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Hossegor in June
I've tentatively booked a beachside apartment in Hossegor for a week in mid-june. A few questions: Anyone know what they waves are like then? I believe the swell season

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new england surf pix
I've been out of the water for a couple of months(!), and found some time to go through some old pictures: http://the_urchin.h...

hawaii:oahu-surf in may?
Hello all, Anybody live or been to Hawaii in May? I know it's not winter but i'm a beginner/imtermediate and just want to rent a longboard and surf while the family checks out the isla...

Your 3 best surfs of 2004?
Time to lively up! I'll go first: One. Pancho's on a clean south swell, September '04. one of several great days there this fall.

Gleshna. GET A LIFE DUDE!!!
I Googled "Gleshna" . Holy shit. That guys just about owns the internet. Something like 1300 hits. Dude, don't you have anything to do but sit in your moms basement typing with on...

Where to learn to surf in California?
Hello all, I currently reside in frigid eastern Canada. I am planning a holiday for a week to California. Can anyone suggest a good place to learn surfing, and vacation at the same ti...

Pipeline bodysurfing classic 2005 results and photos   (Posted 2/05/2005 - 2:00 AM) (Provided by Director of Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic)   ...

This has a name?
Upon occasion, I found myself a bit slow coming back from the nose and screaming out of a small section. By the time, I was back on the board for the cutback I seemed to be slightly over th...

Flame Warriors revisited
Back in 2001, we took our first look at caricatures of ourselves via the Flame Warrior website. Since then, the website has changed with more Warriors added, and the people on alt.surfing ha...

Does anyone do surfing related exercises?
I run 3 miles every morning, do lots and lots of push ups, pull ups and sit ups. I also do 3 sets of 5 pop ups. A friend of mine taught me how to surf 28 years ago. The thing he emphasized m...

step surf one
step one surf

Riding Giants in NZ
We were thoroughly entertained. Especially watching it on one of the biggest screens here in Wellington, bringing the waves to life. The sound system had recently been upgraded and brou...

Jon Mozo RIP
"Well-known underwater photographer Jon Mozo died yesterday while working at Banzai Pipeline, and word of his death stunned the North Shore surfing community." http://the.honolulu...

NYC Long Island Shaper?
Anyone know the name of a longboard shaper in NYC, Long Island, CT or NJ?

SF Surfing
I made it from Alabama to Ocean Beach before Dave could drive from work to the beach... oh yeah better than Chicago! Matter of fact I am so fucking fast I went to Monterey and ate some overp...

hsilio in Iceland!
You old timers on alt.surfing may remember Herb Silio (aka hsilio). He just emailed me from, of all places, Iceland! He's enjoying himself there, and said that there is some pretty good surf...

if you didn't know, Riding Giants was relased on DVD in January
meant to post this earlier. there's an awesome commentary track with Noll and Laird and others. Sounds sweet in 5.1

More contradictory sunlight research
Hey, here is some actual news for the newsgroup: Gleshna Sometimes the Ocean is a lake. Sometimes t...

Future Systems Fins
Anyone have experience with the Futures Ocean Air finboxes in larger surf (double overhead and up)? If so, which fins did you use. I just got a new 7'8" with them. If they work well, I am...

Lining Up the Lineup (article)
"Do you know where to sit while waiting for waves? And do you know how to find your way to that primo takeoff spot? Understanding the subtle art of lineup positioning is critical to good sur...

NS today (2/6/05) ht...

AS poll: what about.....
....Dick Dale? What are your thoughts about the man, the music, the myths? Where is his place in history?

Surf images from Thursday
I did a quick stop at my local beach to shoot the sunset. I ran over the top of the berm to get the waning moments of the sunset. I couldn't believe how good the local break was. I didn...

Best Grom Spot
Where is the best spot in the world for a Grom? As a 45 y/o Grom King who surfs Fire Island on E. Coast, I would like to experience what a long wave is like. It seems to me, the plac...

Soul Surfers in SoCal
Now I get it. I have noticed in soCal something that was most rare in the early 60s at the places I surfed: the drop in. In fact, during midWeek midDay surf I have witnessed quite the a ma...

digital still camera recs?
Considering the Canon EOS digital rebel, am looking for pros/cons/advice from the various experienced surf photogs here. Plan to use it mainly for shots with lots of action and motion ...

Alabama Andy in SF
Met Andy at the beach today. Air 65 water 55. I brought a funboard for him to ride. Swell is a little uncertain. Its hitting weak outside, inside looks disorganized. So, we paddl...

Chile ... ?
Anyone here been to Chile to go surfing. I'm thinking about heading down there and was curious if anyone in the group had been down there. Thanks in advance, Nick

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