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Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to $20000.00 in your PayPal account. There is a very high rate of participation in the program because of its low investment and h...

midgets rule
the only blanks that will not be available in the aftermath of Clarks closure will be the 11' and 12' + blanks. The others are a dime a dozen.

What a load of bull !
Did you see the news about the bull, for those who didnt...a video It was increadible to see a bull jump over the fence so easily....and ...

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Take advantage of a great deal

Great Lakes Surfing Photo
>From the Surfers of Lake Superior:

Hey Riq, any good?
Plenty of moderate E swell about, fun beachies now that the holiday crowds have left, tides here are funked for a few days. Any more reefy stories to report? XPEH? be good there t...

PONG : Feigal
Hey Bob So how was the outcome up your way ? Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to go over to the south east coast. 2 to 3 m swells were running. Hearing from the NIWA guys who sur...

Sewer surfin safari, Debris meets the sea,0,6678989.story?co= ll=3Dla-homepage-calendar-widget >From the Los Angeles Times Stay out of the water? No way Som...

Ole demon eyes, tried and proven! Not everyone finds a $300k lump of whale plegm on the beach, so why not try a new 'old' angle...

Italian Windsurf Group interested to meet other international windsurf clubs
Ciao, we are a group of friends about 30y.o. from Rome, Italy, we are interested to windsurf, and girls too :-) , we would like to know other friends and naturally girls loving wi...

To everyone who hates school:
To everyone who hates school: It's okay to hate school: There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with hating school, there is nothing wrong with hating being ...

Pictures from the M****** E***** P** at Pipeline -- 1/28/06
declining wnw swell; challenging lighting; weird conditions; pipeline specialists [pretty deep] http://www.hisu...

Just a test, please ignore.
this is just a test. please ignore.

vEf ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! vEf

He did not die, he is not high
Hey, I think I found Clay Riley... While some of us chose tamer waters......

made in Mexico surf vid and hundreds of other vids... upload, tag, share

small world - Sponge
I was listening to the surfmag podcast from Jan 18 last night and whose name should appear but Scott Bass' (the host) "good friend" over very own Neal the Sponge from surfermag BB! Which bri...

new film on evo vs. creationism.... off topic

Make Waves!
Woo hoo ... here's a gift for you folks. Great for surf-dreaming; hours of fun: "This java applet is a simulation of a ripple tank. It d...

Rotator Cuff
I had my rotator cuff surgically repaired on Friday. I consulted several doctors, and they all came to the same conclusion that I needed surgery. I went up to Jax to Mayo and had it done. ...

Odds and Ends (photos)
Here are some oddball sponger shots for your viewing pleasure...

surf report: small...surprisingly fun!
I've been something of a surf snob the last few weeks. We had such a run of amazing surf from late November through early January that the ordinary, weaker stuff since then has seemed pretty...

kitesurfing and snow/ice sailing
For those interested in kitesurfing and snow/ice sailing, the Snowfer FunFest is being held this weekend Jan 27, 28 & 29, 2006. Location is Keswick, Lake Simcoe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

PING: NZedsurfer
Forecast for 3-4 metre northeast swell up here on Tuesday. If the easterly wind holds off it will be a day for Sandy Bay for sure. Otherwise it's watch the washing machine from the car. ...

OBSF takes one this AM.
I just got out of the water at 10:15, in time to witness the SFFD squad running down the beach. We lost a surfer this morning. He was found floating face down just a few yards from the beach...

Few pics from today
Not the best light for shooting. It was raining, cloudy, mixed with sunshine and backlighting, but the waves were good. ...

I gotta admit...
Having a Netflix subscription is really good stuff. The best part is that they have a ton of surfing flicks. The bad part is that a lot of those surf flicks are regurgitated surf porn. ...

Guess The Spot
Recieved in my inbox today from a friend... Well, guess the place instead of the spot....

Amnesty For San Onofre NOW!
Two members of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration wrote to board Chairman Ken Ryan of the hated TCA on Wednesday, asking for a one-month stay of execution and saying the matter wa...

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