NS today --9/30/06 (sponges)
Swell came up a bit. Had fun riding, then shooting at OTW (and Pipe). http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/sesh/new6/images/060930_01.jpg http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/sesh/new6/images/060930...

The Longboard Journey
Holders of the AS traveling Board, Rod, Foon, etc: I am off to Nexpa early this week so I'll be gone for a while (until the 15th). E-mail me to set up a time to transfer this longboard...

Surfing Portugal
I'm sitting in a smoky (smelly) internet cafe in Aljezur, Portugal waiting for CJ and Liv to wind down their internet addiction. They both need a daily fix and sometimes I just sit in the c...

pics of sigs on bottom of AS travelling board????????
its bad enough we didnt get a bunch of pics from the GP, but where are the pics of the signatures on the bottom of the board???? i put four sharpie type markers in the bag when i sent it off...

do you know who sings this song in this surf clip?
http://surfline.com/video/video_player/video_player_640.cfm?id=4377 thanks, the clip is wicked

RIP: Buzzy Trent, (May 13, 1929 - September 27, 2006)
From Malcolm Gault-Williams' LEGENDARY SURFERS Newsletter #60a-b: Buzzy Trent (May 13, 1929 - September 27, 2006) I once wrote: "If I was limited to only interviewing one legenda...

Buoys logging bigger than it looks at my beaches. Yours?
Hey all, So a S swell filled in over night on the southern CA coast. Buoys this morning were pinging 3.3-3.8feet @ 17sec, 190deg. Models calling for a consequential day on most of...

bsurf contest in Santa Cruz
I just got an invite to bodysurf contest in Santa Cruz, weekend of Oct 6-8. I have a conflict - previous commitment, so I can't make it. (my brothers are coming to Flake County to play in

26 miles across the sea
My daughter doesn't get to swim this year, she's just a soph. She did get picked to be one of the kayak escorts, she's pretty pumped about it. http://press.ucsc.edu/text.asp?pid=943 <...

Surf Camps
Where is some of the best surf comes to attend in north carolina?

Cobalt Uber Fish Rocks
Hi All, I just got back from Baja and got to ride my new board for 8 glorius days and I am completely digging it. It is 7'4" but it paddles like a long board with tons of glide. Once y...

Earth Race
You may recall a mention earlier this year about a revolutionary boat manufactured here in NZ. I was personally involved when it arrived in Wellington. Volunteerily helped when their ma...

Surfing Canada's "South Coast"
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/25/AR200609250= 1379.html Time Zones >From Toronto, Hardy Surfers Head for 'Canada's South Coast' By Dou...

for the boogs, bods, and art wave types......
sometimes shooting this kind of stuff is more fun than anything else..... http://www.dcgphotography.com/Dsc_6154m.jpg http://www.dcgphotography.com/Dsc_6157xm.jpg http:...

weird skull in cali coast pic from google maps
I was zooming in on point reys seashore on google maps http://maps.google.com/maps?q=San+Francisco,+CA&ie=UTF8&z=12&ll=37.993728,-123.004646&spn=0.112284,0.343323&t=h&om=1 started zoom...

Paddle surfing with pics
http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-he-surf25sep25,0,4773867.story The next wave What's Laird Hamilton doing with that stick? Adding a little Zen to his workout. In surfing'...

Ken Bradshaw on The Science Channel
Anybody catch these? Ken's featured in the "Extreme Survival" series, both "Hot" and "Cold". It's an excellent opportunity to compare your "balls" to an "old man's". My own size...

calling surfsarge
i am gonna be in NYNY for a week in Nov - help me hook up with [email protected]! [email protected]

Surf Report For My homepage
Date: 1/1/1 Time: Ian Spot: Ian Cond: Ian Swell: Ian Tide: Ian Surf: Ian Words: Good design! http://snlzcjcm.com/ckgb/xqzp...

Surf Report For My homepage
Date: 1/1/1 Time: Adam Spot: Adam Cond: Adam Swell: Adam Tide: Adam Surf: Adam Words: Thank you! <a href="http://snlzcj...

Surf Report For My homepage
Date: 1/1/1 Time: Greg Spot: Greg Cond: Greg Swell: Greg Tide: Greg Surf: Greg Words: Great work! [url=http://snlzcjcm.com...

50 foot breaker on the Irish Coast ?
Page 5 of yesterday, Saturday, UK national Guardian newspaper A picture showing a board surfer on a 50 foot wave that looked more Hawaii than Eire. Not retrievable over the net AFAIK

Mainland Mex
Off to Nexpa in two weeks. Sweet!

reports and pics from GP?
why has the not bee any reports? where are the pics of the event? come on rod and foon. bring it home to us.....ty....todd

Where is this Longboard?
I want a crack at it... GD, Esq.

Surfing in MAINE
Thought Id ask you folks since yall since to have an idea about everything here. I have a friend who is currently camping with his wife in Maine- They are currently by Bar Harbo...

10 FREE! - online - K+ Web-kits
1. Fitness + Sports http://www.k-x-4u.com/fitness.htm 2. News + Mags http://www.k-x-4u.com/news.htm 3. eAuctions http://www.k-x-4u.com/auctions.htm 4. eRomance http://...

surfgeo in hawaii....
At first i was a bit pissed that i had a shitty view of the downtown district of honolulu and could only see a brief stretch of beach - in my opinion not sufficient for a quality surf ...

Rincon homeowners get with the program!
Good news! The good folks at the Carpinteria Sanitary District just voted to built a poo pipe and hook up all the homeowners at Rincon, Sandyland, and Padaro Lane. This will mean improved wa...

Crucial vote on proposed toll road through San Onofre State Park
(This just received from Drew Kampion re: a crucial vote on the proposed toll road through San Onofre State Park.) Howdy! This is a very important moment in the fight to save Tr...

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