Which Balance Board and is it worth it?
OK I am a 3 times a year weekend surfer from the UK so don't get out on the waves much. I have a little trouble balancing my surf board and turning it but have little trouble on my snow...

paging Westoz...
What the hell are you doing reading this? You should be out at Margaret! https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/CGI/ww3_all.cgi?color=b&type=prod&area=indo&prod=sig_wav_ht -...

Katrina pics-Texas
Just got back from Port Aransas/Corpus Christi. Monday morning (8/29) the swell was relentless; there were no lulls to make it out to the 15+ faces breaking a good 300-400 yards past the ...

Bob Gardner, waterman & judge - RIP
A few of the older Southern Californian surfers may have known waterman & judge, Bob Gardner, and his daughter Nancy, who also surfed. Requiescat in pace http://www.la...

bali and west java redux
Well I been in Bali since May 2005- bali has been super super crowded- so much for the boycott bali movement. My home break is still pretty quiet and I have found 3 new spots near ...

Surf Report
Woke up after 4 hours sleep, looked in the mirror, thought my head asplode! Push all that fuggin' hair outta my eyes and realized all was well, afterall. Went surfing. Caugh...

Surf Report Poodle Beach Rehobeth
The Annapolis Surf Club had planned for weeks to hold a Family Day picnic to signal the end of the summer season and possibly recruit some new members. Coincidentally, the location of the pi...

surf report: M****u, 8/29/2005
Hey crew, Got skunked Saturday morning at a leading local rivermouth. SE chubasco swell was disorganized, crossed up, and tide was wrong. Oh well, there's more than one way to enj...

Surf Report: South of Heaven
So here's the deal... I was up at the crack of dawn with Spin Jr. The internet thingie was showing some colors that indicate wavage. I changed the baby's diaper, and sat down for some b...

August 17th & 18th Swell Video
Group, Here is the video I've been trying to wrap up, we will be posting a long version shortly. There is more text on the page below so I won't go on and on and on about the swell...

Yo AS! For the ones who care about what I have been doing that last year or so: I have been nursing el numero dos, shithouse style, as well as working, and for chrissake a...

BA...the legend continues
While fear and loathing in BA's home turf I chanced to meet Tiffany, daughter of the lengendary La Jolla enforcer "Black" Butch Van Artsdalen . She entertained me with a story of when...

OT: A full tank of fuel for less than $15?
For drivers behind the wheel of a vehicle fueled by compressed natural gas, that's no problem. Those drivers, like Vacaville's Ed Huestis, ( and NeoN) currently pay around $1.80 a gal...

Latest excuse
Next time someone bitches at you for dropping-in on them, you can just smile and keep the head moving to the beat because you won't know what they're saying. Verbal confrontations will soon ...

Buoy 42003 RIP
The buoy last reported 35 ft seas and 50 kt winds. With seas that high, the waves block the wind, so the wind speed is probably low. That was about 4 hrs ago when it was 73kts from the cent...

consensus fcs versus future fins?
I'm thinking fcs from what I can tell right?

Katrina - Watch Out Andy
Katrina is blowing up. A big swell is already headed to TX. A buoy 125 mi N of the storm is already 19 Ft. The models have the storm headed towards New Orleans according to the NHC. Thi...

Yo Dude - Watch Out - There's 70 Plus On It (Hilary Pics)
Hilary Points One at Sully's Summer Hangout http://www.awefoto.com/hilary Photos from late morning/early afternoon. Used the polarizer. The morning shots will be up sometime befo...

http://sanonofre.com/oc12/ FRAG ON BIATCHES! Made that page in notepad if you want to bag on my html skillz. As Ever, NN http://sanonofre.com/blog ...

New Photo Gallery Posted
Group, I've been working on editing down the last swell in SoCal which I will post today, for now you can look at the photo gallery I posted at www.straightout.com, Mike Jack is the ...

If you would like free access to NOAA data
I recommend you contact your congressional representatives and express your desire for them to vote no on SB 786. Check out this url for more information http://www.stormsu...

half eaten seals?
i have often heard of half eaten seals being washed up on california beahes. if they were from shark attacks, why do the sharks not finish them? why haven't other fish fnished them either?.....

There's plenty of sharks out there!
"The last thing I would be doing would be jumping in the water." Here we go again, http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200508/s1445532.htm

If I had a face like yours I'd teach my dog to walk backwards !
You guessed it ....no surf here ...well heres hoping something is around the corner. This winter has been almost uneventful with mild and unusually high temps for winter. Conseq...

Did you miss me? Of course you did.
This will make the haters happy... I haven't surfed but once this summer. In fact, I haven't really thought about surfing since the end of winter. Dismal summertime lappers with tourists clo...

custom wetsuits, movie reviews, yada, yada, yada...
I have been promising a pic of my wetsuit, etc. Here you go: http://www.rndh.org/surf/ I finally took the time to add the pic and update the page a bit. In general, ya, I'll...

Anybody from here going to be in Bali from Sept 6th - 26th?

next up to bat: Katrina!
http://www.osei.noaa.gov/Events/Current/TRCkatrina236_G12.jpg What do you think, amigos? Can Katrina swat one out of the park? She's not much just yet, but hope springs eternal for Eas...

Surfing Documentary ID this please
Hi, I'm trying to find a surfing documentary that I saw maybe 2-3 years ago for a friend who's a surfer. It follows a group of extreme surfers but the ID can be made becaus...

and you thought you had to watch out for sharks !
http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3386819a10,00.html It took 5 people to handle this one. NZed

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