hey shaftmeister!
I am leaving for a mission on another island and wont be back here for a while. I know it is going to underwhelm you but the internet is sketchy (like me:-) where I am going. ...

Traveling and Surfing Deaf
It kills me to leave behind all my gadgetry but I guess I'll be traveling light this trip. I'm probably going to regret leaving the video camera behind and am debating on leaving the laptop...

Does E-coast swell size increase after the sun rises?
If you are a surfer who surfs mainly on the west coast of your continent, then this thread is not for you, unless you'd like to enforce contribution via inexperience and plain guess-wor...

Researchers say they finally have found a potent repellent
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Excited by the scent of blood, a dozen sharks dart about in a frenzy as a researcher dips a pole in the sea and squirts out a clear, yellowish substance. Within seco...

surfing website space available
if anyone is interested in some free space on my server for some personal surf sites-drop me an email. [email protected]

Mmmm, mmm, good
Those waist high waves today were fun, but I'm thinking they won't be the same after I experience this: http://forum.surfermag.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=527712&page=0&view=col...

Seppos 20, Vickies ZERO!
"Doctor" Alvin Donovan III wrote: (Seppo this... seppo that...) So Vickie tell us, When will Australia EVER: 1- Come up with a good NEW rock band? 2- Produce a pie...

Alt dot surfing Hotties AND more Yellow Bamboo Power!
Photos of alt dot surfing hotties, male and female, AND more evidence of the Power Of The Yellow Bamboo: http://adaywithba.com/images/bench1.jpg =========== Join...

All bused up and nowhere to surf
Some of you will remember that early last year I embarked on a van conversion to produce a custom surfmobile. Well the result is more-or-less complete and some pictures can be seen here:

Special invite to all aussies and kiwis asers
Hello from Bali, I would like to invite all the aussie and kiwis (seppos can come if they promise to mis-behave :-) on the as to come to Bali for the first annual invitationa...

OK, I am really gonna try this time
In lieu of going to Europe this fall (In-laws with medical issues), We'll be heading down to So cal from Sept 2 -20 staying in Laguna Beach very close to Salt C***k. I intend on c...

Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk
I'm taking my young kids (pre-teen)to the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. I've never seen waves at the boardwalk beach. I know my son would like to play in the waves while we're there. ...

more video highlights from sclu contest
Location: Lane,sc time: pm conditions: reasonably clean, overhead on sets. weather: sunny. comments: highlights from later heats at the sclu contest. some nice rides from div...

Yellow Bamboo is not a joke, its power is awesome - I felt it today!
Attention alt dot surfers: I know that most, if not all of you, scoff at the power of YELLOW BAMBOO. Let me tell you, however, that today I felt the POWER! All I ...

Lake Monster Birthday
Craig "Lake Monster" Kemnitz celebrates his birthday this Saturday. Go get some! GP'ers will graciously paddle him as he runs through the gaunlet and tries to catch a wave :) <...

hurricane barrier
I put together a Web page with some photos of the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier here in Providence, Rhode Island. It's almost time for the tropics to heat up, and that's when we get our best w...

glassingTips I needem
Anyone got the goods on some fiberglassing techniques to help avoid excessive sanding. Any tips welcomed

WTB 36"-38" body board.
Looking for a small body board for my son. Would like a good quality one that will last for years. Anybody have one they want to get rid of? Thanks, Mark

ASKOTY competition in full swing!
We are in the middle of a marathon, but a few long-time AS stalwarts are sprinting to the head of the pack! There might even be a newcomer or two in the mix. Past winners are one-upping them...

Bali surfing
Hey everybody! I'm going to Bali in September for about 3 weeks and wanted to know if someone could tell me how much a second-hand longboard is approximately? Or how much is a wee...

Hi pres

stripping wax for flight
Is there *really* a good case for stripping the wax off your boards to prepare them for the coffin bag? The last few trips I skipped the wax striptease and on arrival my boards we...

WTB 36"-38" body board.
Looking for a body board for my son. Would like to find a good one that will last for years. Anybody have one they want to get rid of? Thanks, Mark

Landlord sighting at Linda Mar
Any one in the SF bay area here of a landlord sighting at Linda Mar

WTB 36"-38" body board.
Looking for a small body board for my son. Would like a good quality one that will last for years. Anybody have one they want to get rid of. Thanks, Mark

Great surf at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station
At least there was in the early 30's. I went to see the Fairchild Aerial Photography Collection at Whittier College this a.m. to get 1927-38 photos of Long Beach pre breakwater, for t...

Looking for Schlitterbahn Tickets
Hi Guys, I am looking for a couple of schlitterbahn tickets so if you guys have a coupon or selling tickets please let me know the price and I will send the money your way right away. M...

YASS - yet another shark story.
It's that time of the year again in Norcal. Boats are chumming close to the beach. Birds are diving. Marine life is bountiful. <shark story> Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 17:19:57 -0700 ...

What are other surfing discussion forums on the net?
In addition to this active newsgroup, can anyone please suggest (with links) any other active surf and surfing message boards / discussion forums on the net.

New to Surfing
Hi I recently did a bit of newbee surfing down at Bude with a surf school. Just three lessons and I didnt learn an awful lot, but I do know how to popup, and how to catch a swell ...

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