WSD- before, during , and after
Thanksgiving day (pre-WSD)- Dawnpatrolled Freak Street on my old longbored, because the regular one's got an ugly ding in it. This one is less of a noserider than what I've been riding. Narr...

Where to rent a Car in Malaga for Tarifa
Ciao, we will be in tarifa from 27/12/2006 to 03/01/2007 , we have some problem in finding a car to rent in Tarifa at reasonably prices, we tried with Costasur but the prices at the end...

Jack Macpherson, La Jolla Legend - RIP,1,1424902.story?coll=la-news-obituaries&ctrack=1&cset=true OBITUARIES Jack Macpherson, 69; La Jolla legend kn...

Pipe last October
Found this vid of the Oct. swell at Pipe. Neal, you in there? td

Where the HELL is the AS Plank?
Cough it up peeps. Have you all turned into Gollum or what? There's been waves, where's the pics of it being SURFED? Last I heard it was stashed in someone's closet somewhere. <...

Fin set up, configuration.
I'm looking for the standard fin set up for an 8 foot board (regular shape not a mal). I went with the same fin configuration on my 8'0 as my 7'3 and 6'10 which has a little mo...

Reunion Island?
Been thinking about my next big trip - has anyone been to Reunion Island? I watched this video today - The swells look wicked.

WSD plus 1: Kooking at Backdoor
Was playing tourist back home on Kauai, so couldn't get wet on the official WSD Fall 06 (11/25/06). Instead, when I got back to Oahu I stole away from the family for a couple of hours and hi...

New Landboard
No more bent trucks.. Good for beaches (amphibious) and outright speed and freestyle launching:

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 301 ...

WSD - A newbie gets a few
Still plagued with almost no surf, a bit of waist high junk on the early morning high tides and written off with onshores mid-morning, day after day, week after week.... at least it's warm. ...

where are wombats?
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. We all know that Wombats are to be found in Zoos. ...

WSD -1 turkey day in HM bay
Was in Half Moon Bay turkey day and day after. The Clear Lake surf report has already been done, still waiting for the asteroid. Swam out at a spot just south of K*lly's in HMB, a...

WSD in the deep south
Had a good day on Saturday. Finished the router work on the stiles and rails for the new shutters, cleaned up the shop and grabbed the board for a little down the lin...

LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 1 has been discounted 20% for holiday ordering. Also, my publisher, CafePress, is offering FREE SHIPPING through Christmas. So, what would generally cost you $34.00,...

Looking for Surfer Mag. pic from 1961-1963. Help?
I'm looking for a picture from Surfer (or Surfing?) Magazine of a friend of mine and was wondering if anyone could help. The picture was taken on Christmas day 1961, 62 or 63 in Hawaii. My...

surf spots
does anyone like north bucs better than south pier?

BA collecting more photo incentives
(Apologies if this was already reported.) Once again, our very own Bill Andrews is gracing the hallowed pages of 'ER mag. In the Dec 2006 ish (v47#12 w/ a b/w KS cover portrait), Bill ...

Santa as a part of the Ukiyo-e, or "pictures of the floating world" Hokusai Parody Holiday Cards Tom Herzberg, f...

wsd 11/25
hello, anybody out there? i just wanted to remind all that its the semi-annual wsd this coming sat. 11/25. (sat after 4th thurs in nov) if you've been itching for a reason to sur...

Where to rent 6 windsurf in Tarifa for a week at good prices ???
Good evening, me and my friend will be in Tarifa from 27/12/2006 to 3/01/2007, we go with airplain so we want to rent the equipment there, can you suggest us a place where we can rent g...

Let's see many SD ASers do I have to apologize to? Too many. All I can say is that after the caterer arrived and the celebration began for my son's passing the CA bar, we didn't ...

airline prices for surfboards
Aloha from Kauai, I'm going to Costa Rica at the end of Febuary and would like to get the prices for carrying surfboards on airlines. I seem to remember someone posted a site in...

two shoes in Fresno Bee.
Haven't looked for the article online, but while driving back from SoCal, I picked up an article in the Fresno paper about the tsunami in Crescent City the other day, Jose was quoted heavi...

Surf Trip from Sydney?
You guys have been helpful in the past so figured I'd see what you know about Australia? :) Wife and I live in Singapore (from Santa Cruz, CA). Will be in Sydney for business ...

NS today -- 11/18/06
Predawn at Pastures. I was fortunate to score some really good waves on my sponge, including a very deep tube. Crowd went from just me to insanity (including Bud). Welcome to paradise. ...

Iceberg being auctioned Over a million dollars so far....any more takers ? NZed

Still in SD?
Just got out of bed and checked cell. Had the flu forEVER. Are you still in town Surfer Bob? Turby? I might have to celebrate really, really big tomorrow, just in case. The mar...

Whats this I heard about snow on the eastcoat AUS ?
Way its going, you guys up on the AUS eastcoast could be on the look out for Icebergs in the lineup in the near future ...with penguins ? Whats happening to the weather there m...

latest on Icebergs
Now 60km off the coast of Dunedin.(south island) One large one and a smaller one. Headed our way north. Probably viewable from our beach in a approx 4 days depending on the wind ...

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