Navy Sonar Drives Sharks Insane
On the heals of the recent Dolphin strandings, thought to be caused by Navy testing of Top Secret Sonar, there is new evidence that this Sonar is effecting more than just Marine Mammals. You...

noob question
Got 1st board in December and water was in 50s-60s so put cold water wax on board. Water is 70 now. When do i need to switch to warmer temp wax? It's got Mrs Palmer's now. Skip ...

North Shore 3.30.05
Some session photos from this morning. Got a nice shot of Neal setting up for a fat round pit Good surfing to you, Bu...

Surf Report: West Side of Lake Michigan
Where: West side of Lake Michigan, where exactly - I'm not supposed to say Water: a refreshing 38 degrees Air: ? 50s or low 60s Sunny Very comfotable while surfing. ...

---> Fijian Island for sale <---
Privately owned Fijian Island This is a VERY RARE and UNIQUE tropical island. The island is 33.75 acres in size and is surrounded by warm tropical clear waters and coral reefs. There ...

Florida shark mistook his calf for a seal?
Too bad. I give the guy create though. I am real glad someone is working on this sorta thing. Shark Behaviorist Bitten By Shark

bic shortboard or fish
Bic sells 6'7" shortboards. I read some discussions about Bic surfboards on the web and the main selling point appears to be durability (in addition to good price). I was wondering what your...

too cool
as many of you know, i got into surfing years ago to spend time and teach my then, 13yo nephew, how to surf, and me too:-). well, good news boys and girls. my Lil' nephew, now 14, is express...

Grom Board
I have a 9' G&S I surf on Fire Island NY and want a new board. The G&S is dinged to shit. I was in Costa Rica and tried 9" and 9'4" Robert August Epoxy Noserider and liked them...

ideas on attaching camera/camcorder to surfboard..?
any one have any ideas on attaching it to to nose? i need it to be kinda hands free... im lookin to make some money over the summer selling surfers video/photos of themselves jo m...

Humor returns to alt dot surfing - or I need a new keyboard -
Just when I'm about to give-up on the alt dot surfers, you guys come-up with a few nuggets - the proof [at least for me] is in the coffee spray on my - now useless - keyboard. Sev...

Watermarking Surf Photos
Anyone ever thought of water marking your surf photos? Anyone know of how to do this? I did not find anything on Webshots about it.

The best Surfing print ever!
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0058_01C533C2.905FDA00 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Canon or Nikon?
Decisions...decisions... hence, the age old question. Going digital. I'm planning on loading up on glass and going mid-range on body, for now. Thinking possibly Canon 20D. I'll also b...

Ken Rings Weather ezine
As there hasnt been much in the way of decent surf here recently ....I thought some of you may appreciate something of interest. I received this recently, always amuses me....some inte...

King Kongs final the subject
For all you King Kong fans....the filming has now been completed.,2106,3229342a11,00.html Its being prepared for release in December at the movie theatres.

Rod in Hawaii -- 3/26/05
Went out today with Rod at Pipeline. Although a front passed through, turning the winds, the surf was actually fun in the declining nnw swell. Rod caught some good waves, taking off right in... - New Rock/Punk/Metal Zine
Hey All Just to let you know about - we're a punk/indie webzine with loads of interviews with bands like Senses Fail, Strung Out, The Wedding Present and Comeb...

Carrib Surf Trip (March 16-22,2005)
Just got back from a great surf trip. We had 4 - 10' surf everyday with glassy mornings. Here's a teaser: Click on Ma...

Seven days of surf
Friday Saturday (bud foto) Sunday http://...

video sc 3/10/05
here's some video i shot on 3/10 eastside (sc/capitola) unfortunately it's not very good: lp

rockaway cam of the day @
4-6ft E at 9.3s / Slowly fading overhead to well overhead mature windswell peaks before dawn with dmnshg 16-6kt NNE to N offshores. Looks excellent pretty much all day esp. at east swell bre...

35' sets

WindSurf on
Hello all, I want to signal to you the section of my site dedicated to the windsurf, you can found the description of...

Buoy 1 6am 6.9, 6.9ht. 17s 7AM 9.8ft swell ht 9.5ft period 17s. Spot: end of road. Time: about 9:45 to 11:45a Winds: calm Seas: glassy

Good Entry/Intermediate level surfboard for me?
Whats up, I'm planning on purchacing a surfboard and would like to hear what some good choices on a board right for me. I've surfed a couple of summers when I had lived in Nantuc...

Phosphorescent plankton
Early this morning around 3am walked out to watch the surf. Nice lined up short waves maybe 2 feet or so. They were breaking very fast from right to left and you could see the white tops s...

RIP Wayne Miyata
Another one gone. Wayne Miyata passed away March 21 after a long battle with cancer.

Board for 8 yr old?
I am looking for an inexpensive board for my eight year old. He is 50 lbs. My 6' NSP fish is a tanker for him. Does someone make a board for someone that small? I once saw a five foot pla...

Re: Jon Mozo article in the Advertiser: Forces of nature
Sad story. Better to crack a helmet on the reef.

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