film/photography colleges near surf..?
This question probably comes up a lot, but does anyone have any good film/photography colleges near surf spots? Preferably east coast, but any will do... joe momma katta gilg...

OT: Ebay nothing
Who's an idiot ?

Hub alive The website is up again. Someone must've payed for the domain and the ISP. Mahalo. sponge

Other shots from 4/24/05
Taken with a borrowed Nikon D100 with a 300 mm zoom (believe 450 mm equiv). Didn't have much time so I just shot what I saw from the Beach Park for a few minutes. Photos are cropped heavily.... SHUT DOWN
If anyone tries to get onto today, Thursday, April 28 at 11:22AM Central Time this is the message that you will receive: We're on vacation right now. When I resolve th...

Kite Surf in Vancouver ???
Hi Guys, Any kite surf obvious spots around Vancouver? I was thinking about White Rock that I discovered last Sunday. I did a few boat sailing in the Bay of Vancouver ...

Midwest Surf Industry
The center of the budding Midwest Surf capitalism: If you are in business, and especially if you are interested in a potential Midwest surf mark...

Body Glove Matrix wetsuit - where's the key pocket???
I just bought a closeout Body Glove Matrix wetsuit - so probably from a year or two ago. It says there's a key pocket somewhere on the lower arm (presumably on the inside) but I've looked...

Fears of another El Nino weather pattern The Weather Bureau is predicting that another El Nino weather pattern could develop within four weeks (thats hot)

GoPro camera
I picked up a GoPro waterproof camera last night at a local surf shop for $20. It straps onto the wrist. Took it out this am in 5' surf. It held up ok paddling out and pretty much didn't not...

Surf Trip Report. Portugal, last week.
Sorry, this is a bit late as a report my mail-news gateway is snafu'd right now. Just back from, Portugal where we've been for some warm up waves, but this time instead of the Al...

Sorry for the test folks. -- Ric.

The end of NOAA?
A little info I picked up from a local blog. It seems some commercial weather forcasters don't l...

tanker surfing
hey, has anyone in here every tried tanker surfing? If you have, what did you think about it, was it pretty fun, lame, would you do it again? Also, do you think tanker surfing fits into the...

Broken Superman
Dear Group - Vince Alessi recently shattered his ankle doing his signiture move. He landed perfect on his board but his leg could not take the pressure. He pulls them off all the time but th...

A.S. Photogs OT
I love this shit ! Rico A.S. shitlist leader

NS today -- 4/24/05
Full moon means can start surfing early Martin going left

A Few Snaps
A few shots from recent days. Surf hasn't been epic, just fun. Cloudy skies, occasional rainshowers - but still plenty of springtime fun to be had.

calling all aussie and kiwis to bali
Gee this place has gone really quiet. Why is it that the number of people on the internet and the number of people surfing increases day by day but the population here just keeps shrinking? ...

images from 04/23/05
My daughter turns seventeen this week. She and her friends had a birthday surf session Saturday at the local beach. Morgan gets spanked on her birthday:

NBC Bodyboarding and Bodysurfing
For the few minutes of prone surfing they showed. Cool. Bodyboarding: Mike Steward's 360 cut back and lip aerials make bodyboarding look appealing. The six? spinner body surfing move at li...

Good winter
Iit has been a good winter. Nothing overtly large this 0.5 year only a couple OH days but a metric ton of solid clean smaller head to chest days. + Caught it w...

How big a board will I need for the next season?
So you're thinking about picking up a new stick for the hurricane season, but you don't want to spend all your money on a gun that you'll only use a few times this year. But if you buy a sho...

Alt.Surfing's List of Shame
The following alt.surfers continue to make post with obvious racists remarks: Mike Sullivan Rico Doc Checkered Demon

Let's Play Who Has the Waves
When I stop by my local soCal beach this morning to watch the multitudes of rush-rush people snaking each other, I sincerely doubt that I will see what they have back on the Lake...

Calling Neal, Bud
Where on Oahu is the TV series lost filmed? -Tom

surfing catchphrases?
Hey Guys I'd like to put together a list of surfing/water sport sayings and quotes, i've googled for some but do any of you guys have some you can add? I'm not into s...

Oahu Session Report 04.21.05
Caught another piece, the tail end of the upside swell this morning, fully stoked. Woke up & checked the surf signs, noticed buoy 1 turned off at 2:00AM so I figured that there shoul...

cool mentawais/surf aid story on msn -ben

Leash is not a lifeline
A couple years ago a surfer drowned in Spring Lake, NJ. He was surfing alone. At some undetermined point in time, his leash broke. His wife decided to sue Eastern Lines Surf Shop in Belmar f...

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