I use surfboards as mega-dildos
Yes, I rape myself with those large surfboards.Sometimes I use sharks as anal-dildos, too, but only after I raped them. Im an evil sex monster and you should pray that youll never

diabetic surfers?
By chance are there any surfers in here that are also diabetic? Particularly that may have neuropathy in their legs? I have it in my feet and all the way up my right leg. I have been able t...

good surf as of late
http://www.matagordabay.com/camlast-1.htm Sea-ya

Shelly Beach, NSW ... a few pics
A few pics from a pretty good Sunday session here on the Central Coast: http://www.centralcoastsurf.net/thumbs/shelly070304.html Cheers all Mike www.centralcoastsurf.net PS th...

Pics from March 5
The local beach fired off nicely on Friday. One of the better days of the winter. Start here: http://kneed4speed.com/03_05_04-1.htm -- OBsurfr www.kneed4speed.com ...

This Morning 3-6-04 (pics)
Somewhere in the northern reaches of Orange County. Small, clean, high tide. Before paddle out. http://img32.photobucket.com/albums/v96/AweFshore/Surf/364b2.jpg http://img32....

NY Times: The Peruvians Surrender to Surfing
Lima Journal: The Peruvians Surrender to Surfing, Body and Soul March 4, 2004 By JUAN FORERO LIMA, Peru, Feb. 28 - Hawaii may have the north coast of Oahu. Calif...

make lots O money fast an easy
Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to $20000.00 in your PayPal account. There is a very high rate of participation in the program because of its low investment and h...

June Indo Board Quiver
Hey, Board quiver for 2months Indo as follows, I am about to put my custom order through, your thoughts/comments/suggestions would be appreciated: 1. Fish/Fun board : ...

First vid - rough edit
Todays VAS surf, low wave to effort ratio. includes special AS cameo appearance! http://members.optusnet.com.au/~shralper/burl.wmv

It's been a good month...
Well I guess it hasn't been a month yet... Yeah it's been a good four weeks! ...or maybe somewhere like. Three weeks...or less. ....errr a couple of days? ....

this should be fun
Westport, WA (February 9, 2004) Op presents The Surfrider Foundation's 3rd Annual Northwest Clean Water Classic, March 6 and 7, at Westport Beach, Washington. This year's Op Surfrider...

Step Into Liquid DVD- where in UK?
Hi, I'm after this on DVD, any region- preferably to buy from the UK or a site in thanks David

Picuruta Salazar Takes On The Amazon
Gary Lynch laid this one on my electronic doorstep today: http://www.legendarysurfers.com/blog/

photo locations in NorCal?
I shot surf photos from the shore in Santa Cruz last weekend but with the morning sun behind or directly over the waves the lighting sucked. I was near 41st street. From google results this...

UK Surf pics
here are some top pics giving you the best from british surfing: http://www.noseriders.com/ and follow the gallery link at the bottom

Possible SURF_DOPE sighting?
Yo SURF_DOPE! Two weeks ago, 8:45AM on a rainy Tuesday morning I was checking high tide, morning sick Freak Street. Maybe a dozen guys out. I saw a guy riding on a bright emerald...

closed cell foam sucks like a parched camel? (was: SI bodysurfing...)
Once upon a time a dork let a carwash trash his board. And Doc wrote: > You have a closed-cell foam Loehr, which sucks up liquids quicker and deeper > than a camel that just crossed th...

Surf travel site and message board - stokebay.com
I thought the readers of this forum might be interested in checking out www.StokeBay.com. We list vacation rentals and real estate at world wide surfing destinations and also have a discuss...

Surfers still missing
The local authorities presumed the surfers to have drowned. http://www.stuff.co.nz/bayofplenty/0,2106,2833362a6663,00.html No mention of finding their surfboards. My gut fee...

Calling corbeau
I may be in your working neighborhood. Send me an email. -------------------------------------- Rod Rodgers Bring on the SPF! http://www.rodNDtube.com/

Anyone going to Noosa?
Are any of the Aussie crew going up to the Noosa Longboard festival? I think the first day is tomorrow... Best of waves, Ben

Wheeerreee have allll the alt.posters gooonnnneeeee? Gooonnneee tooo foorrruuummmms everyonnnnnne. Gleshna - Multi-Thousandaire DA LAKES: Da Lake Tube: h...

Benefit Concert for the Surf Museum 3/19/04
Sorry about the ad, but it's for a good cause. **********PRESS RELEASE********** The Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum announces a benefit concert March 19th, 2...

What you've been missing
Wish every day was like this, only then I'd never get anything done - small, fun, longboard day at the pier... Peter http://community.webshots.com/photo/119847310/119848210sgSgde ...

Foon/Rod Pilgrimage?
You guys are gonna miss all the good waves - things are getting pretty darned fun around here!

Dale Webster, 10407 days in a row
Yesterday completed 28 years of surfing 3 waves to the beach every day. Supposedly he did not surf today. Press-Democrat has a detailed article: http://www.pressdemocrat.co...

Northshore Pilgrimage.
After 6 weeks in Hawaii I am back to reality, I can't complain though, I had a fat time over there, met a bunch of top people including our own Neal and Bud. The waves and ocean conditions w...

Wearing a Helmet (2/21/04)
Another article for my Road Runner Hawaii surfing column. Apologies in advance for being kinda Neal-centric. Story and photos here: http://www.aroundhawaii.com/leisure/reviews/neal_miyake/...

The Woman Who Rides Mountains

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