south-east swell Yeah!
The front came through late Tuesday. Although the wind died in the evening the swell was still a raw un-appetizing mess of OH bombs without much of any definitive lines or shape. ...

Jerzy Gives It Up
I don't have any complaints...never thought there'd be left overs for today but yesterday was firing. A tad windy though:

Who was the guy in Old spice Ad?
Since I can directly credit a hazy memory of the ad with taking up the sport, I feel I should know who it was. Anyone? Bueller?

On a mission
OK, it's time to pick myself up and do something with the days. I had been planning and looking oh so forward to someday taking my son to Hawaii, Costa, NZ or anyplace for a tropical travel ...

End of Daylight savings tonite
Yo, like surfer-dudes and dudettes, its that time of year again, time to change the clocks. Once again, the saying goes "Fall forward, spring back" So, like don't forget to set yo...

Shaping of a legend
ON a wave peeling off Point Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast, the silhouette of a headless herculean figure is frozen in time. It's the first of the winter swells of 1966, and th...

fun week
Surf has been real fun in my hood for over a week. Nothing really huge, just fun rippable size.

Surfs Up

wet-suit for 14 degrees celsius
In Queensland the water temp is about 20 degrees and you see everything from boardies to steamers. I have a trip away and the water temp looks like it is 14 degrees. I am to...

Diego's news
Just had lunch at Da Kine Diego's. Owner says the northern one is closed. Says he may put a thatched roof on the Southern one.

South of Sydney
Nothing "all time" but not bad on the wife's business ticket and uncrowded. Nobody riping but that's because there is no-one there. Clean faces for the mind surfer at work. You can proba...

Come on Paul! Another day or two and he's in the SoCA swell window. Anyone know of anyone ever surfing the Revillagigedo Islands? They...

Starting to really happen here.
9m swells in Cook Strait and the Ferrys stopped. Heres a taste of it ...,2106,3838774a6000,00.html The good news is of course we have s...

Hey NZed: Perfecto Conditions - maybe
Northerly 2 metres, strong off-shore westerlies. What a rambunctious, unpredictable spring up here in Northland. -- "One thing I like about surfing, you don't have t...

NS today -- 10/22/06 (not 6-8' faces)
Forecast was for only 6-8' faces. However, when we started seeing buoy #1 go to 14' 12 seconds, we knew better. Paddled out on my sponge. Surf was *really* nice. Got one big takeoff and anot...

Footage from Piha comps Mick Fannings board broke in the 4m swells. NZed

North Swell Yeah!
We received some juice from Huey on Saturday. Nice warm day, not a cloud in the sky verfy light awe'f'shore winds. Heres a couple pics. The swell was around 7' @ 16 seconds. The set waves we...

south swell! Yeah!
Nice waves today. Waited 'til PM low tide to go out and surfed 'til dark. Starting my early fall board diet- went from the 9'6" last session to the 8'1" today, with shorter boards (and days)...

More celebrity stuff...
It's hard to believe no one in this paparazzi-ridden enclave of hero worship hasn't mentioned this already. It seems some people really don't think of anything but surf. Bureaucrats don't li...

Top surfers visit NZ - Piha Dont take too much notice of the condition of the surf. NZed

Solve this puzzle
In between waiting for surf conditions to pick up.....NZed suggests Check out this puzzle. Try it. I am about to ...

I laughed so much...check this out. Japanese TV show....what a great prank...I liked the last one the guys go down the ski slope out of control on a chair nake...

Whats happening in the US ? and I wonder what the response will be from not just US citizens but also the rest...


(OT) Revenge on a telemarketer
OK ... it's off-topic. But I haven't laughed this hard in a long, long time: --...

hawaii quake
6.3 shakas about an hour ago. so far no injuries reported. howzit brahs? any news from the islands. lp

NS yesterday -- 10/14/06
Sketchy conditions at Pipeline, with lots of backwash and a sandbar on the inside. After riding for an hour or so on my bodyboard, I decided to shoot some. So tired. http://www.hi...

free surfing e cards?????
my good friends daughter[kirstin,14yo] just got into surfing this summer. only out a few times but loving it:-) her 11yo brother too! well, she was in a car accident this week and brok...

surf report" Freak Street 10/13
Friday the thirteenth at my local pointbreak dawned rainy with the SW pisswind rising. I was bummed. But by 8AM it was dead calm so I reassessed and headed down with the log to test my mett...

Boston area: Morey Pope blue machine from the 1960's that I'd sell
I don't have any pics, but I have a morey pope blue machine longboard. If someone wants to offer me $2,200 or best offer. It's a rare board. I got a ton of stuff stored at my mothers ...

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