blast from the past...
I just used google (modern day heros!) to look up my old posts from 1991 to 1995 about when AOL came along and the internet blew up. It's great for reconstructing the past....

Participant -- 12/15/04
Date: December 15, 2004 Time: 0830 -- 1130 Spot(s): Somewhere out west Conditions: Variables to southerlies (side-onshore), just a few of us guys Swell: Eddie day northwest sw...

Swinging Wide -- 12/10/04
Date: December 10, 2004 Time: 0830 -- 1030 Spot(s): Makaha Conditions: Variable to firm offshores, a dozen or so locals spread out Swell: Big north wrapping around to the Wes...

Ascending Himalayas -- 12/8/04
Date: December 8, 2004 Time: 0900 -- 1030 Spot(s): Himalayas Conditions: Light SW to southerly winds, half dozen of us spread across the lineup Swell: Bit from the west, but m...

Getting Back Into the Groove -- 12/5/04
Date: December 5, 2004 Time: 0615 -- 0915 Spot(s): Rocky Rights Conditions: Medium side-offshore trades, started off with few people out Swell: Dying NW and a bit of tradewind...

This Is No Joke!!
THIS IS NO JOKE!!! It really works. It was featured on Dateline and Oprah. At first this was a way that I could ease the financial debt I put myself in. $10,000 would be nice and at leas...

tsunami horror

some Alt. Surfing: 2004 in Review
This year there were lots more good photos. Thank you digital camera makers, and cheap grocery store cameras. The best photos to me were of unexpected surfing situations with comments from...

Hey all, Here's a few pix up from the Christmas swell here in New England, U.S.A.: Some other *amateur* (as are al...

Heres something to clean up ....
Something of interest... For those of you who are health concious...or simply for those who want to clean up their shit .... No names mentioned.......

When Pigs Fly Guess.
First off- I must say I have no financial or otherwise tie to these guys. I read that they can get a 8 foot face and it breaks for 100 yards. I know most of us here will say it is...

NS today (12/28/04)
Small swell, onshore winds, sunny skies, good fun. Sunny Hardy...

Jose on KFI.
Giving some props. NN

opinions- bill hamlton stylist
picked up one of these as my 1st board... 9'6" wanted epoxy and this is the only decent looking

anyone know what happened to surf charters off sumatra?
I read somewhere that there are like 50 surf charter boats doing the mentawais- would they have been hit by the tsunami? Anyone know if there were any problems with them? Kewl Sur...

A Legacy Betrayed-ot
Bad news from Modern Drunkard Magazine Happy New Year, I guess. -Foon

Tsunami reaches New Zealand
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_003D_01C4ED3B.5FA29380 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Andaman Is reefs 6 ft higher? Surf breaks may have been permanently changed by the quake. The islands along the subduction zone - on the ...

Lake surf versus ocean surf- bet you can't tell which is which!
Hi friends, I assembled a little photolog from my recent holiday surf adventures. The following were shot at two excellent, semi-secret southern CA surf venues. One is a lake. One...

un-surf report: 12/26/2004
Back to the beach after a week on the road doing the great 2004 'Christmas with the Relatives' concert tour. Forecast is for crappy onshore nonsurf most of the week, but the E wind hadn't se...


Real: surf music
you gotta be kidding lp, haven't you heard of aussie point breaks? >2 hours paddling? >have you taking up surfing ob with skipper? > >lp

Re Italian dude Surfing with sheila in Taiwan island
I think this a very good idea for you to teach her surfing! Thanks a lot! Just another question. I have a friend (girl) that want to get there for a couple of months ...

Tsunami on the lineup
Anyone has an idea what can happen if you are on the lineup when the tsunami arrives? Do you think is safer to be on the lineup or on the beach? For me is very difficult to imagine wha...

"Dr" Alvin Donovan
Greeting surfers and martial artists "Dr" Alvin Donovan has inhabited both alt.surfing and rec.martial arts for some time now. He has continually posted to the latter ng on...

ASKOTY homestretch- dig deep!
All right you various and sundry wankers with delusions of world class kookery: 2004 is just about to time out. If you want to bask in glory with the big kooks, it is definitely t...

:-) *** A Love Gift For You! *** (-: << click link

Almost white Christmas.
It was a day late but a quickmoving backdoor low moved up the coast overnight catching most weekend, holiday weather prognosticators asleep at the wheel. Though it doesn't happen often we ar...

Surfing in Taiwan island
Hi there! I'm the onwer of the Italian surfing site and I want to visit Taiwan for a surftrip and to write an article for italian surfers. I need information...

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