south swell log
Hey all, Wow- nice week of potent south swellage on the west coast! All is well with the world. Monday- Swell catches me by surprise. Big peaks at local cloudbreak spot...

Density and bouyancy of foam question
This could be a good one for you Doc. I have been discussing discussing with my shaper friend what size we shall design our first tandem board. The foam used is the high density p...

Short boards on racks?
It was very, very windy yesterday in Chicago and it made me wonder. If you have one of the thin, high performance shortboards on car racks, do they ever break at say 80 mph on the high...

i'm IN cabrones!
well along with the huge SW-er that we're having in SoCal, which has been totally fun, we also found today that we have been accepted to AUS ... ozzie cabrones do ya hear me?!!! get y...

Really Small Fullsuit?
OK. Its been a long while since I've posted but..... I'm finally reaching a point where my son (5 years old in January) can may be start trying to "surf". We take a 2 week beach vaca...

Semi OT: creating thumbnails with photoshop?
I finally got a copy of PhotoShop 5.0 for the Mac. I've been busy cropping and resizing more surf photos for my Web site (so this isn't totally OT), but I can't figure out how to create thum...

A third letter from Cambodia
From [email protected] Fri Apr 23 00:43:32 2004 Return-Path: <[email protected]> Received: from ( []) ...

a short video
This video is from tues in santa cruz. a decent south swell with lots fo punch I'm still working on a viewer rating/feedback page and i'd appreciate people going to: http://www.sur...

NJ, OBX, and other places should consider this...
See link.

driving off a cliff and surf report sc
on my to a santa cruz dp yesterday, i was stopped at devil's slide by chp, a couple of miles south of my house. lots of search and rescue and newstrucks were arriving. they had to wait for <...

Three men in a barrel
From the Honolulu Star Bulletin, taken on Monday: sponge

Could It Be ........
In the wilds of the PNW ... If you build it someone , somewhere will come . Rico

The Lakes - 1950s surfing crowd? The Lakes are still not on the official surf movie tour. That is a good thing. So that makes us more like California in the early 1950...

Francis Thompson, RIP
A former PB ripper and team mate of mine on the UCSD surf team in the mid-60's passed away last week. I lost track of him after college and hadn't seen him in many years. His obit in the SD...

Kemp Aaberg interview
FYI: Bill Clarke's and David Dahlquist's interview with Kemp Aaberg is now up on <>. "When weaving nets, all threads... off suspension
After a few years of punishment, I figured that had learned its lesson. So I have graced it once more with my presence. Gleshna - Multi-Thousandaire DA L...

Vote for Tara Hossack surfer Sportswoman Illustrated woman of the Year for South Africa Tara local South African surfer, daughter of veteran surfer Rod Hossack from Vicbay, South Africa, home of the Vic Bay surfcam Cheers ...

Tour guides in Tahiti?
My husband and I are traveling to Tahiti in September and will be traveling around the islands (Raitea, Huahine, etc.) by sailboat. Due to travel and space limitations, we are not bringing o...

FS: 12' Dennis Pang Stock Open Ocean Model Paddleboard
Condition is almost brand new. Purchased six months ago but now I have to move. Paddles very smooth and fast. Always stored under cover. Comes with 2 stomach pads. 12'0"...

new school softboard
I have just come up with some exciting new technology that has revolutionised softboards. I am looking for a good business partner with some cash who can act as agents in all countries. ...

Cape Town, South Africa >> Firing Sunday Pictures
Sunday 25/04 , solid 6-8 @ a juicy city lefthander. Click link to view album:

Back for more
Heres an interesting story from what happened recently. Which also happens to be a great area for surfing. The question is "Would you go out surfing in the area where this shark was ?" ...

Fast Growthing Travel Home Based Business Opportunity
Hi, You have seen our Cashcardworldwide system (our marketing tool), but I really want to stress upon you the strength of the company. 1. Do you travel often or know someone...
I am too old to surf seriously and I thought I'd give something back .... No porn or spam .. If posted it will be blown away.

Shots of some fresh waves from the North
Back in the late 60's as a kid I would catch the Masters at the Pipeline watching the "Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat" up in the land locked prarie land of Minnesota. I would find...

Blue Horizon led me to my Blue Lagoon
The water is a warm 62, which at the end of the Fall would mean we'd all be in skimpier neoprene if not sans rubber. It feels great to put up the booties for the year. I like to stash them...

A second letter from Cambodia
Here's another letter. His photo catalog seems to have a wide range of impressions on me. I thought the boat races and the markets looked quite nice. The photos of the killing fields muse...

SoCals Yearly Shark
I see that soCal has another shark in the news media this year. Gleshna - Multi-Thousandaire DA LAKES: Da Lake Tube:

A letter from Cambodia
Robert, an old sailing friend of my father, is currently in Cambodia teaching English. He's been sending out emails and photos of life over there. I thought some of you might enjoy this: <...

Numero Dos - In fun color!
Enjoy! C. -- -she ain't revved til the rods is thrown

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