Memorial Day surf report.
Date: Monday, May 31st Time: 7:15 AM - 12:15 PM Location: North of Pt. Arena, south of Tofino. Swell: NW - 8.5' @ 12.5 seconds Wind: 2 knots Gusts: ...

Wow - lucky guy

WSD Spring 2004
Date : May 29th, 2004 Location : 110th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ Time : about 1:30 pm to around 3:00? Board : 9'6" WRV Surf : waist to maybe high belly high Conditions : mostly...

WSD - quickie
Spent the morning videtaping santa cruz longboard contest. many clubs from throughout the state were represented. decent surf most of the 2 days. small south swell gave the lane plenty of

wsd compilation?
I might have missed this, but is anyone compiling this spring's wsd posts. I don't have time to read all of them right away and it's nice to have them all in one place... Thanks. ...

be impeccable with your word

WSD Spring 2004 - El Porto, CA, USA
Date : May 29th, 2004 Location : 40th Str. El Porto, CA, USA Time : 7:15 - 8:30 AM Board : 7'4 Kadowaki Surf : Chest to Shoulder high, rare bigger sets Conditions : Partly clo...

WSD Spring 04
Date: May 29, 2004 Time: 9-11am / 12-2 pm Spots: Point/reef in the am, beachbreak in the pm Conditions: Small, clean, breezy, inconsistent Air temp: 54 Water temp: 52 ...

WSD in the Corn Belt
Got out my Peter Pan longboard and kinda just stared at it. I was hopeful today. In the last few months I've had a good comeback. I'm sure I'll be able to surf next WSD.

Surf in Urdaibai (Laga, Ogella)
Hello Bod. First pardon for my very bad English. Laga beach and Ogella beach are in Urdaibai, near of Mundaka (Bizkaia). Im an amateur photographer and this is my hobby. Thanks for ask...

WSD 5-29-04 HB Cliffs
Another DP with wind texture But at least there was some swell Nothing epic, mind you, but some swell nonetheless Beats most WSD's around here Usually there is no swell ...

rain (image)
This is more a test. Seems like the Google Groups is not working. Pic from a recent session. It was empty I guess because people didn't want to get wet because of the rain.

The day after yesterday, WSD
Checked buoys. 40 ft 25 sec, buoy 1. Kinda big for May. Went to south shore to catch the wrap. Heroins was goin off alll the way to Acid drop. But that was nothing like the sets that hi...

WSD Report 5-29-04
Date: May 29, 2004 Time: ~1-2pm Spot: a La Jolla reefbreak Conditions: light wind, one friend Swell: not yet Surf: 0-1' bumpy, mushy wind swell Words: I did it...

WSD/100 waves,or not
Friday night I took in a Dick Dale concert and was blown away by the King of the Surf Guitar. Surprisingly the high-point of the show for me was when Dick played a drum solo duet with his dr...

WSD report from the People's Republic of Ocean Beach
Start here: N8 busts a big move on his "Bondo board" for his AS brethren.

WSD/ Strike up the Band
Jack_Daw <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > In article <BCDE2E8D.543EF%[email protected]>, > th...

WSD May 04 down under
Executive summary: small to very small clean beachies. There hasn't been much swell for the past week, and Huey obviously didn't get the memo about world surf day. Went to a secret be...

WSD, Spring, 2004, RI
Well unfortunately there's no surf. I was going to go to VT to visit family this wkd., but had to remain in PVD to show my apt. on the lovely East Side/India Point. Just renewed the lease an...

Surf in Urdaibai (Laga, Ogella)
Hi, If you have a minute, check out these photos from my Webshots photo album! Enjoy, Surfdaibai

Only the best of the best - Zach Rhinehart
Hello group: I am Paul the watervideo guy from straight out productions, I'm using Vince's internet access to post this message. Check out Zach Rhineharts rider profile from TV show ...

May 2004 WSD report
Woke up, fed the house, and noticed the winds were null. The forecast was 20 knot onshores at dawn. Oh well, off to the beach. Its a brilliant morning, sunny, warm, and windswell on tap. <...

Buddy's Picture -- 5/19/04
Date: May 19, 2004 Time: 0730 -- 0930 Spot(s): dhlh Conditions: Slight onshore with light, familiar crowd Swell: Semi-inconsistent, with more of an easterly component Sur...

Achikochi -- 5/15/04
Date: May 15, 2004 Time: 0500 -- 0845 Spot(s): dhlh Conditions: Light onshores; no crowd Swell: On and off consistency, straight south Surf: 1-3'+ Haw'n Words: Pred...

Longer than Necessary -- 5/8/04
Date: May 8, 2004 Time: 0500 -- 0845 Spot(s): dhlh Conditions: Dead calm turning light onshore; little more crowded than usual Swell: On and off consistency, straight south...

Jox -- 5/7/04
Date: May 7, 2004 Time: 0830 -- 1030 Spot(s): Jox Conditions: Calm turning slightly onshore with medium, late-season crowd Swell: Semi-inconsistent, but solid north swell ...

May Day -- 5/1/04 (revisited)
Finally scanned all the pictures from the session. Check them out: sponge

History, in it's most pure form, is based in truth, knowledge, accuracy, and facts. No surprise that some people have such disdain for it. There are many who would never let the truth g...

Tree Size -
Neal - Thought I'd give you an update on the La Jolla Tree Sizes (sans Keener) For Reference: Scot Cherry and Mike Croteau -
Has gone totally commercial. The largest forum is for selling stuff and many links lead to DVD's for sale. No more arguing over wave sizes in inches and ppl running around with sk...

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