NJ WSD weekend
Sorry for the delay... Friday morning the TV was filled with news helicopters circling over 1/2 mile lines of rabid shoppers fighting for position so they could save $10. N...

WSD (not) Tiptoe through the Sharklips
We hadnít been to Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington NC in 18 months, the last time hosting a yard sale and selling off most of MomsFoons worldly possessions. Kinda painful selling off family hei...

Bawk bawk
Turkey day clean-up http://www.pbase.com/sal1116/image/36853131 Yeehaa, Andy Still looking for that 30' swell

Gulf video
http://www.knology.net/~RevelationPro/images/FCTrailerLow.wmv Most of the video is weak with a capatal "E" but the summertime swell just east of here is all eye candy.

WSD, WTF Over?
Where are all the WSD reports. I've see a few good one but kind of weak overall. Did anyone surf? ___________________________________________________________ LIFETIME ACHIEV...

polihale report
what was it and where i did it go

Effective Email Marketing
Hi We offer you E-mail addresses databases (or called Bulk E-mail= lists) for online advertisement=2E we provide you with a free list= of email addresses you can use in your mar...

WSD Freak St. part 2: the socio-econo-political rant
There is a large series of homeless encampments a very few hundred yards from my local surf spot. Homeless folks have lived there at least since WW2 (when they were known as "hobos"). It's a...

WDS Report 11/28/2004 Freak St.
WDS Report 11/28 Freak St.(food content up front) We spend Wed thru Fri camping up in the mountains looking for condors. Sat is turkeyday at our home: brined, Weber-roasted bird, ...

Sunday at the DMV, 2004-11-28
Kicked out the parents, the son, the niece, the nephew and the 3 dogs... made a few calls... swell is in the water... let's go... where did this come from??? Started off about a...

Polihale Morning -WSD Kauai Nov 27, 2004
Polihale Morning -WSD Kauai Nov 27, 2004 The cock's crow announces a new day over and over. Moonlight casts a pale hue on the bedroom walls. The skylight shows hints of the morn...

WSD Report 11-25 thru 11-28-2004
11-25-2004 8:30 - 11:30 AM Light offshore Minimal swell with a surprise NW wrap Freefalling from a 6' high Thanksgiving. No swell in the water - hardly. Did the 3 mile c...

"Dolphins Vs. Sharks" (Stolen from R.P.H)
(I read this on another newsgroup and know how you guys are obessed with sharks and attacks.) Dolphins shield swimmers from shark By Associated Press Posted November 24...

World Surf Day in NC
2 foot shoredump. The buoy predictors were forecasting 9.5ft. Today it's waist high and I'm considering skipping church this evening and going. Sigh...no thermos for me. <...

is this for real?
Saturday, November 13, 2004 ∑ Last updated 4:00 p.m. PT Surfer repels shark that attacked him THE ASSOCIATED PRESS EUREKA, Calif. -- A surfer who was bumped off his bo...

lement for d'bah ...
oh you are my dear D'bah_booshka, how i love your racy sand_bah_rooshka, it makes for such nice racy walls XPEH enjoys every one ... then he falls :( getting washed in ...

Leg Rope
Hi all, I have just purchased an older surfboard for my two teenage daughters to learn to surf on but it does not have a leg rope. Can someone please tell me if it is possible to fit a ...

Call to battle on WSD
It's 5:15 AM outside of JC Penney. Looking around, I can see the blood lust in most of the ladies eyes. I am here to ensure that I get one of the few Hummer remotes. An Xmas ...

Real Quick Surf Report for Thanksgiving day
Real quick, ran over to El Porto with the longboard, smallish as in knee to waist high, still fun though as I am learning to cross step to the nose There's a threatened NW groundswell...

San Diego Surf-a-thon
Wife and I will be staying in SD Wed-Sat, to coincide with a little swellage. If any of you want to share a few waves, possibly dinner or GB slide show (hint hint). Palooza anyone?

Xanadu Surfboards - any opinions
I am looking for a new board. I currently have a 7'2" shortboard that was a hand-me-down. I like it a lot but it is starting to get delam'ed. I found a 7'0" Xanadu at a local sho...

Andy Irons photos
There are new photos of Andy Irons online http://www.coliseumpress.com

Happy Thanksgiving AS'rs
Busy counting your blessings today I assume. And filled with starry eyed hope of winter swells to come. :-) td http://www.spectralmedia.com/

Quick Surf Report 24-Nov-2004
Place: El Porto Time: 7:30 or so Smallish knee to chest high surf, most waves walled out, but there were a handful of make able ones (at least for me Surf the long-board again and...

Surfboard collectors in Newport beach
Hi ! I'm trying to locate a surfboard collector in Newport Beach, who lives just off the main drag, close to the beach. This particular person has an extensive collection of boar...

useless facts!
Useless facts to poke at the wobbling flank of your day like a stick of FUN! http://www.fallingskyhazard.com/catalog.htm There is no tipping in Iceland. One billi...

new here ... whats it all about?
I'm new to news groups whats the go? I'm a 44 yo mal rider from central coast NSW Aust.. Just got off a 7'2" Outer Islands minimal and on to a McTav 9'2" Tuff-Lite On a bit ...

surf report: riding the Solar Spear
When: Sat morning Where: Pachelbel's (Incredibly secret, often photographed spot in plain view of Hwy 101) What: waist to occasionally head high surf, textured. Why: Sur...

Moody-Barnes Nuptials
October 31, All Hallows Eve, Pelican Beach Park, Satellite Beach, FL Jane Moody - Peter Barnes In a hurricane damaged building complete with blue tarp. Only family in atten...

"the unwritten rules" in words and pictures
Remember how last winter some dork ran over a young girl in tiny surf and almost killed her at my beach? http://www.google.com/groups?selm=d5579a18.0401091029.2953e9c1%40posting.google.com&o...

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