Going South
July 11 Morgan and I will be heading deep into southern Baja. It will be a two week trip. The only true agenda will be to get to Scorpion Bay, eventually. The rest of the trip will be showin...

ATTN CHEXTER: Surfboard logo ID
I saw a board two days ago. It's a solid blue singlefin, with FU finbox, classic, thick railed early 70s single. About 7 feet long, has a small swallowtail, with the only identifying marks b...

Midwest Surf Anticipation
At the ocean, I just would just look at the surf on my way to school. Or just go look at the surf, last summer. On the Lake it is a completely different situation. We anticipate surf and ...

Who asked for info about Pismo Beach?
I just spent a few days there. (For a small fee) I might be able to answer some of your surfing/travel related questions. ggcarroll

You want a report?
Got the ideal destination. Got the crew. Got the photographer. And got the spot boat reserved. AND IT PUMPS! Tuamotu Atolls Surf Trip! http://www.tahitianbluewaterdream.com/

international surfers
Long time no post, have sold my house in Newcastle, Oz and have hit the road. First went south to the Tasmania ended up buying some land nearly as far south in Oz as possible, on an island...

I step aside for SurferBob
I step aside for any trolling accolades and hand to them to SurferBob. My reason is that I post an actual surf report every time I surf. Aren't we all still waiting for SurferBobs first su...

Where can I find friends to surf with
Hey, I just recently started surfing in Cocoa Beach, but none of my friends like to surf. So I am looking for people who have the same passion!

Coney Island
ok, not really a surf report, but I'm desperate here. Did get to part of the Mermaid Parade with 14 month son and friends. We went down to the ocean after and I skinned it for 2 quick dips w...

at the surf club in new plymouth friday night?
Gday from New Zealand! Ill be at the surf club in New Plymouth friday night for the weekly piss up. Come and say hi and watch me run from ya :-) YBS

The legend of BA
BA, shall we say, had some "problems" during his last visit to my little beach town. I think it was back in the sixties. He hasn't been back since but his legend is passed down generation to...

Chicago's [where ever that is] loss is our gain!
THE Chicago Wahine dropped in to Barrio La J***a S***es a couple of days ago - Jeeze, out of the water, what a hottie, in the water, I've heard, she's even hotter! http...

NDBC - Site down?
Anyone else having trouble connecting to www.ndbc.noaa.gov ?? Can't check specific buoys, or even get the home page. (As of early a.m., 6/26 EDT) Ned ...

some things are meant to be remembered.
WSD +2 I was firing on all cylinders. My shorts were hanging low. The kids were dropped off at the pool. No flab on the man, I had a full cup o'...

bit less cobwebs in the attic
It was a good winter on the south coast, a good spring also; yes indeed it was. Spent WSD drinking copious amounts of beer and eating by body weight in crawfish most o...

Top Surfing Videos
I need more surfing videos. I've got Laird, Thicker than water, now I need a new one. What do you guys recommend for quality. Thanks

Gleshna: doppelganger, hugely successful profile, or real human being?
Surfgeotwo ([email protected]) wrote: > ...the panty raid on alt.gymnastics > was hugely successful - it brought back bawb by golly! Maybe it did and maybe it didn't. It ...

seeking G
his website addy is apparently overloaded - i emailed him via his yahoo account - does anyone know if thats still active or have another contact? one of the non AS panamasolas2000 crew memb...

report : Bondi 25/6
Place :Bondi Beach, Sydney Time : 10:45 - 2:15 Size : Waist high Conditions : The wind was offshore so the waves held up pretty good. The banks were also pretty good because last ...

Summer Solstice Surf(?) Report
Mine was rather strange - and interesting in a self realization sort of way. A different energy was afoot than I had ever been in tune to before. It's all good... There was no sur...

FS: 6'6" Pointblanks shortboard - handshaped epoxy! Goleta, CA $340 OBO
This board was used only a handful of times, its too skinny for me (i'm 190 lbs). Its 6'6" x 18 7/16 x 2 1/8". No dings at all - only a very few minor pressure dents. With wax on, the board ...

Surfing is Sport, Not Life!
You would think that life is all about surfing for many people in this forum. It is one kick ass sport and pass time, that's for sure. But when you consider the rantings of a guy like jb (...

Good surf/swim shorts to buy?
Getting ready to go to Cancun. Need some goo swim and beach trunks Patagonia used to make something called River shorts. Very heavy duty short made of polyester. But i cant ...

Body boarder asking noob questions
I only get near the beach one week per year - and that is always the Atlantic Ocean. I have 8 children - and I am old - so I am not about to try to learn to surf. But I love to boogie boar...

new surf pix - where to post???
I have a few more surf pix from this past winter in rhode island that i want to share. my web site server is having authentication problems, photobucket never emailed me back with my setting...

videomaker wanted
Pro and amateur videomaker wanted for surf television

travel, food and hardly anything surf-related
hey all, i've been out and about last week, missing the latest alt.dissings. since most people don't want to talk about surfing, i figure i'll talk about food & travel. ...

SurfGeo hits a grand slam!
Who needs hardcore when you can surf feral Nicaragua and then relax afterwards in this: http://www.agoraimages.com/rs/index1.php?filename=CasaEnsueno01sm.jpg (note lef...

Calling WSD 2004 Champion SHAFT (was: WSD AWARD NOTIFICATION!!!)
Yo, WSD 2004 Champion Shaft! SURF_DOPE asked me to take possession of the SWD Totemic Thermos award and send it to you, winner of the WSD 2004 surf report contest. Please p-mail m...

test - I'm not getting any surf posts, just porn spam

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