Shaft Relocated?
Did little Pressy move to Oregon? I came across this news item, in which the subject bears a strong resemblance to shaft, in lifestyle, and skills:

Our Changing World......
Heres something everyone should listen to....particularly politicians ! Info from the latest climat...

Hey more talk of NZ...because,2106,3653053a11,00.html All this talk of NZ ....its all being bought up. NZed

wed/thu arvo, incl gaping head wound (sorta)
I snuck out on wednesday and thursday afternoon on my log at a nearby point break. It wasn't great, inconsistent sets to waist high on wed, arse high on thurs, and both pretty wind affected...

local video
Go to videos, local "San Diego or try this link: This was a good day at the beach break and I was there to...

Hey Shaft! Have I got a lifestyle product for you...
I found an item on Ebay that could change your life. Put 'em on your surfboards, on your rusty old truck, on the handle of your axe, on your GF's forehead.

recent prospect... We'll see if I can make it down for a look-see. Sea-ya

Broken Collarbone - Fractured Clavicle - Surf Rehab
Hi I'm a surfer who broke a collarbone last Saturday skateboarding down a steep hill. Has any surfer experienced coming back to surfing after a fractured clavicle? How long did it ...

Free Universal Studios Orlando Tickets
Universal Studios Orlando, get 2 free tickets just for doing a 90 min time share tour. Its really that easy! We also have an affiliate program where web masters can ma...

New Zealand images

Surff's WSD 2006
Location: Redington Shores Fla. GOM: Flat Scene: Lovely view of turquoise Gulf water and white sand from our room at the Hilton Doubletree. Situation: It's Wendsday, April 19th, th...

a little longboarding
here's a short vid from the 2005 uncle dicks contest. it features local talent, ryan and a few friends. its about 1.5 minutes (2.8mb): ...

Every once in awhile...
You get smiled upon. Up before the alarm and dawn. Took my neighbor for his virgin surf on the east coast. It's a tough decision for the right coast'er to make the call when your neighb...

Surfer's Clock
Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know about a great gift for a fellow surfer or yourself. Please checkout for surfer's desk clock....

WSD Spring 2006
Foon and I planted, mulched, pitchforked and de-trashed yesterday. I consulted with my good friend, Thermi, on several occassions over the past few days. Thermi whispered into my ear, "Go fo...

webcam in rimini
look at rimini's beach (Italy)

Surf Report For [email protected]
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: [email protected] Spot: [email protected] Cond: [email protected] Swell: [email protected] Tide: [email protected] Surf: ...

Will the Real Lemming please stand up
Having a hard time figuring out which Character Lemming is I know he's the one usually running to Surff's Aid but I can't figure it out so whats the mysto man's name now?Come out Come o...

Surf Video about guys surfing over car wrecks (under water)
Hi Can anybody help me find the title to this video? There's some really radical surfers that surf a break that has been created by placing car wrecks in the ocean. These guys didn't p...

What other new surfing documentaries would you like seeing made?
With all the great surfing documentaries that have been made so far, what other new, different ones would you like seeing made - be it ones on any aspect/s of surfing that have been been pre...

No surf...but what did you do last night ? Did you get the telephone number ? NZed

Opinion on West wetsuits?
I am looking at getting a West wetsuit, but don;t know anything about them. Any insights before I spend the $. In particular I am looking at the Fluid Edge. Phil

"Minty Ass" now replaced by "Toot Tone" For those embarresing moments..."Toot Tone" brought to you by Alvin Donnavon III enterprises Three and get one FREE. ...

XPEH...just for russian beach babes ...
immatating life on Gold Coast beaches...? NZed

no waves?Boarding paradise on the earth CONISKATE surfing the streets on longskates.slaloming the sidewalks and more ....about the links and the scene of the Racing Skateboard : fun and glory aloha...

Japanse Surfing
Hi.I am a univeristy stident in Japan. Do you know the best place in the world for surfing? Do you have gone to any Japanese surfing place? Hisaya

feeding blufftop houses to the beach.
For your consideration, some interesting new scientific data and theory about sand and beaches and rivers and dams and riprap and bluff erosion and rich people's houses falling into the sea ...

Theres no surf so "Lets Bomb Iran" A lighter note with a point ....a sharp point ! Vote here ...should the US bomb Iran ? Whats going on in the world ? I b...

April 2006 Surf Session Pics - Oahu
April has had plenty of surf so far, but mostly small & low quality. Not very photoworthy the past few sessions, but this day was fun-

Goo place to surf????
Ok lets get this out of the way, I am a newbie to surfing. One does not do a lot of surfing in Calgary Alberta!!! Made a trip to San Diego last year, always wanted to try surfing so I f...

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