RICHARD NIXON, R.I.P. "He was a crook."
WHOH DUDES!!!! Like, check it out. A truly macrocosmically cool piece of writing from the recently departed Patron Saint of Gonzo Journalism. Rolling Stone HUNTE...

No Footer versus Air360
These two maneuvers went down in the same heat at an airshow event, which one do you think is the winning trick?

NYT: interview with Andy Irons
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Surfline Puerto Vid
Group, The Puerto Video I made for the group got posted at, special thanks to Christian Anthony the video editor there. I hope the word makes it down to Puerto consid...

Undertow/current (OT?)
Undertow/current (OT?) I was in Thailand last week, (Koh Chang, White Sand Beach just outside Banpu Koh Chang Hotel) with my son and his friend, both are 12-13 years of ag...

whale breath

Boston Area Surfers - There is a great shaper in your midst
This ain't no shameless plug - well maybe it is - but if you're a surfer around New England, where ever that is, and you're looking for a world class surfboard shaper - you might wanna let y...

you may be a surfer if...
you look at a shot of the underside nose end of the shuttle and admire the rails

No Coke - Pepsi ... surf report
Water: upper 70s Air: 60s at sunrise Not crowded. Never got dropped in upon, never had to give up a wave, no hassles. Surf: chest to shoulder high sets, real not steep mushy...

spider spray

Washed out They are surfing on the streets. 944mm of rain in 24 hours is the highest total I have ever seen. _g

Advice on good travel bag with soft rack/tie downs
Hi everyone, I recently bought an 8'2'' board. I am looking for some advice on a travel bag that can hold this board and comes with some kind of soft rack (or tie downs) built in...

Chicago is now officially a surf destination
A post from one of the zillion Great Lakes surf forums: Guys, Coming home to chicago from Kansas this weekend. Want to try and surf some where in the lakes. Is there anywhere...

surf report; We return you to your regular program (right pointbreaks)
where: first and second point M*l*b* when: 0600-0900 7/25 buoys: 2.5 @14sec 190deg weather: early haze clearing, calm tide: -0.6, then rising waves: best early, then smaller, ...

Surf report: Left! (for a change)
where: Clairvoyants when: Sat 7/23 buoys [email protected] 210deg wind: dead calm tide: 6' high waves: chest to shoulder high, occasional head high sets words: Slather...

why painful calf cramps when surfing? (was: Sponge Shreds The Arena )
Awe F'shore wrote: > looks > like the wave that ate my hamstring. That also looks a lot like the wedging l...

Susan Lydon, 61 - Author of Influential Feminist Essay,1,3604673.story?coll=la-news-obituaries OBITUARIES Susan Lydon, 61; Author of Influential Feminist Essay

The US Open of Surfing - Huntington Beach
Just getting started the last three days. The zoo will be in full swing by Wednesday when all of the other events start. Started off with smal...

Watervideo from July
Here is some of the stuff I got this week.

FS: THE WEATHER SURFER by Vic Morris and Joe Nelson
I am pleased to offer a scarce book on surfing: Morris, Vic and Nelson, Joe The Weather Surfer Presumed first (and only edition) Grossmont Press, San Diego, 1977 Paperba...

past blasts/old friends
Since moving to Noosa from the depths of Tasmania I've been having a awesome time reacqainting myself with warm water and more crwoded conditions. The national park breaks are my pick on t...
I just got the memo. I see now that we are supposed to pimp our surf business here in order to post here at the former alt.surfing. Thus, I offer the following service: Fake Sur...

2005 Haw'n Isles Vintage Surf Auction
<If you aren't into commercialism, don't read or complain> Went yesterday, twice. Brought the family in the early afternoon, then went back in the early evening to catch some of ...

NYT on US Open in Huntington Beach
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That Interesting Texas pic
Somewhat surprised, but happy, to see my pic generating interest on alt.surfing. A few seconds after that was shot, the surfer, Jax Claiborn, was paddling toward the end of the jetty. He...

costa rica sucks, WAS nice in late 70's El Salvador, we have better waves I know since '83 -- MICHAEL W. JOHNSON COASTAL CAROLINAS, NC/SC CELL: 1.843.455.9415 FAX:1.859.406.4650

Franklin update
Franklin is slowly strengthening but unless it takes a different course from forecast by the NHC there's little surf potential. Right now its " Waist High with Occ. bigger sets and the cont...

Some stuff from sponge
Have previously posted some of this, but here goes. Here are some stories/pics I've accrued over the past couple of months: Photo sessions: Instances -- 6/24/05 http://www.hi...

NYT: Biarritz
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 NotDashEscaped: You need GnuPG to verify this message Todays/tomorrows NYT travel section: ``In Biarritz, Catching a Wave ...

Did you miss it
I don't normally follow the ASP tour but I did monitor the results of the most recent contest at J-Bay. Apparently Kelly and AI went Mano-a-Mano in the finals, with Kelly winning in the la...

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