Surfergirl Jessica Bishop in a Bikini ( Video-Clip )
Wow, she is a cutie. Surfer-Girl Jessica Bishop in a Bikini. I think I have to learn surfing. Oh yeah........ Greetings from Hansi

I just love S*n Die*o's Oc**n Beac*!!
Thanks O-Bay! I had a wonderful time in the hospital last week - 30 stitches in the melon, thanks to this little brick throwing incident at the Oc**n B*a*h Pi*r:

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Amnesty for illegal immigrants will not happen this time.....................
Our politicians lead the league in all talk, no action. Is blowing us some sunshine good enough? Read what The Expert thinks: <...

Will illegal immigrants get deported?.........Of course not.....................
Our politicians just wanted to blow us some sunshine. Get the details from The Expert: *** Free account spons...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
The way our politicians rushed to talk about illegal immigration this week, maybe they thought it came with a free lunch. They won't do anything about it, but it will get them some mon...

Today's Content Quality Rating For <#newsgroupname#>
The content quality of alt.surfing has been rated by its users at least once in the last 24 hours at To rate this group's content and/or view up-to-the-second ratin...

Global Surf Forum
Global Surf Forum -- - - - <...

Vic guide to Melbourne Tram, Train and Bus services.Privatebusiness accommodation where you need it.
Diabetic and Asthma sufferers help and special help. First look up this page for your Melbourne guide to Melbourne tram train and bus services Footy and sporting fans do it...

King Rightly Crowned at Pipe; It's Player's World Tour (BB contest, 1/06)
Article I wrote for a mag (Caution: do not read if you find surf name brands offensive): Images here: http://www.hisurfadvi...

East Coast USA : NJ Update
After a long asbence from the water due to flatness and family duties, I finally got back in yesterday. There's currently quite a healthy storm spinning some tropical size surf into the NJ ...

A few pics from Wati
The lighting wasn't so good, neither was the photogs skill & equipment, maybe I should read the manual...

Please spread the word ->
Hey guys/gals, just wanted to ask everyone to help me spread the word about my site It's a free picture classified ads website for board sports. Also, if ...

Wati-day eh mate!
If you could chain a cyclone to a post in the sea, I'd be happy to have Wati right where it was last night. The swell has been pumping and still is. Conditions were the best this morning, li...

Tropical Cyclone Wati weakens,2106,3617685a11,00.html Luckily its weakens and not joined forces with another Deep low south of us. This has happened on occasions before causing ...

Nobody out today?
Plenty of wind and rain yesterday. Surf was up but nobody out. Wonder why?

how good can it get?
yesterday, Saturday in Oz, the waves gods were smiling and let some very nice lines into the sunny coast points near laguna bay, noosa. I was on dawn patrol and even scored a carpark in th...

NR: Mainland Mex and Cabo surf spot recommendations needed
Hey there hummers, I'm dragging my shortboard on a cruise and was looking for any recommendations on where I should surf in early April near the following ports. I don't mind ren...

Pulse jet update story
Heres one of our fellow kiwis who was in the news not so long ago making information available on making PulseJets and rockets. It was at the same time 9/11 happened and the NZ government...

WATI heads for colision with NZ Looks like we are in for some brutal weather. Summer seems to have gone all of a sudden ! NZed

Morning surf
Woke up Got outta bed Dragged a comb accross my board. Then I paddled out in the morning light Glassy over head and peeling just right Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhhh A...

Kiwis find Black Cocks hard to Swallow
Who let you out from under your stone Alvin...if thats really your name. We have been missing you like a sore head. So what have you been up to lately ? found any more creative ways of rip...

Riq - start getting excited
Riq, I think things may start to get interesting soon. If Wati gets too south & close to the coast conditions will deteriorate. However, if it sits just a bit further south and st...

Italian Group interested to international windsurf friendship for travels
Ciao, we are a group of friends about 30y.o. from Rome, Italy, we are interested to windsurf, and girls too :-) , we would like to know other friends and naturally girls loving <...

Woo hoo! Own a piece of GOP history
Hey all, check it out: Now you too can own a piece of GOP history they'd just as soon have us all forget. Convi...

Feb & March 2006 Surf Session Pics - Oahu

Kiwis find Black Cocks hard to Swallow over to you Nzed. BTW the surf today

Equinox question
Okay heres a puzzle for you but you will need to have a clear explanation. We know that the equinox marks the time when its either spring or autumn. When the daylight hours are equal t...

Heres a site for helping you guys with too big a chest
Been eating too much fast food or take aways ? Too much chicken ? Problems with your chest size and problems surfing or playing sport ? Then check out this website. ; )

Calling Agent XPEH
Your new country needs YOU !,2106,3611490a12,00.html NZed

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