PIC: Chicago Surf Report for last week
Does this link work for you?: http://tinyurl.com/bjc9y L.G. Richards rips a pretty, clean, clear line at Igor's in Chicago last Thursday. G

Munich surf report - no joke!
my son is in europe now, traveling around with his girlfriend who was a german foreign student at his school this year - both were senios so this is his grad gift. they have been in frankf...

shoulders have come and gone as topics on here a number of times, and here it is again. i have complained before about a mild chronic but annoying shoulder pain. left side. from...

Went out at Ab's, Sunset Cliffs - San Diego three weekends ago. It was such an outstanding session that I wanted to mention it here. Shoulder/head high faces, rights and lefts. Wish it bro...

Save Ponto
Dear Friends, Thanks to all of our supporters that showed up for the City Council meeting last night. The support in opposition of approving the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision ...

N8 lays one down
I don't know how he does it. Some how he manages to get by the "the keeper of the gate" and grabs a few quick ones at the local break. http://kneed4speed.com/06_19_05-2/HTML/06_19_05-00...

New jibbs
Here is Golden Depesa's 2005 promo - http://straightout.com/stream/golden05.wmv Here are the locals in Puerto Escondido during the 2004 Mexpipe event http://straightout.com/stream/mexpi...

how is everyone?? have ya'll missed me? mebe jus a leetle bit?? tell ya what - anyone who cares and is bored for whatever reason write a short summary to catch me...

2-piece boards
A request was made for a pull-apart board for this chap to do miles through africa on a motorbike. I remember seeing a recent article on a guy that has a 2-piece shortboard. This wasn't...

Oahu Surf June '05
Nothing epic but no shortage of surf from all points of the compass. My 2nd Sony DSC-U60 went tits up a few weeks ago when I got blasted over the shallows, so no water shots from me ...

Learning to surf again.
Feels like it anyway, Got a break from the worker bee routine and hit the surf with my buddy, he was motivated enough to take my Sony U60 and fire off a bundle of shots of me ( A first for...

less than 36 hours later
I got up early, not as early as I had intended, but early enough. Scrubbed the cat shit out of ...

A Storm, and the Keebler Elf
The Keebler Elf squeaked when I ran him over. I was quite taken aback by his ill manner after he surfaced; and indeed, the language! But wait, I am ahead of my ...

OBsurfer captures eminent domain potential
http://kneed4speed.com/Central%20Coast/cambria-1/HTML/index.htm Nice!

North Shore on 6/25/05
Unseasonal wnw swell hit the islands on the weekend. Buddy and I hit our usual spot and got some fun ones. I'm still in healing mode so just swam around and took pics from the water with my ...

All Surf News on onw page
I just finished a new web site that collects the world's surfing news headlines every 5 minutes. A short list of the very latest news is here: http://surf.slurrrp.com/ .. an...

Beginner: surf schools in EUROPE
Hi all! i would like to spend some weeks starting practicing this new sport. I found some schools on the web, but i have no clue how to recognize the bests. Most are based in...

South pole ice melts as NG idiots and hypocrites mount!
who cares

NSSA Nationals (pics)
www.awefoto.com/nssa Kids were tearing it up out there, red tide made it's appearance and hung around for awhile. The Hawaiians ripped. Too bad it finished up a day be...

Alaska Glaciers Retreating, Beach Water Warming
http://travel2.nytimes.com/2005/06/26/travel/26alaska.html?incamp=article_popular&pagewanted=all registration required. _g

Surfing in the Bahamas
We bought land on Eleuthera (=freedom) in the Bahamas--its a short walk to the beach, and we have never even gone there. Has anyone surfed off of Eleuthera (right on surfer's beach)? We are ...

We're Going To Need....
A bigger boat : http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/06/25/shark.attack/index.html

Shipping time on motor freight
How long should motor freight take to ship a board say from Tx to Ca? Anybody know?

wax on. wax off.
ive been surfing for about a year now, and i still dont have a clue how to put wax on ur board the correct way. i looked everywhere on google for wax tips or sumthing, but to no avail. shoul...

Links to biggest Wednesday Pictures ?
Hi, A couple of friends and I were talking about how big we thought the biggest wave ever ridden was. A bit of research seems to say its Milton Willis and his brother although o...

Back in the WaWa again (long & ot)
As convenience store/gas stations go the local WaWa is pretty damn good. At almost any hour you can usually get what you need; a wide range of beverages, food, supplies, reading materials, ...

One line conference 23 June
Adding to the dynamics of the Alt ASers, technology is turning the Alt ASer forum into a new dimension for the New Surfing Millenium. Previously we had Doc ...XPEH and NZed in conferance......

board shape
What about this board guys? what do yall think? Ever seen one of these? > scroll down a bit to see pic > > http://2ndlight.com/forum42ndlight/messageview.cfm?catid...

Greenland beaches de-icing as ozone hole grows!
Hey crew, Looks like the Greenland ice sheet has been retreating about 15km/ year over the last few years. The place could become a surfing destination soon! http://earthobse...

surf report; Pancho's 6/21/2005
Hey crew, Yesterday I checked the buoys early and there was dink, so I went to work. Two hours later the buoys jacked above my threshold for "Get down there now!" but I was alread...

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