Rincon Photos, Jan 20 '05
Followup to yesterday's post, a few new pictures: http://www.benweiss.com/pages/rincon12005/rincon12005.html Forecast predicts slightly smaller surf, so tomorrow I'll be on the ...

Really really fun surf... and gastroenteritis
Day 3 of the wavefest was best of all. The afternoon air and light was so languid, peaceful, absolutely beautiful. The waves were lining up and just roping down the new rivermouth sandbars. ...

a couple of surfvids
i put a couple of new videos up on the site. ob on 12/23 - lots of oh waves in clean conditions. don't tell dave some of them were from his street otherwise he'll be pissed that g and...

Where is... the AS HUB?
http://altsurfing.org/ "could not be found." -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers Bring on the SPF! http://www.rodNDtube.com/

Swarms of earthquakes since December in NZ
We have been having a lot of earthquakes...infact we had another good shake this morning 5.5 ....had us running for cover. Check out the reports http://www.geonet.org.nz/recent_quakes....

tsunami- cool satellite visualization
Here's a nice visualization of the Indo tsunami as seen from the safe vantage point of the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite. Pretty picture of some scary stuff. http://earthobservatory.na...

It really sucks here 2
I made the obligatory early morning stop at The Shaws yesterday - A few waves: http://adaywithba.com/2005/Photos/Wed_1/photos/photo3.html After work - on my way to some top ...

Rincon Photos, Wed Jan 19
A few (well, many) photos I snapped earlier today: http://www.benweiss.com/pages/rincon11905/rincon11905.html Canon 20D, 70-300mm zoom. Apologies if the photos don't f...

CALLING ALVIN when you reach NZ
Please leave a message on the user group to let me know when you arrive so that we can get the YB demonstration organised. I have to confirm with the professional cameraman. Whats the s...

Gioni heads to Neon territory
I'm heading down this Friday, making a pitstop at Rincon most likely (Surfer Bob et al will you be around?) and then onto Church's Saturday and Sunday. The Doheny club contest was...

A Lesson in Capitalism and Surfing
How do you sell more surfboards when all the surfers already own five? You do the same thing the clothing industry has done for a very long time: Fashion. http://www.signo...

It always sucks here!
I think I'm gonna move to Ch***go - I can't take this crappy LJ living another second! First: http://adaywithba.com/2005/Photos/17Jan05/photos/photo6.html T...

SURF_DOPE! Here's your next pintail, you know, OK?
Hey your DOPEness, mon, When you're feeling better and ready for the next cool thing in the here and now, this guy's got the plans to take your singlefin pintail trip to the next ...

Strangerer and strangerer.
I've seen some strange weather off the balcony in the last six years. Nor Easters, hurricanes, waterspouts, severe offshores, severe onshores, algae blooms, horrific T-storms etc. Today ...

How close is Honolulu airport to a decent surfing spot?
Airfares to Honolulu now are stupid low. Assuming I flew into Honolulu airport, where might be a good spot to surf assuming I'm still in the learning curve?

Wooden surfboards! (was: last minute ASKOTY)
> Rod posted : > http://www.woodensurfboardbuilder.com/contents_page.html Wow! Rod, this guy is brilliant! Check the fin(s) and tail on this thing! Gleshna, you n...

I put that around somewhere....
I actually had a good surf report for you but I forgot how to write them..... I'll get back to you later. Mike

Cool song lyrics!
WHOH DUDES!!! Like, been listening to 80's synth pop and everything else under the musical sun. I came across this song, pretty cool. Captures the spirit of surfing, though he g...

Wave Joke
WHOH DUDES!!! Like, check out this cool joke: Why didn't the ocean say good-bye to the earth? Because the ocean just "waved"! Like, hee haw, you know, okay?...

Any Coast, Anywhere in the World
My brother tipped me off on this program. Some of you may already know about it. For those who don't, go to http://www.keyhole.com The download is free for seven days.. You can view an...

NS today (1/16/05)
North Shore was kinda unruly today, with the outer reefs kicking and the winds a bit sideshore. I ended up at PP, trying out my new 7'6". Wrong board for the suck ups. The bodyboarders rul...

Link: Scary monsters that washed up post tsunami
The site is in Russian, it is getting hit pretty hard right now so it will be slow loading. http://forum.openwater.ru/index.php?showtopic=611 Oh, the water is 55 degrees at Bay St...

Photo Link: Titan Coastline-looks like So Cal circa 1910

i won powerball! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
no lies, boys and girls! i hit for a third time for $3.00!!!!!! for a grand toal of.......$16.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:-)........todd. ...............>...

Costa Rica - JacÚ
Hi, I need some infos to reserve a room for two person from day 19 Gen to 24 Gen in Costa Rica. Anyone have infos?? Many thanks Roberto Maniga

Interesting Conditions
>PHZ110-151000- > KAUAI NORTHWEST WATERS- > 830 PM HST FRI JAN 14 2005 > > UPDATED > ...

fuck hey ( thats incredible )
fuck hey ( thats incredible ) *** got a shit message this morning askin about my surfboard turn on th telly just bored and here's the e...

modified shortcut ( morticia on her knees )
modified shortcut ( morticia on her knees ) *** morticia was down at burleigh heads this morning watching th surfers she likes a nice body does morticia and ...

Titan has waves
If you look at the images, the dark matter is a liquid of some kind, probably methane, and it appears to be breaking on the shore. One photo almost resembles Cen Cal up by the coastal range...

Clavicle separation and paddling
I've had a separated collarbone (AC sep) for about 15 years and it's never bothered me much. Either I slept on it wrong or paddling may be aggravating it... but getting some numbness in my...

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