Maddux, George, other forecasters
I'm looking for a little proof-reading help on this page. It's intent it to bring the basic concepts of ocean waves and how to predict them to the novice surfer. Any proof-reading help...

Knock Knock Who's there ! Alvin ! Alvin who ! Alvin zis competition - just vait and see! --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-...

another tsunami pic
Amazing picture and story in the local newspaper. Thought I'd find it on the net. You may need to go through a registration process for this but the pic is worth a thousand words .... <...

Gleshna's ASKOTY2004 campaign!
Well friends, it was a long and tedious read, but here are a few highlights of Gleshna's extremely dogged, high volume, relatively low quality campaign for ASKOTY2004. He deserves to win it ...

Re: Last minute ASKOTY
Skipper, the Skippy wannabee understudy, is hereby nominated for ASKOTY. Only a Kook would want to hound the helpless (Todd) to boost one's ego; the self-promote of the laughable (swiv...

Lake Michigan Tidal Wave
This was actually a seiche, but the effects were somewhat the same as a tidal wave for the people that died: Gleshna The G...

Ding Repairs with Georg
"georg" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > hello. > i got a rotozip circular saw. works great for ding repair...

Who else rode it then?
I surfed death wave Jan 2 2005 Lucy Ballinger, Wales on Sunday A WELSH dad waiting for the perfect wave off the palm-fringed coast of Sri...

Coriolis Effect on Rights and Lefts
i propose that the Coriolis effect has an effect on the shape of waves. why are most lefts lined up more? rights are more sectiony? Corriolis Effect. now we know why.

ding repair
hello. i got a rotozip circular saw. works great for ding repair. no more sanding out a ding. just cut it out and sand a bit and patch.

Jenn "surfer_jenn" Diamond for ASKOTY!
Happy 2005 y'all! I hereby nominate Jenn "surfer_jenn" Diamond for ASKOTY. Who could forget her spectacularly awful exploitative reference book "Riptionary", her sleazy tact...

chance to score some AS points in Orlando Florida
Any As ers in Orlando? I will be in Orlando till friday morning. Tomorrow I am gonna see my mate slates at sebastian inlet but only for a quick hello. This is your chance to get s...

1st surf of '05
rain, rain, rain buckets coming down, then a dry respite. tides too high in the morning and getting higher through the afternoon. no surf on new years day? watched intently while t...

ASKOTY nominations and seconds
A) I second the nomination of shaft for ASKOTY for telling JVM he was so jealous of her going to Bali but pretending to the ng he dont want to go to Bali. B) I nominat...

Getting Pipe -- 12/19/04
Date: December 19, 2004 Time: 0615 -- 0745, 1000 -- 1200 Spot(s): Pipeline, L's to J's Conditions: Mostly light offshores or variable Swell: Slightly declining NW swell Surf: ...

Wanting Pipe -- 12/17/04
Date: December 17, 2004 Time: 1015 -- 1215 Spot(s): L's to J's Conditions: Variables to onshore seabreezes Swell: Surprisingly a lot of west Surf: 5-7+' Haw'n Words...

ASKOTY nomination
I nominate ' Team Longboard'.

"Surfer Survived By Riding Tsunami"
Surfer Survived By Riding Tsunami The Guardian - UK 1-2-5 Surfer Martin Markwell had always dreamed of catching a really big wave but when it finally came along, it tur...

The Sandman and Sully for joint ASKOTY!!!
shaft® wrote: > > Well I wasn't going to nominate him but being that you > are threatening to throw a tantrum if he is.... consider > him nominated! >...

on a lighter note.....
how about those longhorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after Cal and A&M's embarassing performances i must say i am proud to lift a margaurita to toast my alma mater! ...

just a word or two......
......about the tsunami. wow i am humbled. my heart bleeds deeply . i have followed this story from the onset with the special interest we all have as being surfers and ...

ASKOTY Nomination and acceptance speech
I hereby nominate myself for this years "King of the Surf" competition and since there is such a weak field this year make a motion to my friend "Supreme Court" to issue a summary judgment a...

Thailand Tsunami
Most everyone I know that surfs can't hide their fascination with these amazing waves, tragic as their outcomes have been. One of the few 'benefits' of the Indian Ocean tsunami is the...

Relief for Mentawis
SurfAid International Responds with A Tsunami Disaster Relief Initiative Nias Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia SurfAid is now directly responding to the Tsunami Disaster in ...

Happy New Year AS

Isla Borinquen 12/2004 Was Fun
Everyday was sunny except for the next to last during this 12-day trip and the water stayed around 80F, two to three degrees above normal. Suffered about 4 flat days, the first two and ano...

Last minute ASKOTY
In a last minute bid for an ASKOTY nomination, I am hereby going to wish Dick® a happy birthday. Also, I am nominating Dick® for ASKOTY, for his incurable practice of beating the...

The Indonesian Tsunami (semi on-topic)
Another article I wrote for my Road Runner Hawaii surfing column. This time on the greatest catastrophe of our time. Small interview with Jose included: "The Indonesian earthqua...

So whos the first to surf the new year in ?
Well I could of surfed New Years day if I travelled for over 2hrs to go over to the south east coast. Weather wasnt too good but decided to wait a day...and wait for the southerly swell...

King Kong followup
For those interested in the New Peter Jackson King Kong movie. I have been watching around Wellington and listening to updates on whats happening. Its not difficult because Wellingtons a sma...

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