Come on John! Go west young man...
Time for west coast surfers to all demonstrate the power of prayer. Specifically, pray for Hurricane John to stop chewing up Acapulco, make a left turn, head west into the Alta Califor...

ASLB continues south
I was able to meet Rod & Foon in Bradley Beach, NJ today to pass off the precious. The Guidopalooza is sure to be a success now. We took some pics in [email protected] old haunt and then retreated to ...

Newly updated Australian national toilet map!
This useful product just got better. If you're tryinig to figure out where stall numero dos is, this site will tell you. Go get 'em XPEH! <...

My Time with the ASLB
Today Rod & Foon are heading North to fetch the AS Longboard. In the past two weeks I've spent some time with the Longboard... First off the board looked a little dingy, so I cleaned ...

Surfing in Baja
Hey, A friend of mine invited me to go surfing in Baja, more specifically punta san jose. If you know the area could you please tell me what level is the surfing there?...

Sponger report: Hampton, NH 8/28/06
Sometimes "working from home" also means "going surfing," and such was the case yesterday after I checked the reports after "commuting" to the home office from my bedroom. :-) The cams loo...

Re: Ernesto
SurfSarge wrote: > > > Fingers crossed for a nice swell I heard Florida is gettn swell >...

funwaves in SoCal
d-dads were definitely the overriding theme of the Newport trip this year. My pal hooked up with me one night for a meal at Sharkeez while simultaneously setting up a d...

Ernesto Fingers crossed for a nice swell I heard Florida is gettn swell already..Anyone have a report from Flori...

global surf labs
hey has anybody heard about this new company;( global surf labs ) that is selling boards at very low prices? Someone said there was a sale in our neighborhood last week and I was wondering i...

d-dad is a term I made up this week after a chat with a close bud whose just got the big D done with his bride of 23 years and a kid still in HS. I like the alliteration to 'd-day' th...

Algarve, Portugal
Hello, hello! Good to see most of you still chatting here. The girls and I are headed to Portugal soon for some surf and sights. I know some of you were thinking of going th...

Cool New Surf Jewelry - Just Released
Hey Guys, I've just released a series of 8 Unique "Surf Sign" Pendants; designed by Surfers and inspired by some of the best surf breaks around the world. They're designed to repr...

Wearing prescription glasses... how to surf?
Hi, I started to surf from one year ago, but I need to begin wearing prescription glasses. I can't see to a far distance and can't use contanct lenses. Any idea of how to use these kind...

Playa San Pedrito
I was'ing places I've been and I decided to take a peek at one of my all time best memory spots - Playa San Pedrito. The rv park and beach look about the same as the last...

surf report: beautiful waves, abominable crowd, blood spills!
Hey all, So Sully's south swell did fill in overnight, as promised. Buoys started pinging close to 3 feet overnight. With the tides and winds today, a midday hit on Pancho's seeme...

Anyone got a Radiator wetsuit - any comments?
I am thinking of getting a radiator wetsuit (a springsuit) but can get a discounted steamer. I was interested in comments from anyone who has one ? Bob

video and site crap
i put up a new video from the kapuna kahuna contest from july. not much to look at, mostly close outs. just trying out the new camera. there is one aser in the video. see if anyone can find ...

Fishy cod reefer: activists demand inspection
LINK: EEMSHAVEN, Netherlands - As the Esperanza tackles pollution in the Philippines, our ship the Arctic Sunrise continue...

Linda Mar Pacifica
Overcast and grey. At 3:00 PM the crowd was non existant and so were any real rideable waves. In front of the shit-house medium size close-outs but south closer to Taco Smell wer...

Amazing new website
You guys have got to check this site: The future of extreme sports on the internet is here! It's kind of like myspace meets simcity! Check it out...

empty waves from up north - way north
An associate of mine has submitted several photos of empty waves from our northern latitudes. You'll see a hooded head in one of these shots, but nobody riding waves. Why? Because there's ...

in Australia or New Zealand from Dec. to June: advices need! :)
Hi all :) Not sure if my destination for my first big trip will be Australia or New Zealand.. it depends also upon you. First of all: i'm not a "real" surfer. I have only a b...

A Myth Exposed

What kiwis do for kicks !
Well when there isnt any surf, one favourite past time is going to the zoo ...better still feeding the lions. But feeding them yourself ? Check out our local zoo....was in the ne...

My trip to Hawaii
After a week touring Japan, I had a little R&R in Waikiki from Aug 3 to 11. Leaving Tokyo on Aug 4th at 7 PM, I arrived in Oahu at 7 AM on Aug 3rd. Trippy, crossing the date line. I was real...

dance like a monkey! (no surf content, but very worthwhile)
For those of you who haven't already heard the news, The surviving members of The New York Dolls are back from a long studio hiatus with a new album - one that includes what must c...

tough news day...
for us surfers anyway... is it me, or would something like this go absolutely nowhere in say, San Diego? Hawaii? Florida?...

Any surfers from Ohio?
I'm from Rio and currently live in Cincinnati, OH. I was wondering if anyone is from Ohio and goes on surfaris along the East or West coast.

glo-in-the-dark surfing?
dunno - maybe. just surf san onofre and find out... cap'n. -- Daniel Hinojosa - Jes...

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