Truth in advertising
I just scanned the recent alt.surfing posts sent to my by the good people at Upon review, not one post dealt with surfing. This group should be called: A-Half-D...

surf cams and/or surf reports needed
If anyone knows any links to surf cams and/or writes daily surf reports they need links and people that post at (it is a community centric surf forum that just r...

peace corps and surfing
anyone ever hear of someone joining the peace corps and being able to surf while on the tour of duty? im thinkin about going to fiji or jamaica, not just for the surfing, but to like help pe...

any surf in nova scotia?
im taking a carnival cruise up to canada with my parents, does anyone know if there are any surf spots up there? im going in the middle of july, ill still prob have to don a wou...

Get 40% off Mahoney stuff
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alt.surfing names
ok, is surfer bob george barnes? is turby tom keener? is sandman lemming? is lemming opc73? is opc73 shaft? is shaft P-----N? is gleshna the star of the upcoming blockbus...

Some Hunter.
"The Edge... There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others --- the living --- are those who pushed thei...

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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A PAYPAL FLAW! MAKE THOUSANDS LEGALLY! Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to $20000.00 in your PayPal account LEGALLY! There is a very ...

Little Early, for Halloween?
"Who was that masked man?" ------------------------------------------------ Chexter "Yeah, alright...didn't rain much, no buttons to push"

Lost Fin -- 2/21/05
Lots of photos and story at: Date: February 21, 2005 Time: 0615-0830, 0930-1030 Spot(s): Pipeline, Hima's Conditions:...

NEI Tower off of Mission Beach, San Diego?
Years ago my friends and I paddled around the NEI Tower off of Mission Beach in San Diego. Do I have the name correct, NEI Tower? Anyone have a web site with information about that structu...

I made the BBC!
Well, maybe not me, but a picture I took of Rabbit Kekai: 'Rabbit' keeps on surfing at 84 sponge

Got tricks??
I finally got around to scanning some of the pics I've collected from the Clear Lake club. A couple I mentioned a couple years back from one of the sculling tricks threads. This was our

Thinking of Jon -- 2/18/05
Story with all pics here: Date: February 18, 2005 Time: 0800-1030; 1130-1230 Spot(s): Shot at Pipeline; bodyboarded ...

Test - ignore
Just installed newsreader. Ignore this. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Uncensored-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World!...

Michael Smith - Jaws
Attention, all of you gee-look-at-me-I'm-a-surfer as you ignore your lost personal identity and continue to read all the surf rags in hopes of filling a void that you don't understand: ...

Pipe today (2/21/05)
Dawned it at Pipe. Fricken lost my fin early in the session. Decided to shoot from the shoulder. More to come. http://...

this won't die

oj lookie here ...
yes my dearishe cavrones i cavronitas this is your friendly neighbourhood XPEH reporting from coolangatta, aus ... well let us start with the good news firstly if i may ... the good news is ...

Unsalted - the surf movie
A note to the few frightened, insecure, blame others, confusing crude and rude with wit, wantabe stereotypes here that have used their profound ignorance to degrade, spindle, tarnish, and ot...

Surf images from today
The wind conditions dictated that I had to enter BA territory again. Things went well for an hour. Locals were friendly, all was well and then an expletive laced tirade was directed at me....

And the truth shall set ye free Uncle Normie

19 Feb 2005 - Surf Report L* J***a S***es
The surf was so good here today that photogs from every corner of the known, and unknown, surf world arrived early. I keep telling the locals to treat all visitors to OUR spot the way ...

Just say NO to Bin Ladin!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

Taj and Slater surfing on tables and suitcases?
Does anyone have any pics or video of these amazing feats? I was reading it in surfer mag, but the pictures were way too small to really see anything...also, is it gonna be like put on a vid...

I smell GUEST COLUMN!!!!
Christmas is only 10 months away but why wait? Sign your friends up for a subscription to GEEZERJOCK. ...

Contest "X" at Pipeline today (2/18/05)
Just got out of the water shooting for fun at the contest. Waves were really small, crossed up with some north and some west. It was kind of eerie being out there after the Jon Mozo (RIP) an...

NSAID alternative Bromelain?
Googling around I came across Bromelain, said to have anti-inflammatory properties such as advil etc without the stomach upset downsides. Anyone ever use it? Sounds good. Supposed to ...

images from Feb 16th
My local spot was firing sick barrels with only a small cadre of locals on it. After getting my fair share I got the camera and went back to a nearby break. The tide had dropped ...

Google hijack of usenet
I Said This Advertising you display on Google Groups covers up the editorial REply from Google -------------------------- Hi Keith, Thank...

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