south on Oahu -- 9/27/04 and 9/28/04
Got a couple of really short sessions in on the south side: http://www.hisurfadviso...

Interview with a rip current expert
I asked NOAA rip current expert Randy Lascody a few questions about rip currents and surfing on the Florida Coast. A lot of the information is generic. I posted the interview on my club site...

WA coast algae bloom causes brain damage!

Whale localism....
Dude! Surfer catches whale of a ride 'I just felt, wow, this huge noise and bump' Thursday, September 30, 2004 Posted: 8:00 AM EDT (1200 GMT) We were all screaming, 'Oh my God!' ...

a dream come true ...
dear cabrones and cabronitas, at the risk of sounding like Alvin Donovan i must report to you on me_progress down_under ... in short, thus far this place has been a dream co...

is it wrong to post pictures here? or should i post them to smowk

Leashless Board Responsibility
Seems to me, that if a surfer rides leashless: If they lose the board and it causes damage to another board, they should pay for the repair. Gleshna Overhea...

Jeanne is a floozy!
And other, much more unprintable things. Bad storm, worse South of us, but we made it through ok. Things are back to the normal that we're getting used to - no gas, no power (I'm at work i...

Wave abuse vid
Little clip from last Monday's contest at Trestles. I managed to stay out of the water all morning to shoot. Afte...

Yo Awe
What's shakin, baby!? Surff

vid: HB Offshores
Hard to believe it was almost a week ago. <sniff> This should bring back some old memories. enjoy td (surfs)

Your surfing expertise, please...
I'm doing some research and would love to have a mixed pool of ideas from different surfers...particularly of interest: those who can remember their beginner days like they were yesterday. ...

Loop - GP
So how did the GP turn out? Where are the surf pics? ___________________________________________________________ LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNER 2004!

Endless Summer Surf Break For Sale,2106,3047194a10,00.html For sale: $3m surf hot spot 28 September 2004 By ANN-MARIE JOHNSON The sale of a coastal property made famous in ...

Westside Oahu on the south -- 9/26/04
It was very nice. I didn't do so well, but the visuals were great! http://www.hisu...

Surf report, Sun Sep 26th
Hadn't seen the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lately, so I gave him a ring. "Hey, Ninth Circuit, Sunday afternoon has potential. let's surf" And so it went. Down to the beach at approp...

Ixtapa/Troncones in December
I am planning my anual Mexico surf trip and am considering driving to Ixtapa/Troncones area. I have heard that this area has some great left point breaks that go off on a south/southeast sw...

hey shaft!
email me directly. I want to tell you [email protected] ...............><}}}}}">................ "I wish, I wish, I wish I were a fish" ...

Crap, here we go again
Freakin' hurricanes - wish they would just freakin' GO AWAY! Wind is about 60 right now, guess I'd better hunker down (doesn't that sound vaguely icky?) Storm center is forcast to come i...

victorian bather rash vest
i have one it was great, now its getting too old, thin and not elastic at all. The one I have is Hot Buttered I think, but I havent a clue what the name is to do a search on google to find a...

bluff pix today

Spots in Costa Rica
Alguien me puede decir donde hay sitios en Costa Rica para hacer surf sin mucha gente en Diciembre / Enero y también para bucear para mi chica? Can anyone tell me where to go for ...

Swedish Surf Film!!

The landlord
A 15' great white was spotted, and photographed, in the waters of Woods Hole, MA. Photos have been shown on two Providence, RI TV stations. Nothing online about it so far. Anyone ...

The Launching - BoardZilla
Today was the official launching of Boardzilla. Conditions were small....approx 2 feet. Wind light onshore. With anticipation we had been waiting for the appropriate day....the sig... - Amateur Skateboarding Magazine
hi, go check out a new website, it's devoted entirely to coverage of amateur skateboarding with no posers and no professionals. it's brand new. register...

Oregon surfer attacked by shark!

Leashless longboarders
Longboarders that go leashless in large surf with crowds are assholes. Gleshna Overheard at 2004 ESA Northeastern Regional Surf Contest: "F%&*, I got beaten by a...

WITH PRIORITY: new surf movie on Slater/Trestles

Down South
Alabama: Surfed most of the day Sunday prior to the storm, with plenty of time to fuck off on Monday and Tuesday. The brunt of the swell should have hit on Tuesday the forecaste...

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