So-Cali: Best surf spots
So-Cali: Best surf spots Hi, i would like to go to a surf spot near huntington beach, somewher about a mile from the pier. however, i need a good spot, one that has free pa...

Calling Awe F'shore
Dude, the all time threadoftheyear master, your honor. I gotta know where you got that picture of me. I never saw it and I dont even think you knowit's me. Maybe you snapped me from the pier...

Chicago Surf Report
Another good left: G

Tom blake mini movie inspired by the book, Tom Blake, the uncommon journey of a pioneer waterman.

Velzy Obit,1,3141328.story?coll=la-news-obituaries OBITUARIES Dale Velzy, 77; Master Surfboard Shaper Helped Popularize the Sport By...

Anyone here using SKYPE ?
XPEH came up with the idea of conferencing or contacting him on Messenger. What about the idea of using and having a conference ...having a group call. Could be in...

WSD - NYC (sort of off topic)
My World Surf Day this year turned out to be a World Swim Day. In my quest to keep my paddling power up by regularly swimming laps, I seem to have forgot the fact that I am a surfer fi...

Velzy Memorial
A public service has been scheduled for June 11, at Doheney State Beach.

WSD - NorCal - Double Secret Probation
Hooked up with Skipper and DMan and cracked it. Skipper was calling for a drive due to the local slopfest that currently was reaking havoc in SF. We piled into DMan's vehicle and headed out....

WSD today 5/28/05
In the dim dawn light of Bunker master bedroom the 7 inch scar from hip replacement surgery looked back from a wall mirror, not the cute little train track you'd imagine, but an angry red st...

Surfing NYC
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 NotDashEscaped: You need GnuPG to verify this message Hi, Todays NYT has yet another article on surfing Rockaway Beach:

Santa Cruz Longboard Club Invitational - pix
I put up four pictures on my gallery. I was only there for 1/2 hour today, but I'll try to get a lot more pictures tomorrow. Probably by the time you read this there will be more.

WSD - today - 05-28-05
Woke up, fell out of bed, Woke her up, got some head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, And looking out I noticed it was flat. (chg-a-chg-a-chg-a-chg-a) Foun...

newbie sydney surfer - help!
Hi all I'm moving to sydney soon and want to learn to surf (who doesn't?)...only prob is I'm a long way off being some trendy surf chick and don't intend to dress head to toe in s...

who likes video conferencing?
cavrones, its been many months now that i have been using MSN Messenger and its video conferencing functionality ... both me and mrs. XPEH have been talking back to our families in the sta...

WSD may 05 in the land of oz
Got out briefly at a nearby spot, it was chest to shoulder full-width closeouts on the sets and little else. Clean though, with a fresh and chilly offshore blowing. Got a couple waist high...

calling bob fiegel
wow. i just went through your web site. very cool:-) how old are you? what a great surfing history!!!!!....todd ...............><}}}}}">................ "I wish, I wish,...

Road trip VA Beach then north thru Jersey and back to NYC
Any special spots to check out? Surboard rentals? Traveling not so light with 2 year old and sig other but minimum with the surf gear. 1 boogie board, 2 sets of flippers(L&S), wetsuits 3/2 f...

Boycott Bali
(Less than an hour has passed since this announcement and I already know of three people who have cancelled their trips to Bali. As for us, we will be withdrawing our monthly donations to th...

RIP Dale Velzy
Dale Velzy passed away today. He was one of the best and will be missed by all that new him.

new here
hi all. i live in jersey and want to learn how to surf. i am looking for advice on how to get started. i live about an hour from the beach. i am pretty fit with running and lifting weights. ...

masive airials
I ded some masive airials with my System --- MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20050525134643J2r2CwR1

Advice on Peru or Ecuador
Hi folks, Im sitting here in down in Chile doing some studying and surfing. Since its really getting cold by now Iam planning on going to up north this winter (july-august). ...

I have a surfboard skateboard carrying strap heavy duty
I have a masave longboard Strap-It carries no problyn also carries windsurfing boards, --- MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20050525134643J2r2CwR1

gentlemen, wax your surfboards!
Hurricane Adrien is churning like she means it. The '05 hurricane season comes to life. Bring it on! ...

endless summer my arse mr. brown ...
well since i move downunder i must report that it is a bit creepy when it gets dark at 4:40 pm on my upcoming birthday :( being originally from the Northern Minsk, yours truly fondly ...

Are there any significant differences between the two? I am in a pinch and need to buy a wetsuit quickly(for surfing), and only have access to scuba shops. Thanks in advance

Need advice
In short, I know, from reading posts here that most of you hold down steady jobs or at least work part time. I have been subsidizing my boyfriend's beach life for 6 months and it has become...

Fiji advice?
I just learned that I may be heading to Suva, Fiji for a month or so to work on a research ship. Since I'm going on business (I drive ships for a living) and will be working while I'm the...

Study spanish and Surf the Mexican pipeline!
Just back from an awesome three weeks in Mexico - Puerto Escondido - the 'Mexican Pipeline'. the waves were amazing. And I'm a South African girl so we do have surf here! But really enjoyed ...

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