Frances sez "Lube up, SE!"
I see F. is already pinging the Hatteras buoy, 4.6 ft. at 10 -13 secs. Somebody is about to git LIT UP. Reports, plz. Atticus

wheres Dee Dee?
Foon, Rod, et al? What ever happened to DeeDee? Last I heard she had gotten a long board for New Hampshire. Where is she?....todd ...............><}}}}}">................

Yb sport
Hi there, I've got some informations for you. I've been looking for a complete method of mental and physical empowerment for a long time and it was always too expensive for...

Who was that?
Hi all, I'm compiling a travelogue from my last trip to the US. On one of the days I met a surfer who was relatively well known, and I'd love to know who it was. Here's what I k...

Yellow Bamboo Joke of the day.
Looks like someone else has come across Alvin in their travels. Search Google "Yellow Bamboo wankers" This is what turned up

yb bots
Anyone remember when AS was almost overrun with bots? With a gradual increase in these *supposedly* random yb testimonials, i'm fearing a mass assault on AS. Everyone get your tasers re...

Yellow Bamboo and The Power Within You
I just had to share something with this group that I just discovered. What I am talking about is something that has many things in common with the martial arts, but is actually an amazingly ...

Wheres the best surf?
Hello my name is Annika, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. We only have small wussy waves here, I have been working as a photomodel in Italy, Milano saving cash to go and learn surfing, I h...

Surfing with Will Borgeson in '84, words and pictures
An atmospheric sketch (with pictures!) of a surf session with Will Borgeson twenty years ago this month Intro I met Will Borgeson in the summer of 1984 when I was an underg...

Hurricane Party This Saturday... Flek, Jane and Herb's place. Best of luck to you guys. -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers Bring on the SPF!

democratic party according to Zell Miller
Attention -- this will be my only pseudo quasi (non-revolutionary) political post this year, quoting an utterance by Georgia Democratic (?) Senator Zell Miller: "Nowadays [Miller]...

SF board repair recommendations?? (buckled a board at OB yesterday)
The inside section at Ocean Beach (San Francisco) buckled my longboard yesterday. Can you recommend anyone for good quality and affordable board repair in the bay area? I took the...

Since we're all actors of sorts... (an OT poll)
During Bravo's "Inside the Actor's Studio", host James Lipton always asks his celebrity guests a series of questions. How would you answer? --sponge 1. What is your f...

longboard history
When I go out now I see about half or more of the surfers where I go are longboarders. Was this true in the 80's? I have heard that longboarding was unheard of during the 70's and 80's and...

Hermine - surf coming to mid Atlantic and Southern New England
It's not going to be a big storm but the track looks ideal for bringing some mid-sized waves to the Mid atlantic. Surf will be up on Tuesday. -George

Surf Report: SW corner of Lake Michigan
Air: Near 70 Water: near 70 Couldy Waves waist high plus, The slopes outside are so gradual, who knows the full height for sure? Wave wise, my session went just fine, ... online surf shop
Hello, We've recently opened the online side of Surfing Life Ltd. We sell Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, Ripcurl, Hurley, Globe, Volcom, Oxbow and more...

strongest leash recommendations
snapped the leash this morning, time for a new one, I've been using a DAKine, it 10 of 12 feet long. Its thicker than other leashes I've seen, are their any stronger alternatives? ...

Chaba's huge eye Chaba had concentric eyewalls. Now it has one huge ugly eyewall. This is a huge storm. Peak winds are less ...

SteveM's GP Forecast?
Did I glimpse a mention of the infamous SteveM GuidoPalooza wavege forecast? That's gonna be a tough one this year... but, there is a little something coming off the Cape Verdes in the lo...

Frances sez: "Howdy, F-L-A"
Godspeed, gents. Atticus

Oil and Gas Investor -- FYI -- M. King Hubbert
"His most famous predictive analysis was published in 1956. In it, he indicated that our conventional crude-oil production would go over the top of a great curve in 1970 and start down. Much...

hey Gamivia[the supreme court]
By any chance did you ever hit someone with a Catamaran in LaJolla in 1979?........todd. ...............><}}}}}">................ "I wish, I wish, I wish I were a fish" ...

Surfing NZ TV
Just for interest for those of you who would like to know whats on NZs national television live. TVNZ TV1 streaming live. NZed ...

KCCC - Kerry is a Communistic Cowardly war Criminal
a well-timed and ambush with political rant against you liberals had the exact result as expected, you came out of the woodwork like the cockroaches you are and went ballistic trying to spew...

Close Encounters of the AS Kind
Several ASer's have recently sent to me requests to update their AS Points histories. So it has been done... but some are probably missing while others may contain minor errors. A period...

changing my vote now!
Yep, the texas boys convinced me jb and carson arguing on the same side of an issue Bush IS a great Uniter after all!!! Coming to AS soon -------- 'gre...

Texan Three ring Circus
Back off, these three snapper heads are all mine! oh no my fellow's you are experiencing something special. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle. It's a three ring circus of fr...

The alt.surfing renaissance!
You gotta hand it to the writers. AS is back in full swing. Now if we could just move the subject matter back to surfing we'd have ourselves a real renaissance! The 30' gulf of me...

liberals top ten reasons to beat bush
Based on the last few days discussions, all you liberals truly believe each and every one of the following: 1. Bush is destroying workers rights and outsourcing jobs instead of p...

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