popping in again....
...and with good timing - hey ferg! whats up???!!!!??? glad to see marital bliss is still within you! went to NYC on business back in november, and my hotel just happened to be ...

RE: Dole Bludgers
Hello everyone, what the hell is wrong with dole bludgers? there are several reasons why we are unemployed : 1. We might have anxiety-fear of failure if we apply for jobs a...

Thought of surff today
As I surfed Spanish house. Don't venture down there too often, but it was one of those pretty flat days. Wish I could have gone all the way down to Palm Beach County (North swell, and it...

Free Pc To Phone Calling
Now you can call anywhere in world for free ...hurry up...Its Globe 7.. you are paid to watch free videos(of your choice)... Now its no. 1 VOIP service in the world....Click on the link...

Intrepid rehab center in San Antonio includes wake board pool
Arnold-Garcia and other amputees have been eyeing the rock climbing wall, visible through the glass. They have also heard about the wave pool, in which they can use wake boards to st...

NS today -- 1/27/07 (contest photos)
For those of you who get offended by contests, jerseys, or sponsors, hit the "Back" button. Shot at the M****** E***** P** contest at P*******/B*******. Surf was pretty small by this conte...

obsf bars
the lifeblood of this beach break: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?f=/c/a/2007/01/27/ BAG8ANQ1OA1.DTL&o=0 lp

Hello, It's been awhile
Aloha! Hey guys. I just got an email from Jane Moody, and it reminded me that I hadn't peeked into the world of Alt.Surfing in some time. It's nice to see you Bob, Sarge, Neal, ...

Near Perfect
Today was just one of those days. The waves were rolling in around 5' @ 17 secs making for some nice overhead a-frames. Wind was blowing very light offshore, a little drizzle here and ther...

Recommend 2nd surfboard for a not-quite beginner?
Hi there, I've been surfing 6 months or so, twice a week, sometimes more. My board is a 10.5 foot long softop with steer horns as a hood ornament. I've progressed a lot and I enjoy ...

Hey Blokes
Surffette has chosen to go to OZ for courses in international business. It will be from July to November. Her first choice was Griffith University in Brisbane, but now she's considering...

surf report: Freak Street this AM
Some 12 sec swell with enough west in it to get down the channel finally started waking up the local spots a little. Stiff (and nipple-stiffeningly cold) offshore breeze was making everythin...

Surf Rats
Cheese oh man these guys are good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdbxLk8_C8c

Jim Morris and the Shark Pod - where were you?

A little bit of SF today
Conditions changed rapidly all day today. From glassy mushy insiders and shifty outside peaks that would back off, to strong offshore winds and tubes, to somewhere in between. That's when I ...

Plug-In Profit Site
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Hate to bring it up, but...
...is this winter kind of, um, *sucking* as far as surf is concerned? I don't want to characterize the whole winter poorly before it's over, but it's not looking much better for west s...

NS today -- 1/20/07
Small swell kicked in today. Caught a picturesque closeout at BD on the sponge, then shot a bit all before sunrise. http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/sesh/new7/images/070120_01.jpg (Besch ...

The "It was worth it" ride and random pic of the day (buddy's beatdown in El Sal)
Small, beat, cold. Today: Too small for a fish. Air 35, water 50 or so. Sky: Sunny. Took out the 9'6". I wont give you the details of the "it was worth it" ride. Details of ...

Flakey times
Just so you know we're not immune from the wacky weather this time of year. This sequence happened in about 20 minutes this morning. Surf, snow, and the rarest of all birds, sunsnowsquall. <...

There's a new cat in town.
This looks like a fun ride. Open ocean to shallow lagoons. I hope they test this thing at OB during a big swell. I'd take a day off work to see that. http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/art...

Skin and Boards in Cocoa Beach
Need an expert opinion on whether the "Sl8r" board will fly or surf. Tattoo artist turns his work to the surfboard Tattoo artist uses surfboards as a canvas BY J...

Key West - don't kill me
For those of you who remember Dingdong, I heard from him after a million years and he asked a question that only you guys would know. First of all, he wants to move to Key West and div...

Surfing: Sports Wire - Britons Rule The Waves (Daily Mirror)
JODIE WINTER and Richard Smith have become Britain's first major world surfing champions. === Just one of Today's Top 10 Surfing Consumer News Stories: http://www.ng2000.com/...

AKOTY just for fun
I know I'm too late, but got a giggle over this. Since I did diddly this year on AS it's an appropriate way to start the new year. (I did this wrong, didn't I, RT?) http://entert...

Surfing dog in the making....
My daughters are very pleased but Mrs NZed is not. We now have adopted "a son" as my wife puts it ! WYN hes a welsh springer spaniel pup. (4 months old) Already he knows whos boss and t...

"There's something wrong with the sheep"
Trailer now online. http://www.blacksheep-themovie.com/ "What are you doing in here". "You wouldn't understand" lol. Pure genius. td

Things never change
Thought I'd drop by the old newsgroup to say Hi. I haven't been around the newsgroup in a couple of years, and see that the same antics are going on. A few new faces, a few old ones, a few...

Surfboard Rentals in Eleuthora, Bahamas?
Does anyone know if there are places to rent boards in Eleuthora?

Some kite surfing in my hood.
Last Monday. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a358/wfover/sandbox/mon9b.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a358/wfover/sandbox/mon8.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a358/wfover...

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