Waves and rivermouths doing their thing
Woah, dudes! Like, check out the various marine and estuarine processes at work from a lofty perch. NASA don't surf, but they might teach you a little about how waves and rivermouths work. I...

You can never go home. WSD
It was strange really. Rolling into Wilmington, NC and not heading for MomsFoon’s. We passed the old place but it’s been rented for 3 years now – to a little ole lady just like Moms. It was ...

WSD - Whirled Surf Day in May
Woke up Got outta bed... Made sure the dog took a shit and got fed. So, WSD huh? I thunk... Oh well, maybe later. There was a local contest that I wanted to shoot...

location: santa cruz conditions: waist to chest food: pleasure pizza woke up at 530a hit the snooze after 2.5 hrs sleep snooze didn't work so woke up 730 making the inl...

wizard finished
wizard finished +++ but it wouldnt unload itself "typical" +++ ted mulry gang 'jump in my car' +++ can now i smashed it last night ...

NJ vs LI
Still haven't gotten to much of NJ on a good day, visits very sporadic so far but ending up down there more than LI that I'm used to. For those NY/NJers how does it compare? I know location...

Re: southern new england report - sunday am
jw wrote: > Good evening, > More chest- shoulder+ waves this morning from 7 - 9am. Not as glassy as > yesterday, but the sun was out. Many rides to be had at S-facing ...

jw and surff - busted!
Anonyma wrote: > Reel em in boys! I hate to break up a *really* good troll but here goes: This is a really good troll? It's a snoozer. We...

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new board testing non WSD report
Last saturday, that wasn't WSD? got the new board in the water for the first time. I was woken by the phone, 'it's going off.... where were you going to surf?' I'd spent a hour or so ...

Truth set free: Goyfire, radio for whites:
'We're the Good Guys!' If you think you might be offended don't listen, you have nothing to lose but your chains: http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/vnngfmain.htm

jw and surff - busted!
Reel em in boys! I hate to break up a *really* good troll but here goes: JW and SURFF- think about it for a moment. Who here would have the knowledge and ability to do this? ...

southern new england - sunday am
Good evening, More chest- shoulder+ waves this morning from 7 - 9am. Not as glassy as yesterday, but the sun was out. Many rides to be had at S-facing reef/point. Way more than y...

WSD report
The wave forecast didn't hold: A day with no waves.....Is still a day at the beach! And that is always a good thing too. Maybe the next WSD, Saturday, November 25, 2006.

jw and surff - busted!
Knock it off! http://www.awefoto.com/temp/busted-1.jpg

body weight to board size ratio
body weight to board size ratio i weigh about 185, and i am about 6 feet . my board is 6 feet 4 inches, and i think i weigh too much for my board.

Beginners surfing in Fuerteventura in June?
Hey, I'm a pretty much a complete beginner and I'm trying to find a cheap week of surfing in early June from London. After some initial research it looks like Fuerteventura might ...

report - southern new england - sat. am
It was another good Saturday AM in Olde New Englande today. I surfed at right hand point with a lighthouse on it. Super foggy, couldn't see the waves from shore. This was from 6:30am - 8:3...

Surf Report: 2001
I was inspired by the Sandman's post from way back when. I posted this before, but... Hey Foon, post up another story! ;) -- I always like the air a few hours before t...

AS Longboard About to be on its Way
Just to keep all the WC people who are jonesin to ride the AS longboard posted on the status (you know who you are! ;)). Spoke w/Mike G. today by phone. We're thinking of doing the ha...

I met a local tough guy today!
Thank you Alt Dot Surfers - I learned from you! Thanks to you and all of your chest thumping and tough talking, I finally summoned-up the juevos to park in the lot at the foot of ...

Real Estate
Since the prognosis is that I will survive and be able to return to the water some day soon, I've been checking on locations for the Surff Resort. Something interesting came up. I...

WaveSurf Website
Yo, Just created a website for all extreme sports. Check it out and let me know what you think. http://www.wavesurf.co.uk Matt

Best Day
I just wanted to let you guys (who helped me with back advice) know that i am surfing again!! After the relapse inflammation subsided, I took it much slower and focused more on the abs ...

as promised all will be revealed today
Bobby and NZed- As I promised a few days ago, all is to be revealed today. Total new wardrobe, new script, although just a variety on the same old theme. Some bac...

WSD Report
Well, I've finally completed the draft (in triplicate) of my WSD report/manifesto/dissertation for WSD which is this Saturday, May 27th. Now I just have to hope that the weather and surf...

Message is no longer available on the server
WTF is with all you guys posting shit on AS and then deleting it in a moment of sobriety? If you post it, live with it. Otherwise, take it to a messageboard with an edit function...

Man Made Reefs Suitable to Surf
Does anyone know of some famous man made reefs suitable to surf, anywhere in the world??

Polyurethane vs eps
Just fishing for thoughts for those of you that have ridden both types of boards. Have you noticed a difference between compression strength of epoxy/eps boards (glassed not the ...

Going left! That was a fine little S we just had
I scored some really fun waves on Saturday afternoon off that last S swell. Quite consistent 3-5 wave sets of muscular head high plus waveage. Mid tide, wedging up nicely on the sandbars at ...

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