentine Day swell".... got to the westside and pulled up to sheet 3-5', glassy, sunny conditions. Surfed for about and hour & a half and then went in fo...

interesting sequence
thumbing through some files and i forgot about this sequence - pretty cool how the guy pulls it off and snags a sweet barrel

hey ballina!
Hey bro, Lost yer numba m8. Can you p mail it to me? I am heading down your way **early** tomorrow to hit the sea wall. Then on to the spot just below you for supplies. Can ...

north end of the beach

I love the taste of seagull shit in the morning
Well, err ummm... not really, but when the extreme high tides combine with a fairly strong swell to wash all the crap off the cliffs, I can put up with it as long as I get to ride the clean ...

3rd World Champions
This is some dedicated stoke, shame I missed the TV story, "the kids trek through the jungle to cut wooden surfboards out of gigantic tree roots"

any word on when it is gonna be? doesn't it have to start pretty soon? i'm really looking forward to checking it out this year. i love that they have 24 hours to get there. that's so cool. <...

Calling Bob Feigal
Sorry to hear about your dissapointment ! It was good information and feedback as we use Courier Post throughout NZ but very seldom Rural deliver. Yes..conditions are crap but la...

nasal flushing
while at a local surf contest this weekend, someone gave me a bottle of surfdrops nasal protection. i looked at the ingredients and it's just sodium chloride in water (ie salt water) at an i...

Swimming birkas hit the market
Watch the eyes, you infidel! Anyone remember the "Sack" dress? Same idea, motion behind a screen but visible. Muslim Women Enjoying Special Swimsuits 2007/02/18 21:30 Press R...

saving the bro bowl
I thought I'd share with you a good story of history and pro-action. Tampa is home to one of the oldest skateparks in the world, the Bro Bowl, built in 1973. It has survived time be h...

Cold Water Surfing and Frostbite on Toes?
I surfed in about 51 degree water yesterday with no booties. After 4 hours in the water, my toes felt stiff, numb, and it started to creep from the tips of my toes to about the middle joint ...

Does a rashie provided thermal protection
Looking for something that I can use in the Northeast to help the kids old man (me) into the water earlier in the season. I'd rather not get a wetsuit top so I thought a rashie might do.

Bodysurfing contest on Oahu --2/17/07
Got a surprise visit from Tom K. this weekend. We met up yesterday at a bodysurfing contest at Pyramid Rock. Conditions were pretty lousy, with firm onshore trades and a very very mixed swel...

Surfgeo, Ferg, and Alex
It was nice to see you guys back. I hope you stick around. If only [email protected] would return! Surff

Anybody got Glassing 101 ???
Just wondering if someone would be so kind to share this video. thanks in advance.

In honor of His Dopeness -- El Salvador Haiku
Preparing for a 3rd World Country Poked with needles, twice. Deep breath. Yeow! Ooh! Stop! (Sore arms) No sufing today.

Puerto Rico Bound!
This weekend. Lots of swell. Should be good. Will take pics. If you are in the area then e-mail me!

V-day in NJ
Good sized, albeit sloppy surf on Valentine's day: Otherwise it's been a lackluster winter so far.

Rock dance disaster
"THE waves were breaking and so were the surfers yesterday. A massive ground swell whipped up 2m waves at points across the Gold Coast, however not everyone could handle the epic conditions....

Anybody know someone who makes custom wetsuits?

Who's that sponge?
going deep getting drilled -PA

The count is in for 2006
Precious better be careful in Florida.

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