get your snowboards and ice skates ready ...

Eighty Mile Beach
Are there good waves on Eighty Mile Beach? It looks like if I could get there I would have the beach to myself for miles. It looks like it's in the same corridor as Bali but maybe the corn...

World's < > Surfer
My votes: Most well known surfer: Bethany Hamilton Best surfer: James Bond ( Die Another Day ) Gleshna - Thousandaire DA LAKES: Da Lake Tube: ht...

A SoCal Remember When ...
In no particular order. Remember ... When fins were called skegs? And when boards didn't have one skeg, let alone three? When guys still rode paddleboards? ...

Water on Mars? (mostly off-topic, but some surf-related tagents)
Okay, I have for a long time contented that there is subterrainean (submartian) surf on Mars, and it is due to extreme localism that these Martians don't want their secret spot spoiled...

From NY Times Travel...
In Puerto Rico, Discovering a Surf Mecca By JULIA CHAPLIN Published: January 30, 2004 ON a warm afternoon in mid-January, the sunset happy hour was revving up at the Calypso...

(Sent to me by an old friend.) If you're old enough to remember all this stuff, you're older than me. Amazing this stuff has been laying around so long 'unused'- and comes ...

Tea leaves!!! corbeau, ferg, rod, rico
Googlism for: corbeau corbeau is regarded today as a masterpiece of french cinema corbeau is sure to have what you are looking for corbeau is the answer corbeau is gothic

More tea leaves! The San Diego crew- OB, Keener, Tweed, BA, DK
Oh God, please send some waves soon. Surfer Bob --------------- Googlism for: ob ob is part of the political economy of late capitalism ob is a doctor the speciali...

NY Times: Surfing in Puerto Rico -Jan -- Jan Schaumann <> Life," said Marvin, "don't talk to me about ...

I need tips on restoring a 70's epoxy W.A.V.E. surfboard
I bought this recently to ride and restore. It has just a couple of small dings. The board is straight and strong, no cracks or split seams. The finish is alittle oxidized wich is no probl...

information required on reef modelling packages and formulae REFDIF, Delft3D and MatLab
There is a proposed reef for Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. The official blurb states, "A detailed modelling campaign testing many potential shapes has been undertaken using a number of reef ...

Some surfing warmth from Santa Cruz
It's getting to -10 tonight, windchill in the -30F range in Chicago ('global warming' is difficult to contemplate right now). Anyway, a friend sent a link of small Cowells a...

Donations needed for the Midwest
Do you have any extra degrees that you are not using? ( F are preferred; however we will accept C degrees because of their current higher exchange value. ) If so, please send them to the Mi...

In memory of...
> join us in remembering a great icon of the > entertainment community. > > The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast > infection and complications from re...

Truck Surfing - Another Darwin Award Home Video
The recent dumbasses in the snow thing was posted to the LandRover list a while back along with this one too: C -- ...

Tea leaves! Gleshna, Alvin, Gadget, jb, Bob G. ROTFLMAO!
OK, so I'm editing more discerningly now, but this is just too good to keep to myself. I'll go wash my brain again now. Surfer Bob ------------------ Googlism for: alvi...

OT-But really funny!
Check out this video. Watch it to the end otherwise you will miss the best part. Don't do this to get out of the snow.

my break

Another road story...(sorta long)
Reading A.W.'s fiction reminded me of my road trips... In 1978-79, I spent a year doing research on traditional architecture in Africa. There are lots of great stories from that trip, ...

Cyberkookhuna Spamming?
Anyone else get this spam from the Kookhuna?... an effin' binary to boot. #9 --------------- Return-Path: <[email protected]> Received: from su...

Reading more e-tea leaves
But why stop there? There are a lot of surprisingly good turns of the phrase in the e-stream. To wit: Googlism for: mad dog mad dog is hired mad dog is reclining in the...

Reading the web's tea leaves
Things have been a bit slow, so I thought I'd read the web's tea leaves. Sifted the following entertaining wheat from the chaff. Googlism for: foon foon is completely free <...

Great Lakes on TV Gleshna - Thousandaire DA LAKES: Da Lake Tube: Da...

Anyone try an ULI inflatable surfboard?
I'm travelling to the UK in March and trying to decide whether to bring boards along and deal with airline fees, rent locally and miss out on some surfing because I can't find a rental shop ...

Capt. 0 script
For those of you who have enjoyed Allan Weisbecker's writing, he has posted a draft copy of the screenplay he is doing of his book, "In Search of Captain Zero", on his website. The URL is

Hey NZed and Mr Feigel!
Will be in the country soon. I got something you might want... contact me. (Beware the spamblockage) -- Gadget to email me direct use; news0312((at))bluewatch((dot))fsn...

Make Money Fast $$$, This is Not a Joke! Make up to $20,000 quickly and safely
BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR : [email protected] and see what he has made and bought from his profits. Follow the directions below and in two weeks y...

Etiquette redux
Some of Santa Cruz's East Side spots have been adorned by a local crew with advice and guidelines and rankings similar to ski runs: beginner, intermediate, expert. http://www.scsu...

its heartbreaking really!
XPEH miss Slappy ... very sad, very sad w/o that Clown :(((

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