Allan Weisbecker's new book is coming out
For those of you who have enjoyed his previous work (In Search of Captain Zero and Cosmic Banditos) Allan has announced the pre-release sale of his latest, Can't You Get Along With Anyone? <...

Road Kill?
A few days ago, I noticed a broken longboard sticking out of the dumpster at a local beach. There surely hadn't been waves large enough to snap a...

AS Longboard history lesson please?
so, I had been away from this group for a whole long time. the crew has changed for the most part... fang isn't around any more, airey, and some of the others. also, the tradition...

surf report: day 9 (Make it stop! )
With very low tide at dawn, my twinfin in for ding repair, and the south swell still rolling on (my precioussssssss...), it was time to dawn patrol Umalibo with the 7'2" displacement hull si...

June 19 & 20, South Swells...
At a secret spot :) There was hardly anyone there! -Awe

Two-shoes on History channel
just now. talking about the indo tsunami. And WEARING A TIE of all things !!! Guess he's not a "surfer" anymore? (just kiddin') He really picked a tidy little niche for himself, eh?

Kaka'ako Rally today --6/24/06
Recently, the situation with the Kaka'ako bill changed drastically. Although House Bill 2555 (seeking to prohibit any sale of state land or autonomously approve any residential development i...

Article in NG
There's a good article in July's National Geographic about "Our Coasts in Crisis". There's a sad two page picture of Dauphin Island, Andy, and a pic of beach replenishment at Rehoboth, ...

North Caroliners?
I am wondering about North Carolina Coast. What is the surf like there in the summer and winter? I am looking to buy a house and sadly don't think I can do it here in Cali. Way too pricey fo...

Recommendation for San Diego surf school?
I gotta be in San Diego in August and I'd like to take a board surfing class. Who's good? TIA Steve -- Steve Cramer Athens, GA

[OT] - Harbor seal protection
This is not spam. I'm the creator of the following surfing-related webpage: But, I'm really here to let you know about: A new websit...

surf report day 6: road rage, tech rage, helpless rage (SMACK! Game over...)
Up again at oh-dark-thirty. Buoy check confirms that I am surfing again this morning. Load up and head south for Pancho's again. A good omen: waves on the way look really glassy and li...

Rockaway, at, last, return, to, saltwater, in, the, blood
It's been a long year, few years. Anyway got in the water for the first time this year in NJ last sat, Bradley Beach. Little waves, surfed awful. Felt out of shape, plus seemed to be fightin...

surf report: days 4, 5!
Day 4. Surfed big, unruly, wedging lefts at the rivermouth yesterday PM. Big, steep drops. Lots of sand in my shorts. Day 5 of this swell and I think folks are starting to get surfed o...

after almost a month of .....
After a month of southerly storms one after another, at last it could start to look promising. The front p...

Author of "Captain Zero" has new book available
"Can't You Get Along With Anyone? ~ A Writer's Memoir" is the new book by Allan C. Weisbecker; author of hugely successful "Cosmic Banditos" and "In Search of Captain Zero", tells his story ...

Cheap Long Weekend Trip?
Chicky Baby and I are talking about a quicky trip somewhere before she hits the 3rd trimester. Any of you guys have a recommendation for someplace warm (West, Central American)? <...

OT: musical interlude- heads up NZ- Wing has competition
Seeing NZed can promote the musical virtuosity of Wing the kiwi songbird, I thought I should even the score with a this connection.

Seeking advice for hybrids
Hello to all, I'm having hard times in choosing a board for mellow surf. I'm 34, 5'7" for 150 lbs and my current boards are a "long" 7'0 thruster for clean and good waves, and a 7...

"Waves batter Central America"
dum de dum dum... -- Turby the Turbosurfer

Any other fellow bad ankle surfers?
I had a major ankle injury 3 years ago. I now have very little cartlidge and well basically my ankle is screwed. Anyone else still surf with a bum ankle or foot? I have tried a few times and...

surf report: Pancho's 6/20/'06
Strong SE swell filled in over night. Up oh-dark-thirty and on it at dawn, knowing tide would drop suboptimally a few hours later. Lots of fun head high to overhead waves. Sets to 2x overhea...

Happy Father's Day!
Well, alt dot surfing girls, I notice you're still crying about bad backs, localism, Republicans, Democrats, George Bush and other assorted aches and pains - I guess that's all th...

Sorry to hear about your trip Tom...
Tom... It was to my regret that you didnt enjoy the trip to NZ. You must of caught NZ weather at its worst. The weather is very changable here. The water temperature can get warmer in s...

Surf the same waves twice
Salt creek, over head and no crowds today. Don't know why, I had the point peak pretty much solo for two hours, other than a group of Floridians who were sitting inside. Sets dropped as the...

south swell starting to show!
Hey! Back out at my local rivermouth this morning and the surf is getting bigger. 1-1.5 head high sets were common. Biggest ones pushing 2x head high. Forecast said it wasn't supposed to fil...

calling Yubchik
Yo Yubchick, Saw you message on msngr ... whats doing amigo ... should we camp? Mrs. is taking off this Sun the 25th back on Aug 23rd, so i have some time to kill ... look me u...

An Italian Group Forum interested to international windsurf friendships for travels
Ciao, we are a group of friends about 30y.o. from Rome, Italy, we are interested to windsurf, and girls too :-) , we would like to know other friends and naturally girls loving wi...

Can you surf behind a containership?
dumb question i know tried to find an answer but nothing came up on the internet question is......if you are on a river and an oceangoing freighter is cruising up the river ...

surf report: Father's Day
The Church of World Cup Soccer is in full effect at my house. Early Sunday morning I snuck out for a surf after watching Japan and Croatia battle through a scoreless first half. H...

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