A Few Barrels from Shelly Beach, NSW, Oz
Hi All, Just a few pics from a pretty good session today (Sunday 29-02-04) down at Shelly Beach, Central Coast NSW Australia.... http://www.centralcoastsurf.net/thumbs/shelly2902.html <...

NEWS FLASH! - Boardsurfers in despair! Blaine?
Mattel announced recently that Barbie, that quintessential doll, has, after a 43 year relationship, given Ken the dump. She is now seeing a much younger man named Blaine, who is an Australia...

mavericks contest on, waves off?
I saw some clips from the Mavericks contest on The Weather Channel last night and I was disappointed to see that the wave quality pretty much sucked! It looked about double overhead, big eno...

In my advertising class we were just assigned ULI inflatable surfboards as the focus of a new ad campaign. So my question to all hardcore surfers: 1-Have any of you used this yet?...

maverick's contest today
The Maverick's contest is happening today! Other than newsbite coverage, is there any television coverage of the contest?

Lake Surfing Issues
Here is just one good thread discussing some of the issues of Lake surfers: http://tubesteak.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27 Gleshna - Multi-Thousandaire DA LAKES: ...

No Asian Pro Surfers?
I'm curious as to why there are virtually no Asians, foreign or American, on the Pro circuit. It appears that there are many, many asians who surf in Japan and especially Hawaii, yet few at...

Mavericks contest on for this weekend
www.mavericksurf.com If you click through enough links, you'll see who is in the different heats. glenda

another vid
This video is from last week here in Pacifica. its my second effort on garage band and i'm starting to figure some things out. though it does seem to take alot of time to put the music ...

the view from 805
Freak Street: Yesterday's fun surf is gone. Huge unruly, lumpy storm surf breaking well wide of the pier. Color of a chocolate milk. No one out. Rincon: About the same. Waves look...

At Long Last ... A Swell - East Coast Australia
Hi All Been a drought of late along the east coast of Down Under, nothing but ankle-slappers and less. But we did manage something significant today (Thursday 26 Feb, 2004) with a SE gr...

Hey, I found a Great Lakes forum that I have not been kicked off of. Yahoo. Of course, I have to see if I can actually get a login and password. Gee, I hope ... never mind. Hel...

Buoys starting to pop!
SE Papa is going over 30' http://seaboard.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.phtml?$station=46006

To learn more about Lake surfing
To get a look at the conversations of SOME lake surfers, you can look at: www.lakesurf.com it is now open for reading. Gleshna - Multi-Thousandaire DA...

NZed surf report
Whats worse ? No surf or really good surf but cannot go surfing ? Well that was my situation today.... I had heard it was pumping from my daughters teacher who lives at the bay. I ...

Visit the Surf Centre online
The Surf Centre Web Site has been updated! Looking to buy a board, wet suit, clothes, sunglasses or any beach lifestyle accessory? We currently stock over 2000 items -- buy on-li...

fresh from the water
location: home break conditions: overcast, choppy, sets started at 1.5x, growing to 2x+ on the final set. local bouy: 10.5 @ 14sec incoming swell and outgoing tide. winds coming fr...

New Jersey Surf Club
The New Jersey Surf Club has just redone their website and looks good. Has a cool chat board and needs some active posters. Check it out http://www.njsc.org

ok, i screwed up.....
but i want to talk to gamivia and doc about coastie issues, my son danny is pretty much "in" baby! i have cleared my address books due to certain virus issues so i cant email you guys direc...

My spies tell me...
that today (Monday) the North Shore is going off. I heard 30 ft? Is that so? glenda

SI Bodysurfing Piece
Flying ahead of the curl, Stewart barreled through the finals to win his 10th Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. Erik Aeder Bodysurfing may be the only sport that can trac...

Update on woodenboard plan....
Well ...due to things beyond my control...it looks like the wooden board project will go on the backburner for a while. I was planning on using my fathers double garage. However due to his p...

Toooooooom Keeeeeener
Email me. I'll be in San Diego the first week of March for three days. Since my company is paying for the hotel, rental car and airfare, I'm thinking of bringing my board. Should be able ...

Lake Surf Mpeg for you - 32 Mb
Enjoy: http://www.unsalted.tv/trailer.mpg Gleshna - Multi-Thousandaire DA LAKES: Da Lake Tube: http://www.greatlakesurfing.com/images/Gallery/point.jpg

New website updates
I added three more days of photos. For the shark paranoids in this group those are dolphins in the background of some images! http://kneed4speed.com/02-15-04-1.htm http://kneed4sp...

now thats what i call a proper sheethousen!!!

Hey, Neal 'n' Bud...
Pipe's been going off for the past several days in a row. Report, please. Thank you for your consideration. I.M. Frozen

surfing/swimming trainer attachment for the Bowflex
Simulating the freestyle swimming stroke as well as surf paddling can be accomplished on the Bowflex Ultimate and Power Pro models utilizing an attachment that you can easily fabricate yours...

Aerobic surfing/swimming trainer attachment for the Bowflex
Simulating the freestyle swimming stroke as well as surf paddling can be accomplished on the Bowflex Ultimate and Power Pro models utilizing an attachment that you can easily fabricate yours...

South Africa - Gardenroute - Vicbay surfcam proving popular among local surfers
The Vic Bay surfcam went live on the 26 December and is slowly proving a popular daily favorite for local surfers on the Garden Route. Mounted at the home of Rod Hossack Guest House ca...

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