Passion & Trajectories
The two activities I'm most passionate about are surfing and riding motorcycles. There is a strange synergy about them. They are both about a spacial trajectory - finding a line and negotiat...

Xmas day session
Quick surf report, Surfer Xmas day at Monterey county's version of OB (SF), head to head and a half, out for only an hour due to family obligations. Dry hair paddle out, then a couple of ...

Surf at Bolsa Chica Wetlands Channel Dec 26
Just a quickie taken w a Canon Elph

Word has it
[email protected] and SurfGeo met up for brunch in NYC...Lmao!

Tap-Tap-Tap! Is this thing on?
Six days and not one post. Someone play taps. It's dead

surf report: day before Christmas
AM Freak Street. Clean, blue, pretty! Tide too high and rising, but swell big enough to still make some things happen out there and brisk, cold offshore wind was keeping things very clean. S...

Preciousss on the Move, Part III
Met up with M at my local spot, after a few phone calls back and forth to try to figure out where the "best" surf was. It was pretty flat - a lovely chest high offshore last night (which ...

Watch out for flying dolphins ! "Woman injured in Dolphin leap" Or was it case of a frisky young male dolphin showing off ? NZed PS Bob

All I want is to do is have a surf !
Things where looking good for the lead up to Christmas...the weather ...the surf ...and the holiday booked to go north. Even the kids where really excited to be going away and even more thr...

NS today -- Christmas Eve 2006
Christmas presents came early at Pipeline. http://www...

Christmas Present????

NJ bound fa Christmas
Have wetsuit, will travel. Yo team NJ, another Christmas and time to find a couple NJ nuggets. It's a short visit this year, but I'll be available for rituals during the week betw...

Preps surf for recognition
Wow, just like volleyball, a beach sport hopes to go big time. What's next? Scholarships? To Nebraska? Preps surf for recognition Schools hope others jump on board to ...

California Wintergreen Merry C...

Precious on the Move - Part II
Southbound. Gonna split from VB tomorrow, meet up with a bro tomorrow night in Jax and surf Mayport Poles Saturday AM. Looks to be a little swell (nothing great but something) in the water w...

Beginning surf in Lanzarote
Hi, I'll be there from 31 dec. where can I learn surf on lanzarote? Famare seems to difficult for beginners. Any adivice appriciated, a.

Looking for texts on surfing (introduction, best places etc)
Hi For my site i would like to get some more downloadable texts (Its a up- and download portal for self written texts). In order to get it started, i am looking for authors who su...

New Zealand's surfing dolphins Fin-tastic thrill for surf dude A Whangarei surfer has had an experience of a lifetime with Ocean Beach's famous dolphins.

Bell's shark attack story
Two extremes for this one - a couple of guys dead keen to go in for a surf soon after the attack and calls to kill the shark. For details -

Caption contest
I got an email from the guy in this photo... This was a 25 ft HWN wave at Mavericks, he overcommitted, biffed, skipped 3 times, and got drilled. Last Monday (a little more than a...

Invasion Waves?
anyone know what waves are featured in the Invasion From Planet C trailer? I recognize one from NZ. Can't remember which spot though.

The Longboard - Precious on the Move
It was only about 5 miles but the longboard has transferred and that warrants some documentation. I met "the Mind" this AM (we cracked it) at First Street, VB, VA, to surf and transfer the b...

i bought Occapuchie's House ...
I am surfing with the championship possie mates ... Mrs. is happy as a clam ... who is bringing the brew for a house warming?

Rescued by Shell People after Wipe Out
I cordially invite you all to view my "shell people" at , if you have a few minutes. These are my own creations, and might put a smile on your face, and...

Just another day at the office...
hooboy! Sometimes ya just gotta put in the effort. Today, those biological cycles seemed really low. I've been dragging my butt lately. I've been in the water a lot, getting chilled in funky...

help wanted
Help wanted Me and a few friends interested in various extreme sports, are putting together a collection of info based around extreme and alternative sports. If you ...

Is it possible to have sex while surfing???
I wonder if it's possible to have sex while surfing. Did you ever try that?

Going With the Flow
A small but fun early afternoon wrap. Somewhere in a sheltered location north of Los Angeles. Yesterday. http://www.awefoto...

Top Ten Signs that let you *know* AS is on a downhill slide....
10. You aren't surprised when there's less than 10 posts in an entire day 9. There's more surf content than "noise" 8. Surfer Bob has to practically*type* to hims...

Pix from the 'Con
Haven't posted in a while... I took some pix earlier in the afternoon, including an occasional left in the rivermouth. Enjoy! <...

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