Petrol Prices in NZ
Picked up this post recently .... Hows the fuel prices effecting you guys ? NZed I asked someone at the Royal Dutch Shell Oil company here in Amsterdam what the petrol price...

Wandering Eye
Hey Guys...for those interested in music. Heres a local band who live near my local break. Big hit in NZ. "Fat Freddys Drop" from their latest album

Pics of fun July swell/ End of an era (ATTN. FOON)
I snapped these pictures of clean, pretty, uncrowded waves just before I paddled out and broke my finbox that sorrowful day last month. Photos are a little grainy because it was very early a...

Come on Hector!
Quieres olas, senor?

homeric hymns to poseidon and earth!
Getting back to the surf lit...I was going through my copy of The Homeric Hymns, by my man Homer, translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis. To Poseidon I begin to sing of Po...

Nice going Awe!

sullys south, will bring waves
I promise. It never fails. I'm fairly certain my first Newport dp will be a glassy lake, but by mid week next week it'll be pumping. Itinerary: leave fri am, warmup s...

LJS are you out there?
I'll be on Long Island this coming Monday for work, I can also be in NYC in the next couple of weeks. If you're interested in signing the board shoot me an email. Mike G. <...

Surf Report: Rhode Island 16AUG2006 "The Precious Moves"
The trip up from NJ was a breeze, I left my house at 0500 and was in the water in front of the lighthouse by 0800. I had spoken with JW the night before and said I would arrive by 0900 so a...

AS Traveling Longboard pix
I put together a little page with some pix from the "event" yesterday: A few of them aren't loading...will have to che...

California Surfing Lessons
For a directory of surf instructors in California visit There is also a chat room, discussion boards, links, pictures, and classifieds!

SD ASers?
I know there's a bunch of ya, I'm planning to drop in there soon so where the hell is that longboard? Will I need to bring my own Sth-hemi swell?

AS longboard is on its way
FYI. Happy trails, AS Longboard! More later, including pix. Good to meet you Mike G. and glad there were ankle- to waist-high waves to ride. -jw

The road to rocking east cost surf... paved with warm water. Instant hurricane! (just add butterfly wing) Actually the African e...

Gnarly blue whale ancestor ate sharks for breakfast!
We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Add money to your Paypal account with OPRAH Y%y;p
Read this message until the end, and you will find out how the money flows in easy !!!!. Follow the steps and it WILL work. Trust me !!!!!. It's NOT illegal and it is NOT a scam !!!...

surfing gallery!
Pretty Cool Surf Gallery of Byron Bay!! Some Great Shots of me in there somewhere!

surf report: central CA beachbreak
Somewhere north of Nuclear Hazards and south of Yes Sir (!) lies several miles of sandy beachbreak and a couple of nice state parks. Scored a few days of nice surf, better than expected. Mos...

Clips of the Month July 2006
Dear Group, This video was super fun to shoot and edit - I hope you all enjoy it.

video needed
i am producing a flash video info/intro into my company's website, and am tossing around a few ideas and coming up with a few options for the script, and i would like to tie in some surf sc...

Ben Rakk
Ben-Rak, if you are around and still in Oz, a friend of mine is heading down that way. Drop me a line

spots surf in Italy -
hello, you can find the spots for surf of all the world and in particular of Italy thanks

my surfschool
Hey, I just the v2.0 of my surfschool website online. Can you tell me if it's good. The french version is the 2.0, the english version is the 1.0 version. There's a lot of pictu...

Sandman (aka PO), please respond!
Please email me at sponge_at_hisurfadvisory_dot_com. Aloha, sponge (Neal)

whale beached at merewether
This week a humpback ended up on the beach at Merewether, looks like it got hammered by a ship and run down by the prop and nibbled on the way to shore... The local council's buried i...

OT: superbad still lives!
This is off topic, but it's a follow-up to an old thread. Plus, it's flat way up North here, so to help kill time until the next wave hits our fair shores: http://www.superbad.c...

UK Surfers - Beware the Cornish Wave Wars
Locals vs tourists in a fight for Cornwall's overcrowded waves

Pauls Weekend surf prediction
Wifey is taking me to Bernardis Lodge in Carmel valley, while we get all Bachallian, I bet there's surf this weekend. BTW you So Cal'ers I am headed down there in Sept. Be prepared fo...

Black Sheep
In the time waiting for winter conditons to 4m swells and gale force southerly winds The following news in NZ "Runaway Sheep meets the Law"

surf report: burned my feet on the sand!
I walked a long way in to one of my favorite summertime spots this morning. if you can't grab one of the half dozen parking spots in the tiny lot you pretty much have to walk ion without che...

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